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left eye: Sadness

right eye: Happiness

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here comes mr. Riddle.

Chapter 2: Not likely…

Draco found himself staring at the clear white ceiling of his little apartment. Thinking about the position offered to him at Hogwarts. He was offered to teach potions at the school, his godfather will retire this school year and he needs a good replacement. They offer him a good salary, a free suite like room, free meals (of course, every day there's a feast.), and a fulfilling profession. He can make or break the future after all, through anything he teaches the students.

But there is one thing that stops him from what this offer could give. The memory of Harry, the memory of everything he did to him, and he had with him. All the happiness, all the tears, the joy and the kisses they shared. But all of those good memories are topped with an awful one, the betrayal.

He betrayed Harry and Harry betrayed him. He betrayed Harry trust three times in that one week. Also Harry betrayed their promise.

Then a sound disturbed his thoughts. He heard his phone ringing.

'Oh, please shut the hell up, I'm busy." He said in his head. But even after a minute the phone still rang. Then he realized that the call might be something important. He picked up his phone, a brand new Nokia sent by a certain someone; he answered it without looking in the screen he already knew who's calling, the only person in the phone book, the only person who like calling by phone rather than by floo. The person is no other than the "great" assistant of the headmaster, the one and only Professor Tom Riddle.

"Hey professor what could you possibly want this late in the evening?" Draco asked the old man (whose looks didn't seem to change over the last thirty years)

"I was asked by professor Dumbledore to ask you again about the position. He probably did it to annoy you, enough to make you accept." Tom said in a slightly tired voice.

"I'm still thinking about it." Draco replied.

"Oh, common boy, I cannot endure everything that old man does! Just accept the job; it's tiresome to call you every time of the day." Tom cried.

"Why not use the floo, or the owl post?" Draco asked.

"For me those are just more tiresome, at least by phone I can call you in the comfort of my bedroom, I won't have to walk to my fire place, and I won't have to write and wait minutes for a reply." Tom explained. "You won't actually lose anything by accepting the job and better yet you can also leave that shithole you call a house."

"Hey! My house looks good even if it's small, you don't have any rights to call it a shithole!" Draco yelled in the phone, thus making Tom cover his ear.

"Whatever you say won't change my point of view, to put it short, your opinion is invalid." Tom replied.

"Fine, aside from persuading me to accept the job and annoying the hell out of me what more do you want?" Draco asked.

"That's pretty much everything." Tom said as he ended the call.

"Arsehole" Draco said as put his phone down. 'My house is not a shithole, it's clean, it's in good shape, yes it has an ugly blue wallpaper which contrast with the brown flooring and white ceiling, this made it clear that the owner has no sense of style.' He said in his head. "Screw that! I'm going to bed!" he shouted, really pissed off to think of anything else.

Draco really takes pride at his little apartment. After all it is the first thing he managed to get without his parents help and money, and it is the only border between his father's influences and his, which automatically means that he have a very small influence in the wizarding world. Also he doesn't like the spoiling anymore, he liked it when he was young, but as he grew up (when Harry broke it off) he began to hate it, and he realized he must have his own life, a life without people trying to control his life, his actions and his love life.


In the three broom sticks.

"Dray, are you sure you'll accept the position at Hogwarts?" Pansy asked. It's really surprising for Draco that Pansy still stuck around him even after he lost connection with the Malfoy family.

"Yes, I'm 99.99% sure." Draco said.

"Really?" Blaise asked sarcastically.

"Yes, really sure." Draco said. "This is the only way that I can really get away from my mother's spoiling and my father's influences." Draco explained as he took a sip of his butter beer.

"What did your parents do to you to make you that angry with them?" Blaise asked.

"Well, I don't actually hate them; I just want to be independent." Draco said.

"Are you sure it wasn't the fact that your mother persuaded your dad to find you a girlfriend after Harry broke it off." Blaise stated with a smirk. Making Draco's eyebrows twitch.

"Well…" Draco hesitated a bit. "That's a factor." Draco continued.

"What will happen to your apartment?" Pansy asked.

"I'll still rent it; I'll go there every other week end." Draco said.

"When will you start?" Blaise inquired.

"Two weeks from now."


Black Manor…

"Harry, are you sure about this?" Sirius asked.

"Yes, we will be moving." Harry answered smiling. "Don't worry Sirius; I'm only going to move because I want to be independent. I can't really rely on you for the rest of my life." He explained.

"Fine," Sirius agreed, knowing that his godson's mind wouldn't change no matter what. "Just don't forget to floo me and Remy once in a while." Sirius said, earning himself a hug.

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