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~Dirty, Little Secrets~

Amu ducked her head while tucking a strand of brown hair behind her ear. (A/N: Bear with it! You'll find out why her hair is brown!)The sigh she was trying to contain while the boy before her confessed was slowly released. This was different from the other times only because it was Tadase. She'd liked him forever ago, but her crush on him had faded away.

Said boy stood before her. Sweat coated his palms as he nervously rubbed them against his pant legs. This was the girl he'd liked for so long. Maybe she'd give him a chance. "Pl-please! My feelings are genuine! I l-love you!"

With the want to throw her hands up in the air and scream 'too late', Amu let a small smile onto her face and patted his shoulder as she let him down easy. The boy had been her crush at one time so they were sort of friends. "I lost those feelings for you long ago, Tadase. I'm sorry. I wish it could've worked out, but I don't want to lie to you."

Letting him go, Amu walked away. Stupid boy knew nothing about her anyways. No one in her school did. Amu was an enigma to everyone. The 'Cool & Spicy" fa├žade she wore most of the time caused everyone to make up rumors about her. Though she did nothing to prevent it, Amu was happy as long as they didn't find out the truth.

A shorter girl named Rima, who seemed to be sort of in the same boat as Amu, passed by her in the hallway. The short blonde always seemed to be putting up a ruthless front, but Amu could tell that she wasn't really like that. Approaching the girl wouldn't work so she tucked the information into the back of her head along with all of the other information she gathered about her classmates.

As she stalked down the hall to her first class after their lunch break, Amu ignored the way her stomach growled. She hadn't gotten to eat because Tadase had taken forever in saying what she already knew she was going to turn down. Stupid boy making her hungry without getting to eat anything before she had to go to work.

Wednesday was the only night of the week that mattered much anymore. There were no friends for her to hang out with on the other days of the week, but she enjoyed her job even though the first time had been embarrassing.

Slamming her bag down onto her desk, more out of anticipation rather than anger, Amu caused several other students to flinch away. As she sat down, Amu hid her eye roll from the other students looking at her. Her junior year of high school was barely started and already people were commenting about how she had become a model or something stupid along those lines. It didn't help that she now had nice clothes and a beautiful convertible in the parking lot due to all the money she made.

Letting her attention wandered as she waited for the teacher to show up, Amu let her mind focus on nothing in particular until a slightly snobbish voice almost raped her ears. Rumors about someone other than herself snapped her back to the classroom.

"I heard that he was there." A girl with ginger hair loudly whispered as she moved her head in a way that made her curls bounce.

Amu rolled her eyes before staring out the window.

"They said he wouldn't let go of the body until the police pried his hands off. Then he went into a major depression for like six months. That's why we didn't see either of them last year. Ikato died and Ikuto couldn't face the fact that it was his fault."

Amu tried her best to ignore it, but the story piped up her interest as she turned to glare at the gossiping girls. It was harsh what they were spreading. Maybe this Ikuto guy didn't want everyone to know about his past. Vaguely, she remembered that a set of twins used to attend school with her. They both had dark blue hair with matching eyes.

Though she hadn't bothered with them, Amu remembered how they'd been equally cocky in what they did and said. Most couldn't tell them apart, but Amu thought that was silly. She didn't even know them that well and she could tell that Ikato was the dominate twin. From the sound of the rumors Ikuto must be returning without his brother. Amu wondered at that for all of one minute before the door slid open revealing her teacher.

The man tripped on his way to his desk but didn't fall. He motioned with his arm to someone still in the hall. "Class, this is Ikuto. I'm sure some of you remember him."

Ikuto entered the room and stared at the back wall. He made no eye contact with anyone while surveying the room. Through his peripheral vision he could see that all eyes were upon him except one brown haired girl that stared out the window.

The teacher, however, wasn't disturbed by Ikuto's lack of self-introduction. "Take a seat so we can get started."

Moving for the only empty chair, which happened to be several behind Amu's, Ikuto sat next to a different window. For part of a moment, he stared at the back of the brown haired girl in front of him. Something about her seemed familiar though he couldn't recall ever really speaking to her before. Usually all girls stared at him. This was different and Ikuto found that he didn't mind.

Amu listened as Ikuto was reintroduced to their class. Having already remembered him, she chose not to bother with breaking her eye contact with the tree she was having a staring contest with as he moved into the room. He was just another boy that she may or may not have to turn down. Avoiding him was the best option.

Class dragged on but soon enough the bell rang so they could disappear out the door. Amu took her time and gathered her things before slipping them into her bag. Acting nonchalant as she made her way out of the school and towards her car, Amu felt the rush of excitement hit her like it did every Wednesday. Sliding into the driver's seat, Amu started the engine and smiled as her baby purred for her.

Ran popped out of her bag and stretched happily, "Amu! It's time to go! Yeah! Let's go!"

Miki followed her out but said nothing as she took her usual place on the dash to sketch the scenery.

Su bustled out as well looking around and finding everything in order to her satisfaction she sat on Amu's shoulder while she drove. Absently, she brushed invisible dust off the shoulder she was sitting on.

Dia popped out and moved to Amu's other shoulder. "Am I going to help you out today?"

Amu nodded to the question the little chara had whispered into her ear. "I want you to help since the outfit is a little more than I usually do."

Dia nodded though Amu couldn't see her. "I understand."

The other charas went on with what they were doing. They all knew what Amu did every Wednesday because they were a part of her. They didn't all agree that she should do it, but they supported her anyways. Amu appreciated that very much.

"Hey Su, happen to have anything for me to eat?"

The little blonde chara looked over at her owner with a small smile. "Of course desu!"

Munching on the snack, Amu glanced at Miki as she spoke up. "So did you miss lunch because of another confession?"

Nodding, Amu finished with one cookie and took another.

Ran was too excited to let the other pinkette finish chewing her snack. "Who was it this time, Amu-chan?"

Swallowing, Amu remembered all the talks she'd had with her charas while facing the fact that Tadase was never going to like her back. Oh the irony. "Tadase."

A silence fell over the car as they pulled into a parking lot behind brick building. Amu jumped out of her car without glancing back. Su had moved off her shoulder as to not go inside with Amu and Dia. They exchanged looks as Amu moved to the back door of the club.

Amu waited until just before she knocked to whip the wig off her head to let her pink hair fall down past her shoulders. Holding the wig carefully to keep it in good condition, she knocked.

The door opened a crack as a big face looked out at her. A smile broke out of the man's face and the door was swung open. "Welcome back, Amuje!"


Ikuto walked down a random street. There was no point in him going home just yet. With a hint of surprise, he watched a convertible pass him with a brown haired girl driving. A glimpse of four little colored charas in the car with her made Ikuto stare at the car long after it passed him. The girl he recognized as the girl from his class though he hadn't known that she had four charas.

Little paws clawed at his shirt as Yoru landed on Ikuto's shoulder. "Where are you going nya?"

Ikuto looked down at the little blue cat perched just next to his head. "Just for a walk. Want to join me?"

Yoru nodded with excitement before a pair of ears and a cat tail popped out on the teen. Ikuto swished his tail before jumping into a nearby tree. He didn't want to be seen with his ears and tail. People already stared at him enough. "Yoru, did you see that convertible go by?"

Yoru swung down from a branch just above Ikuto. "No, why nya?"

Ikuto shrugged before hopping into another nearby tree. "It had a girl from my school in it. She had four charas with her."

Yoru floated over to where Ikuto was perched among the leaves. "No way nya! Four charas is a lot! Have you talked to her nya?"

Ikuto swatted at the little cat playfully. "No, I don't know if I will either. I just met her today. I don't even remember her from before."

Yoru fell silent at the mentioning of their past. He didn't like what had happened any more than Ikuto did. Yoru missed Ikuto's twin Ikato and Ikato's chara Yuro. The four of them had been quite happy before the accident. "Well you should talk to her sometime nya. She has four charas so she must be a real weirdo. I bet she's interesting nya."

Ikuto smirked at the little cat. "Yoru." The blue kitten looked at his master in confusion though Ikuto didn't sound angry or sad or anything. "You're it."

Yoru giggled as Ikuto poked his stomach before jumping from the tree and sprinting across roof tops. Yoru wasted no time in going after his master. He loved when Ikuto played with him. It was happening less and less now and even more so since their playmates were gone. "You can't hide from me nya!"


Amu straightened her wig in her dressing room after changing back into the clothes she'd worn to school. With Dia's help, the night had gone smoothly. Her other charas were probably asleep in her car. Though she'd only been gone for a couple of hours, her parents were sure to worry if Amu didn't get home soon. Of course, they knew that she had a job, but what she did would always remain a mystery to them. There was no way in hell that Amu would tell them.

Dia floated up to her shoulder. Amu could tell that the little chara was just as tired as she was. "Let's go home, Amu."

Amu nodded and moved from her dressing room table to the door. She slipped out and down the hall, out the back door of the building and into the driver's seat of her car. Yawning for almost a full thirty seconds before sticking the key in the ignition and starting the engine, Amu poked her bag to wake her other charas.

Ran, Miki and stuck their tired faces out of the opening to smile at their master. "How did it go desu?"

Amu smiled back at the three girls. "I did great. Dia was awesome. Everyone loved it. Ran do you mind chara changing with me to give me the energy to drive home?"

Ran saluted before completing the chara change. Amu felt the burst of energy flow through her body. "Thanks Ran!" She was more awake now that she had been before. The chances of them getting into a wreck lessened considerably as the pinkette shifted into reverse to begin their journey home. "Let's go! I'm starving!"

Amu pulled out of the private parking lot behind the club she worked in one night of the week. The owner had offered to let her work more often, but Amu refused. Their trip home took a little more than ten minutes, and though it wasn't too late yet, her parents and younger sister had already eaten dinner. Just like every other Wednesday night, Amu found hers in the fridge.

Ami entered the kitchen just as Amu finished heating up her plate. "Hey sis! How was work?"

Glancing over at her younger sister, Amu let a tired smile take over her features. "It was great. I think my boss was really happy with me today."

Ami kept on smiling as she sat at the table with the older girl. "There's no doubt in my mind that your boss loves you. Can I take your wig off for you?"

So that was why her sister had been smiling so much. The younger girl had just wanted to be the one to 'unmask' Amu. "Sure do you want to brush my hair out for me too?"

Ami giggled as she ran out of the room to grab Amu's mannequin head to hold the wig and a brush. She busted back into the kitchen causing Amu's fork to pause on the way to her mouth. Ami placed the head on the table and grabbed a chair. Moving it behind her sister, she went to work. After she removed the wig, she placed it on the fake head. She brushed it out so it shown beautifully before moving onto the real hair.

Amu sighed as the brush touched her scalp. She loved the feeling of Ami brushing her hair and she knew that Ami liked doing it so it was a win-win situation. Her sister's giggles reached her ears as Amu leaned back to give Ami a better reach. The rest of her food sat forgotten at the moment. Her charas took this chance to help themselves.

The girls' mom entered the kitchen when she heard all the giggling. She smiled when she found her two daughters behaving together. "Well girls should we have some ice cream tonight?"

Ami looked down as Amu looked up. Their eyes connected before they both turned to their mother. "CHOCOLATE!"

Their mom laughed as the two girls yelled in perfect unison. "Alright. I'll go get it out of the freezer. You two finish up. Ami, go get Papa. I know he'll want some too."

Their mother left and Ami finished up Amu's hair. She put her chair away and grabbed the mannequin with the wig on it. Pointedly glancing at Amu before leaving, Ami's voice drifted back from the hallway. "You might want to eat some more before the girls get it all."

Amu looked down and almost jumped out of her chair. Her charas had definitely helped themselves. Snatching the plate away from them, Amu wolfed the rest of her food down. Her mom returned in time to see her washing her plate. The older woman plopped the ice cream down on the table and went to get the bowls. Ami and their papa entered the kitchen as Amu and their mom got out the rest of the toppings. The family of four sat down to eat their ice cream together.


Ikuto swung into his bedroom through his open window. He pulled out an ice cream bar from the bag he had brought back with him. He also pulled out a little fish and tossed it into the air. Yoru popped out of where he had been in time to catch the prize Ikuto had brought him. Ikuto sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall. He tore into his ice cream and began to eat it.

Yoru finished his fish snack and moved to Ikuto's head. "That was good nya!"

Ikuto smiled as he ate his last bite of ice cream. "It's because you won the game of tag we played earlier."

Yoru pounded his small fist against Ikuto's head once before laughing. "Only because you fell asleep nya!"

Ikuto used one finger to flick the little cat on his head. "I still lost and you still won. You won't be so lucky next time. I'm going to be it first."

Yoru rubbed the spot he was flicked, which happened to be his forehead. "I will definitely stay away from you then nya!"

Ikuto chuckled and Yoru felt happy for the first time in months. Ikuto hadn't even smiled for the first five months after the accident and now he was chuckling. Something had happened and Yoru hoped that it continue to happen no matter what it was.

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