AN:/ Here's the sequel! I decided to do the Cullen's POV, along with a little bit of some Mike and Harry at the end. I thought you guys would want to know the Cullens views on the whole event, especially in the beginning, and there's a bit of Sirius in here too, so. Enjoy!

He had felt bad for doing it, breaking Harry's heart, of course he had, but in the end he was drawn to the Swan girl with the big brown eyes, unreadable mind, and tantalizing scent. Of course he had gotten flack from his family for it, but he was assured they'd get over it in time.

"How could you?" Rosalie shrieked, she had grown fond of the human over the past few months and was angered to find that Edward had dumped him for the girl that made him nearly lose his mind and was a danger to their family.

"Yeah, just when I was getting used to the midget too!" Emmett chorused, backing up his wife.

Alice stayed silent, and so did Jasper, she merely nodded, albeit a bit sadly at Edward, she had already seen it shortly after Edward had disappeared to Alaska.

"Is this really what you want son?" Carlisle asked, clasping a hand on Edward's shoulder and looking him in the eyes. Edward nodded; he needed to find out about this girl.

Esme stayed in the background, but Edward could read her disappointed thoughts, wondering how he could get rid of Harry so easily, the Harry who, just a week ago was going to be his forever. Edward turned his head and looked at Esme right in the eyes.

"I am sure this is what I want, Carlisle," Edward took in a deep breath, "She is the most tantalizing thing I have ever come across, I am drawn to her like no other. Also when Harry found out about what we are, because he would've eventually, I mean he already had figured out the majority of our powers, who's to say he wouldn't run away forever, or worse, even ask to be one of us? So please, just make this easier on both me and Harry and just leave him alone."

It took a few more hours of arguing before they agreed to cut ties with Harry, and to let bygones be bygones. Harry was gone that following week of school, and on the Saturday afterwards there was a banging on the front door of the Cullen household.

"Oh, Sirius," Esme said, surprised, "How're you?"

"Not doing too great," Sirius growled out, pushing strands of graying black hair away from his face, "That son of yours broke Harry's heart. I presume he told you about it?"

"Yes, Edward told me about the break-up," Esme answered, a small frown on her face.

"Well, can I speak to him? I promise I won't harm him…too much anyway," Sirius muttered the last part.

"Sure, Edward!" Esme called, "There's someone here to see you!" Edward who had already heard Sirius' arrival was soon at the door.

"Hello Siriu-"

"Don't you call me Sirius, it's Mr. Black to you. Now you listen and I hope you take notes, my godson has been depressed this whole week inside his room because of your thoughtless actions! I swear, if you ever come near him again, you'll regret it, and if he doesn't pull out of this heartache soon, well, I just want to let you know that I have a gun license. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mr. Black."

Sirius just nodded and turned around briskly. He hopped onto his motorcycle and drove away, leaving just a cloud of dust behind.

Harry was back in school the following Monday, he was hurt to see Edward already apparently moving on to the new girl, but kept a brave face on, even though Jasper and Edward could both tell that it hurt. His apologize to his group of friends shocked the Cullens and Emmett busted out laughing and called Edward "Ed-douche" for a good few days.

Over the next month, the Cullens, minus Edward who was caught up in Bella, watched as Harry quickly picked himself back onto his feet and moved on with his life. One day Alice grinned as she snapped back into reality from a vision.

"What's made your girlfriend so happy there Jas?" Emmett asked, tearing apart his school food to make it appear as if he were eating. Edward, having seen the vision looked shocked and kept glancing over to where Harry was sitting.

"Well, let's just say that someone we know very well will finally get the chance at a happy relationship he deserves," Alice smiled mischievously and picked up her tray to throw it in the trash.

"What's wrong Edward?" Bella asked, a bit concerned when her kind-of-boyfriend went into a bit of a stupor after his sister from a few tables over had freaked out a bit.

"Nothing Bella," Edward responded a bit too quickly, trying to stop her from getting any more clues to support the theories she had been working on about him and his family.

That day was the official start of Mike and Harry's relationship. All Edward could hear were the thoughts about how endearing they were and how perfect they were together. It all heaped together with the stress that finally Bella had figured it out, with the help of one Jacob Black, and had decided that she would not run for the hills like she should.

"What's wrong?" Carlisle asked in front of the whole family, noticing that his son was extremely tense.

"Nothing," Edward snapped slightly, "It's just I can't go a day without my mind being bombarded by everyone's thoughts about Newton and Harry, it's extremely annoying and grating on my last nerve."

"Aw, is Ed-douche jealous?" Emmett questioned with a grin while Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"It's not just that, is it?" Jasper questioned, feeling Edward's mixed emotions.

"No," he took in a deep breath, "Bella found out."

"WHAT?" Rosalie shrieked, her teeth bared ready to kill the girl. Edward growled and crouched ready to fight Rosalie. However, Rosalie just composed herself and looked at him coldly, "The reason you broke Harry's heart for is kind of null now isn't it? You're lucky he's already moved on Edward, or I'd have your head off in an instant. You better get this Swan girl under control too, or I will."

While the relationship with Bella ensued, Edward would occasionally find himself perched outside Harry's window as Bella slept looking at the boy who just a few months ago loved him with all his heart and vice-versa.

"What are you doing?" Jasper asked, startling Edward slightly.

"I don't know Jasper," Edward said, placing a hand on Harry's window, "I really don't."

"Really?" Jasper raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

"I think I still love him, but I love Bella too, I'm so conflicted!" Edward placed his head in his hands, his distress clearly showing. They both became silent as Harry began to mutter.

"Hmm, love you." Harry mumbled as he turned over onto his side.

"Who's he dreaming of?" Jasper once again questioned.

Edward just leapt away from the window sill and ran away.

However, soon with all the drama with James, Victoria, and Laurent, Edward once again forced Harry from his mind and focused on Bella, the one he needed to save, Bella the one who surely held his whole heart. It is impossible for one to love two people after all.

"Your future changes a lot you know," Alice said sitting by Edward on the couch, swinging her feet lightly.

"Really?" Edward inquired not too interested as he ran his fingers through Bella's hair as she slept peacefully on his lap, he had left her, and she had saved him, he would never leave her again.

"You still love him. I think you always will," Alice replied quietly. Edward growled lightly, about to retort but Alice cut him off, "No, don't deny it, Edward, you know you do, but you made a choice, and now you have Bella, who is slowly becoming a part of our family just like Harry did, so I'm going to tell you this, you've made your decision and now stand by it, and most of all, don't regret it, okay?"

Edward stared down before looking up and nodding.

"Thank you Alice."

Time moved on and after Victoria and the situation with Jacob he got married to Bella. The ceremony was beautiful and everyone was happy.

"Congratulations Edward," Harry said, grinning at his ex, sticking a hand out.

"Thank you," Edward replied a bit awkwardly, taking Harry's hand and shaking it. He opened his mouth to say something – anything- to Harry but was intercepted.

"Hey Harry, let's dance," Mike Newton suggested, taking Harry's hand and spinning him around. Harry laughed as he tried to pull himself away.

"Mike stop it! I swear I'm going to barf all over you!"

Edward just smiled at them sadly before going to find Bella.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, settle down!" Bella admonishes. Trying to get her daughter (now in her preteens though she is technically only five years old) and failing.

"I want Jacob!" The girl screeches, her face screwed into a pout.

"Jacob will be back soon, honey," Edward assures his daughter, patting her knee, "He just has to take care of a couple of things with the tribe before we head back up to Alaska."

"Okay dad," Renesmee smiles sweetly.

"She is such a daddy's girl," Bella mutters. Edward laughs before his attention is suddenly riveted onto a couple walking along the sidewalk.

"Up, up, and away!" Harry squeals, throwing his adopted son, James, into the air before catching him. The young child giggles in appreciation and claps his hands together.

"Hey, he's my son too!" Mike protests jokingly, snatching the young child out of Harry's arms and twirling him around. The child giggles a bit, but quickly becomes fussy, reaching out small hands towards Harry.

"Ha, you love daddy Harry more, don't you?" Harry laughs, taking the child back into his arms. James gurgles and tugs on Harry's black locks of hair.

"No fair! I'm so unloved!" Mike whines.

"My love counts, doesn't it?" Harry bats his eyes at his husband and Mike leans in to kiss him.

"Yes it does, more than you can imagine."

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