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CH1: Homecoming

"Did you tell anyone that I'm leaving?" Kessi asked Kassi on the way to the airport.
"No. Everyone gets to find out when the next school year begins," Kassi said, knowing her sister didn't want too many goodbyes.
Kessi nodded.
"Are you scared?" Kassi aked.
"You'll be fine." Eiko said reassuringly from the drivers seat.
"I don't know." Kessi shook her head. "I just don't feel right, leaving."
"Stop worrying, Kessi," Kassi said. "Everything is, and will be, fine."
"Okay," Kessi said.

~Kessi POV~

"Kessi!" Kassi hugged me tightly, as if we hadn't seen each other for many years, contrary to my visit over last Christmas. "I missed you so much!"
I laughed, hugging back. "I missed you, too."
"Where's my love?" Cedric asked from behind me.
"Nonexistant," Kassi and I said together, which made us grin at each other like idiots.

"So, are you our welcome party?" I asked as we pulled apart from our hug.
"Well, someone tagged along." Kassi looked as if she had just been found with her hand in a cookie jar.
"Who?" Please don't let it be Hikaru.
"Kaoru tagged along."
"Well, that's fine." I smiled.
"Hikaru did, too."
My smile disappeared.
"Sorry," Kassi said. "It's Kaorus fault though."

"Who's Hikaru?" Cedric asked.
I forgot, he's only met Kaoru. "Hikaru is Kaorus older twin," I said, a short and sweet explanation.
"Ah. You neer told me he had a brother."
"And for three weeks, I never told you I had a sister. All 'cause you didn't ask"
"Good point." Cedric nodded, and I rolled my eyes.

"Anyways, You guys ready?" Kassi asked.
"Yeah. Let's go...to get our luggage first," I said.
Kassi laughed as we headed for the luggage claim.
"I love his accent," Kassi whispered to me.
I smiled. "So do I."

After Cedric and I got our luggage, we followed Kassi to where our ride would be. I stopped when I saw what would be driving us home.
"A limo?" I asked.
Kassi nodded. "There a problem?"
I shook my head. I've never ever been in a limo.
The door opened and out came Hikaru and Kaoru. I tried not to look at Hikaru, the feeling of his betrayl was still like a fresh wound open to all the elements of the world, still stinging, still open.

I smiled. "Hey, guys. Long time, no see."
"Hey, Kessi." Kaoru retuned my smile.
"Hey," Was Hikarus curt reply.
That one word in that tone of voice somehow hurt.
"Hello. I'm Cedric Hughes," Cedric said, holding out his hand to the twins.
Kaoru shook his hand. "Kaoru Hitachiin."
Hikaru shook Cedrics hand after Kaoru, which surprised me. "Hikaru Hitachiin."

"Okay, now that we know who's who, can we go? I'm tired," Kassi complained.
"Sure." Kaoru smiled at her.
I glanced at Hikaru out of the corner of my eye. He wasn't looking at me, he was trying to be secretive about glaring at Cedric. I felt like hitting him for this. What's his problem anyways! He kissed me, then turned around and went after someone else.
Everyone began to pile into the limo. I was the last to get in and I sat next to Cedric.
"By the way Kessi," Kaoru said, "You look really good with your hair that way."
"Thanks." I smiled.

Let's see how this new begining will turn out.