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Silence screamed through the pitch-black room. It was far too quiet for any sane person to live through; even the buzzing of the ears was absent. Down below, people moved on with their daily lives, moving in groups with destinations in mind while one man twenty stories above them slowly lost his mind in this dark silence.

Fear coursed through his body, restraining him from any movement to flee. He could feel his chest heaving desperately as it tried to take in oxygen, yet the sound of gasps and desperate inhales were unheard. His heart pounded rapidly against his chest as it tried escaping this hell.

He could feel he was alone, laying down on something soft and slightly wet as tears and sweat ran down his thin body. He tried gripping on to something, yet his hands refused to cooperate.

He tried to yell out to someone, anyone that would listen, but the silence was stronger, keeping any sound enclosed in the dark.

Cold fear ran through his body as he closed his eyes, giving up. The silence closed in on him from all around, cornering his handicapped body. He was shaking violently, trying desperately to escape.

His right suddenly sparked to life and decided to move, though he wasn't the one instructing it. His hand moved to his chest on its own, right above his heart and he grasped the soft fabric of his sweat-soaked hoodie, as though his life depended on it. In a way, it may have. His hand was lifted up and down with every rapid breath he took and he could feel every attempt for the heart to escape as it pumped blood at an irregular pace.

His left hand then inched its way to the left. It moved as though a magnetic pull tugged its way towards an unknown object.

His eyes shot open in confusion as his hand bumped in to something warm and solid. Suddenly, the sound of soft snores and breathing filled the air. Warm relief filled him as, finally, a sound embraced his eardrums. He looked down to see his hand still covering his heart in an almost protective grasp. Glancing to the left where his hand made its destination, his red-brown eyes opened in shock.

The sleeping, peaceful face of the fortissimo of Ikebukuro filled his vision. His hand seemed to make its way to Shizuo's chest, feeling the soft, regular beating of life beneath the flesh.

He let out a shaky breath he wasn't even aware he was holding in. His left hand grasped the white fabric of the brute's shirt, almost in fear that he would disappear.

Confused, sleepy hazel eyes slowly twitched open as sleep escaped him. Hazel met rusty-brown, then the blonde's brow scrunched in confusion. He glanced down at the small hand desperately grasping at him.

"…fuck are you doing, flea?"

Izaya pushed lightly against the toned chest.

"Heh, it's weird that even a monster like you would have a normal heartbeat."

"Wha-why the hell wouldn't I?" Shizuo got up on an elbow to look at the informant fully.

"You're a monster," he repeated. He shifted over to Shizuo's side, pushing him on his back. He used his hand to guide his head as he rest his head against the chest. The sound of the deep thumping relaxed him as he closed his eyes. His arms embraced the toned body under him as he drifted off again. He felt the brute sigh heavily and arms wrapped around him, holding him close. In his sleep, he smiled at the breathing and the sound of life under him, chasing away the nightmares. He felt lips press against the top of his head and unconsciousness took over once more.

I'll probably end up deleting this; I don't even know where this came from. I just love the idea that one of them needs to listen to the others' heartbeat when they go to sleep :3 I'mlame.

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