Well, this actually happens to be more for me and the fact that I read a fic that really really disturbed me. So, this story is kind of just me trying to reconcile with that. Not that you need to know that to enjoy the fluff.

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I Hate You: You Make Me Feel Human

The handcuffs clinked as Izaya tugged futilely at his confines. He didn't like it. No he didn't like it one bit. He tugged again and as his body finally caught up to his minds realization, he began to inadvertently tremble. Caught, trapped, bound. Horrible, it was all so very horrible to feel this helpless.

"Izaya?" The voice was laced with concern as the debt collector stared at the trembling informant. The blondes shirt had already been removed and a light layer of sweat clung to his chest.

The informant refused to open his clenched eyes. He didn't want to face that this was real. This panic he was feeling over something so trivial. He was just supposed to be having slightly kinky sex with his monster but instead they had opened Pandora's box. It was humiliating and yet Izaya was still too afraid to open his eyes.

"Flea," The debt collector was becoming more anxious by the moment. The informant wouldn't stop trembling. They had been having so much fun, he couldn't figure out what went wrong.

Izaya inadvertently let out a pathetic whimper as he again tugged the restraints on his arms. He wanted to be free.

Oh! Shizuo finally understood. He undid the binds on Izaya's arms. The informants trembling merely increased as he was freed but the debt collector just grabbed the terrified man into his arm in his lap. "Flea, its ok. I swear." The debt collector hushed the informant. "You're free." The blonde man let out a light chuckle, "No one, not even me with my monster strength, or Shinra with all of his drugs and experiments could enslave you. Ya damn flea." Shizuo rubbed his face into that feathery hair, "I love you, I own you, I want to possess you. But I can't unless you let me. Even if you give me control, you can regain it at any time. It's almost unfortunate really, but you're always free. Inside that fucked up little head of yours, you're free."

Shizuo nuzzled his head into Izaya's neck as he felt the tremors cease. "How unfair," Shizuo spoke almost as though it was just meant for himself, " I love all of you but can only possess and own, probably even know only some of you."

Izaya chuckled in a relieved sort of way, "I hate you. You dumb brute. You make me feel human." Izaya let himself fully relax in the arms of his monster, "It is ironic though. Because you make me feel human, I can't help but love you, all of you."