Out of the Blue

By Vinkunwildflowerqueen

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Chapter One

Fiyero had never had any trouble sleeping. He could sleep with loud noises, bright lights, standing up, Oz he could practically sleep with his eyes open!

It was a skill born of having to attend rather dull royal functions his whole life and travelling with his parents throughout the Vinkus. This skill had been honed in the last three years, when Fiyero had found himself attending classes hung-over or having not slept the night before.

So, he had no trouble sleeping now in his carriage as his friend and driver, Avaric, drove towards Shiz University- the fifth Fiyero would attend in two years. And yes, he was both slightly hung-over and sleep deprived; some of his classmates had thrown him a spectacularly swankified going away party the night before, which had ended with Fiyero's arms around the prettiest girl in the room watching the sun rise.

Fiyero knew there was something about sunsets that girls found incredibly romantic, and Fiyero had found through experience that sunrises worked even better! So, here he was, sleeping soundly, his sunglasses on to keep most of the sun's glare away and stop his head from exploding.

He didn't even notice the bumpy road and wild turns- he was more than used to Avaric's sometimes wild and bordering on reckless driving, and he was reliving his memories from the night before with…. Mikkeline, that was her name…. he was pretty sure. Whoever she was, she had been the perfect way to end his brief stint at Vinkus University.

And he was already planning his grand entrance to Shiz University. Fiyero had never been enrolled in a new school for more than an hour before planning a grand welcoming party, where he could "educate" his fellow students on his "Dancing through life" philosophy, where of course, he would be accompanied by the most attractive girl on campus.

Maybe this time, he'd actually attempt going to classes- his father had been pretty mad when Fiyero had been asked to leave his last school.

Was it his fault the iconic stonework on the library building had mysteriously gone missing the same night Fiyero had taken it upon himself to throw a small get together? Well, the Headmaster thought so, even though Fiyero claimed his innocence. Apparently, "I don't even know where the library is" isn't a great defence.

Fiyero's older sister, Kastle had pulled him aside before Fiyero had left.

"Can you at least try and behave for at least a semester?" she'd begged. "I think you're going to give Dad a heart attack at any moment, and I really don't want to be Queen just yet."

Fiyero had rolled his eyes, but promised to try.

He grimaced now as the carriage made a particular jolting movement, then came to an abrupt spot, but he kept his eyes closed. If Avaric wasn't his oldest friend, regardless of the fact he was a servant, Fiyero would request a new driver. Driving wasn't exactly a special skill of Avaric's.

When the carriage door opened, Fiyero made no sign of life except to jerk his head away from the sun now pouring in through the doorway, killing his head. Then he felt someone shaking him urgently.

"Sir? Sir? Fiyero!"

Sighing in frustration, Fiyero opened his eyes and raised his sunglasses to glare at his friend.

"Avaric, I'm trying to sleep here!" he complained. "What is it? Are we here already?"

Avaric's face was white and he was shaking.

"Well, we are, but that's not why… there was a girl. And I didn't see her in time and she…"

Fiyero sat up, his annoyance fading. "Av, what happened?" he asked urgently.

Avaric could only gesture, and Fiyero climbed out of the carriage, part curious, part worried. There was a girl- well, young woman really, lying unconscious on the ground next to the carriage. She was dressed a navy blue skirt, a blue blazer and brown boots, with a black braid hanging down her back and a blue hat on her head. But what Fiyero registered was that her skin was green.

Gaping, he turned to Avaric. "You didn't see her? You didn't see her?" he asked in disbelief.

He didn't see how anyone could possibly miss seeing her.

Avaric glared at him. "Can you just help me? I think we should take her to the hospital. She could really be hurt."

Fiyero hesitated. "Is she…?"

"She's alive. She has a pulse," Avaric answered, his voice shaking.

Fiyero didn't really want to spend his first hours at Shiz at the hospital, they were of course, the first critical when it came to making a first impression. But he decided it would be better to arrive fashionably late than being known for injuring a fellow student and abandoning her. The school probably frowned on that, and he knew his parents would be horrified if they were to find out.

"Okay. Get her bag and books," he instructed Avaric, pointing to the few belongings scattered on the ground nearby, including a now broken pair of glasses.

While Avaric did so, Fiyero glanced around. They were on the grounds of Shiz, near a courtyard with a statue in it. Students were standing around in their uniforms of navy blue. Some were studying (well, that would be changing soon if Fiyero had any say about it), and some were watching the carriage with curiosity. No one seemed to be coming forward to ask if the green girl was okay.

When Fiyero knelt down and gingerly scooped the girl into his arms, she groaned and her eyes fluttered open.

"Hi," he greeted her when her eyes (dark brown he noted absent-mindedly), landed on him, although he noticed she had difficulty focusing on him. "We're taking you to the hospital-"

He couldn't say anything else before her eyes rolled back and she fainted again.

"She fainted?" Avaric asked worriedly.

Fiyero shrugged. "She probably recognised me. It's not the first time," he said casually and placed the unconscious girl in the carriage.

As Avaric drove to the local hospital, Fiyero reached for the book bag Avaric had thrown on the seat beside him. He was hoping to learn who the girl was, it would be a lot easier to get her admitted into the hospital if he could tell them her name.

After some digging, he found a student ID in an inside pocket. Elphaba Thropp, it read and Fiyero considered that thoughtfully. The name Thropp was somewhat familiar, but he couldn't place it. He hoped he hadn't hooked up with a relative of hers somewhere before. He could confidently say he had never seen her before today though- even at his drunkest, he was sure he'd remember a green girl.

Avaric was still frantic when they arrived at the hospital. "Fiyero, what if they ask what happened? I don't want to get into trouble."

Fiyero tried to calm his friend as he lifted the girl- Elphaba, he assumed, into his arms.

"Leave it with me, Av," he assured him and led the way inside.

"Can I get some help here?" he called out and immediately was swarmed by two nurses and a doctor.

"What happened?" the doctor asked as Elphaba was laid out on a gurney.

Fiyero had already thought through what to say. "She was reading as she walked and didn't see my carriage stopping."

He'd decided that was the most likely theory, considering the half a dozen books that had been in her bag and on the ground when she fell. And this way, really, no one was at fault.

"What's her name?" one of the nurses asked.

"Elphaba," Fiyero replied, hoping he was pronouncing it right. Because that would be awkward.

"She's a classmate of mine at Shiz University."

That was true, he reasoned. He didn't actually know if they had any classes together, but they at least went to the same school.

"How did she end up green?" another nurse asked in confusion and Fiyero stalled.

"Er- she's always been green as far as I know," he lied, hoping it was the truth. "I- I thought it rude to ask."

The doctor leaned over the green girl's unconscious form. "Elphaba? Elphaba, can you hear me?"

He shone a light in her eyes as he spoke and she moaned, jerking her head away from the light. Fiyero knew that expression, and given that he didn't think she was hung-over, assumed she'd hit her head rather hard and probably had a concussion.

"Elphaba, honey, can you tell me where you hurt?" a nurse asked gently.

Fiyero leaned forward subtly to catch her answer.

"My.. my leg," she murmured.

"Which leg, dearie?"

"Left… and it- it hurts to b-breathe. My head hurts."

"Ok, we're going to make it stop," the doctor assured her gently and the nurses wheeled her away.

"Where are they taking her?" Fiyero asked, trying to sound like a concerned friend.

"We'll do x-rays and see how badly her injuries are," the doctor replied. "I'll come find you in the waiting room when we're done."

Fiyero hadn't planned on waiting around the hospital for hours. "No-" he began to protest quickly, but the doctor was already gone.

Fiyero sighed and turned, where Avaric was waiting nervously.

"How bad is it?"

"She mentioned her head and leg hurting and that it was hard to breathe," Fiyero replied and Avaric paled.

Fiyero sighed again, and squeezed his friend's shoulder comfortingly. "The doctor said he'll come find us when there's news. Think there's decent coffee in this place? My head's killing me."

As they sat in the waiting room, Fiyero found he was thinking about the girl- Elphaba. And not just the questions you assumed you'd be thinking about her (like how in Oz's name she was green); but other things. Why had no one come forward as she lay on the ground to make sure she was alright? Did she have a family? Friends?

When she'd spoken, as brief as it was, her voice was clear and ringing, though slightly hoarse. It was quite a nice voice, he mused thoughtfully. Fiyero knew a lot of girls, and some of them had horrible voices.

And he really did hope she was okay. Fiyero had a reputation for being somewhat of a playboy and shallow and self-absorbed; but he didn't exactly enjoy the thought that a fellow student may have been seriously injured because of Avaric's driving.

It was an hour after they'd arrived that the doctor returned, and made his way over to Fiyero when he saw him.

"How is she?" Fiyero asked.

The doctor sat down and cleared his throat. "Technically I can't reveal anything to non-family members, but I know you must be worried about your friend, and given that her family is in Munchkinland…"

Fiyero tried to act as though that was old news to him, but internally, realisation was dawning. That's why the name "Thropp" had sounded so familiar! That was the name of the Governor of Munchkinland… although Fiyero had never heard he had a green daughter.

And then he realised how the doctor must know that.

"She's awake, then?"

The doctor nodded. "Yes. She has a mild concussion and some bruised ribs and bruises. She also slightly tore a ligament in her knee. Luckily, it won't require surgery, but we're going to keep her in for a day or two, because she can't use crutches until her ribs heal. She'll have to stay off her left leg for about two weeks and attend regular physical therapy sessions, but there should be no lasting damage to her knee."

Fiyero nodded, genuinely relieved it was nothing serious. "Can I see her? Just for a moment? To make sure she's alright?"

The doctor paused, considering. "I understand your concern for your friend. I'll check with the nurses if that's possible. Excuse me."

He left and Fiyero turned to Avaric in relief, who still looked panicked. He'd recognised the name "Thropp" too.

"Oh, Oz… did I just run over the Governor of Munchkinland's daughter?" he asked Fiyero, almost hyperventilating.

"No, Av. You accidentally knocked over the Governor of Munchkinland's daughter," Fiyero corrected calmly. "It was an accident."

That didn't reassure Avaric. "What if she presses charges? Or her father does? I heard he dotes on her, they say she's tragically beautiful."

Fiyero frowned sceptically. Tragically beautiful? The green girl? Beautifully tragic, maybe, but Fiyero wouldn't go so far as to call her beautiful. And he'd known many beautiful girls.

"Look," Fiyero told him. "I'll go see her, turn on the Tiggular charm, and ask her not to press charges. I'm sure she'll agree it was an accident."

That put some colour back in Avaric's face. "Really?"

"Of course!"

The doctor returned before he could say anything else. "She's asleep at the moment, but you can see her for a moment. She was in some pain, so we gave her something to help her sleep. If you'd still like to see her the nurses are expecting you. She's in room 212."

Fiyero rose from his seat quickly and shook the doctor's hands. "Thank you, sir. And I'd appreciate if you send all medical bills to me. I'd like to take care of them, I feel awful."

The doctor raised an eyebrow. "And you are?"

"Prince Fiyero Tiggular," Fiyero replied and the doctor's eyes widened.

"Of course, Your Highness. I'll make sure it's done. Where should I send them?"

Fiyero gestured to Avaric. "My servant can take care of all those details for me while I check on my friend."

He left Avaric and the doctor and headed to Elphaba's room. It was late now, just gone after five –thirty, and Fiyero knew it would be dark by the time he eventually got to Shiz. So much for his welcoming party.

When he got to room 212, he wasn't sure what to expect as he hesitantly knocked on the door. The room was dim, Fiyero knew that was due to her concussion, but there was a faint light in the room so he could see her. She was propped up on pillows, her left leg in a brace and stretched out before her. But what took Fiyero by surprise the most was that someone had taken out her braid and the green girl was revealed to have stunning, shining long midnight black hair that was fanned out over her pillows.

She was sleeping soundly, her face peaceful and her breathing even.

"What time are visiting hours tomorrow?" Fiyero asked the nurse.

"Eight," she replied.

Fiyero nodded. "Ok, I'll be here then."

Eight was a bit earlier than Fiyero liked to get up ordinarily, but he wanted to get this over with. As Fiyero left and headed back to meet Avaric so he could finally arrive at Shiz, he formed a plan. He'd skip his first class- according to the schedule he'd been mailed before he left it was only literature class anyway; come see Elphaba, apologise and ask her not to press charges on Avaric. She'd agree, he was certain, no girl had ever resisted the Tiggular charm before. He'd flirt a little, flatter her and smooth things over, and be out of there by lunchtime ready to take Shiz University by storm.

Problem solved, right?

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