It had been a week since the case closed. The cops managed to find Annie, holed up in a motel three towns over. She confessed after some grilling from Lassie and Juliet. She had had the first victim killed after a deal between them went bad, and Sam had witnessed the murder.

Shawn had gotten all this information from Gus, Juliet, and his father. None of them would let him near the police station, they were more preoccupied with him getting better. His doctor said he should be seeing blurry shapes, but he had yet to see anything since he was able to uncover his eyes. In fact, he was starting to think he may never be able to see again.

Of course, he hadn't shared these worries with anyone. He suspected Gus knew, but he had followed Shawn's example and didn't say anything. For that Shawn was extremely grateful.

Shawn was sitting on his father's couch, listening to the radio (it was what he had been reduced to) when he smelt a familiar perfume. "Hey Jules," he greeted as Kurt Smith sung about everyone wanting to rule the world.

"That's scary how you do that," she replied, and he felt the couch dip as she sat next to him.

"Psychic, remember?" he retorted giving her a half-hearted grin. The room fell into a heavy silence as Tears For Fears wrapped up their song and Creedence Clearwater Revival started singing about seeing the rain. Shawn wished he could see anything even if it was the rain.

"You'll see again," Jules said softly, taking his hand in hers. "I know you will." He wasn't used to people being able to read him like that-with the exception of his father and Gus of course.

"And if I don't?" he whispered, voicing the one worry he had been hiding from since the accident.

"You'll adjust," she responded resting her head on his shoulder. "You're a psychic, remember?"

Shawn smiled and lightly kissed her hair. It was times like these he loved that he found Jules and hated that he kept this secret from her. Sometimes he wished he could just come clean, tell her he wasn't really a psychic, but he knew he could never ask her to keep this from the people she cared about. She may be his girlfriend, but she was also a dedicated cop. She couldn't hide this from Lassie or Vick. He'd be much safer if he kept quiet.

So, he opted to say, "Thanks Jules."

"Anytime," she replied and they continued to listen to the radio. CCR was soon replaced by Boston crooning about it being more than a feeling. It was nice to just sit and relax with Jules. Shawn needed more days like this; being half-crazy with 'psychicness' was exhausting sometimes.

"What are you thinking?" Jules asked into his ear.

"That my dad needs to replace that chair," he replied pointing at the ghastly purpleā€¦ Wait, was he seeing that chair?

"Are you seeing that chair?" Jules sat up, turning Shawn's head to see her. Her face was blurry, but he could make it out enough to see her button nose and blue eyes.

"I'm not just seeing the chair," he whispered with a smile on his face. She grinned back and lightly kissed his lips.

"I told you," she murmured.

"Maybe you're psychic, too," he suggested studying her face like he had never seen it before.

"Maybe I am," she replied and kissed him again. It wasn't much, but he could see something. And it'd get better, like the doctor said, and everything would go back to normal. Though, he made a silent promise to keep working on his other senses. Just in case because like his father told him a long time ago: he had to broaden his horizons.



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