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The Most Obscene Book Ever Written

"Hey Kags, you want a soda?" Inuyasha called from the kitchen as his best friend made herself comfortable on the couch. Quickly he went over his mental check list. Soda? Check. Chips? Check. Pizza? Dad would order it later. A collection of action movies packed with gratuitous violence, blood, and mayhem? Check. Yep, he had everything he needed for their weekly movie night.

When he returned to the living room, cold cans of soda in his hands, he froze and his jaw fell open. Perched on the couch, Kagome was flipping through the most obscene book ever written. Her eyes were locked on the pages in morbid fascination.

"It's not mine!" He hurried over to snatch the book from her hands. "It's Sesshoumaru's."

Kagome blinked up at him in shock as Inuyasha tossed the offending volume across the room. "You know what a creepy nerd he is." He scoffed as he plopped down beside her. "He's really into some weird stuff."

Tilting her head Kagome let her eyes wander towards the forlorn book discarded on the floor. "Your brother plays Dungeons and Dragons?"

~to be continued~

Prompt: Dungeon

Received: 1/27/11

Source: IDDN

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