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Caught Unawares

"You succeeded in hitting the Lich King Galgaoriath. Roll for damage."

The dice clattered across the table followed by a triumphant whoop. "Ha! Eat that! Nineteen damage!" Manten got up to do a little dance, "Your mighty undead overlord ain't so feisty now!"

Sesshoumaru smirked as he gathered up the dice, shaking them in his hand. "Twenty seven damage, but he's not quite dead yet. He's still somewhat undead."

Manten slouched back down in his chair. "Yeah, well at least he is more dead now."

Behind the rigid barrier of his DM screen, Sesshoumaru took in the deflated posture of his victim…er... player, and allowed a sadistic grin to spread across his thin lips. Everything was going according to plan. Soon they would see the folly of daring to brave the dangers of his carefully constructed campaign. They had dared to enter his domain, and soon they would learn the consequences of their folly.

"Miroku you have initiative, what does your monk do? Remember last round you…"

"Can I play?"

All four males froze in shock at the distinctly feminine voice that had intruded on their game, asking a question none had ever expected. Slowly their heads turned in the direction of the doorway to stare at the young woman. The stunned inu had to resist the urge to remove his glasses and clean them, just to be sure that the vision before him was not some trick of the lenses.

Kagome stood on the last step leading down into the basement, fidgeting nervously with the strap of a very stuffed looking yellow backpack. Slowly she shifted from one foot to another as the four men continued to stare at her. Finally shaking himself out of his stupor Sesshoumaru raised a questioning brow slowly. "You want to play?"

Kagome nodded, her brilliant blue eye held his, large and hopeful. Suddenly and without warning Sesshoumaru's heart began to do annoying flip-flops in his chest. "Yes please. Can I?"

Before anyone else could react Miroku was on his feet offering his own chair. "We would be honored my lady. Please take my chair. I would be happy to help you make your first character. I'm thinking a tall, voluptuous barbarian, with a chain mail bikini of course."

~to be continued~

A/N: I changed Naraku to Manten in this chapter. I think Naraku was acting to out OC and I plan on using him in later chapters more IC Manten fit this behavior much better.

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