Welcome to my next grand adventure that is The First Warriors. This story is set in 2008 and follows the adventures of Red, Blue and Leaf going on their journey. It is a rewrite of Red vs Leaf, but contains more focus on Team Rocket and on Blue, but will contain shout outs to the original and follows the same basic outcome. This may seem like a spoiler, but the spoiler is set in stone throughout the other GalacticVerse stories: this focuses more upon the journey itself, with the crafting of champions and great relationships and the destruction of others, as well as setting the course for many other events, introducing key characters and focusing on Team Rocket. There will be coarse language and violence and it will not be a clean cut happy story all the time, with death and destruction a recurring theme, but I hope you all enjoy the ride :)


June 1st 2008 – Quest Island

It was 11:58 AM when the man entered the café.

It was a sunny day but a bitter sea breeze stripped the day of any warmth, and the man was wearing a long black trench coat that covered his entire body to stay warm. However, a large metal heater was attached to the ceiling above the entrance, and the man instantly began to feel the bitter cold disappear as he stepped under the orange glow and into the Trainer's Café.

The building was modern, built to accommodate the growing number of trainers coming to Quest Island for the nearby Trainer's Tower, hence the name. The walls were a simple white and decorated with sea-themed artwork, the floor was wooden and the tables were all circular with glass tops and large leather chairs set into the wall with smaller, identical wooden ones spread around the tables in the middle.

It was the weekend and the cafe was crowded with people, from couples to groups of trainers, to lone travellers and gossiping mothers with screaming children. It was noisy and everyone focused on their meals, and the man began to relax about being here: he thought his date was out of her mind for choosing this place for their discussion, but it seemed that it would be easy to go unnoticed.

"Hello there sir, are you here for lunch?" The man turned as a waitress came up to him. He quickly glanced her up and down: blonde, average weight, young, possible late teens or early twenties, possibly paying for a qualification. He shook his head, though the large brown hat he was wearing obscured a lot of his face, with his collar turned up to hide the rest, leading to her noticing nothing except a slight turn of his hat.

"I am meeting a… friend, of sorts… she said she reserved a table – Charlotte?" He purred. The waitress looked confused by his choice of words but pointed towards a table near the back with only two chairs. "Thank you very much," the man said and gave the waitress a pat, slipping something into her pocket that she didn't notice. As he stalked his way towards the table, the man noticed her giving him a quizzical look. The man had been getting quizzical looks all his life and didn't care for them anymore. In a few months time, he hoped that all curious glances his way will turn into a fearful attempt to avoid his gaze, and the thought made the man smile as he sat down in the chair. He noted how it was uncomfortable as he slid it forwards, but than saw a cup and plate were already in front of him, the cup full of a light brown liquid that was steaming slightly.

"You always seem to know," the man said with a laugh as he grabbed the cup. As he did so, he noticed but was unfazed as the world around him went completely black: it was as if sitting down had sent him into a strange place of darkness, the only light shining directly on him and his companion, who had since appeared opposite him.

It was fairly necessary for the lights to be dimmed, the world outside most likely paused or being made to forget they were there. The man's companion was a fourteen year old girl in appearance from far away, but the closer you looked at her, the easier it was to see her chest didn't move, the fact her hair was blowing in a non existent wind, and the fact she was transparent.

Charlotte had died 2008 years ago when she was just fourteen, and ever since then had lived as a ghost of her former self, retaining the supernatural powers she had obtained herself through a variety of means and serving a power higher than anyone around her, though the dead girl found a way to work around things. People were always summoning her when they needed her gifts, and Charlotte had known weeks ago it was only a matter of time before Giovanni of Team Rocket called upon her.

"I have an excellent memory," Charlotte said, somehow raising her own cup of a purple coloured liquid and chinking it with Giovanni's. He had since removed both his hat and coat, revealing his head of brown hair slicked back and made to look black, his heavy olive skinned face with a thick jaw, and an immaculate black suit with matching trousers, an open white suit underneath and a red handkerchief folded neatly in the breast. But the main feature of Giovanni was his eyes: his eyes were black and small like an insect, but they way they fitted into his face made them look deadly and intimidating, as if he was staring directly into you and gathering all the information he could about you. Many people described his eyes in police interviews, saying how they found them so dark and evil that they almost felt dirty afterwards.

"This is a nice café: do you have meetings here often?" Giovanni asked as he sipped away at his tea. "I always expected you to meet people in some lowly crypt in the middle of the nowhere."

"Depends what I'm doing to them," Charlotte replied with a smirk, somehow managing to swallow the liquid. "And for your information, I have not had a meeting significant enough for a long time… not since the nineties, in fact."

"I imagine you were very busy during the war," Giovanni said with a nod.

"No thanks to you," Charlotte replied quickly, before staring down at her cup and sighing. "These years since then have been particularly dull… I have really been waiting for the next minute to tick over and this very long day can finally come to a close and I can get on with being busy."

"You may be very busy over these next few months," Giovanni noted, not caring for the emotion or obvious sadness on the ghost's face. "I hear a storm is brewing in Hoenn, though you would have known that this was coming for a while. Tell me, has either Archie or Maxie tried to communicate with you yet? I am sure they both want your services."

"What makes you think I haven't met with them already," Charlotte said with a smirk, and Giovanni slowly lowered his cup with a grim face: one reason why he was weary to get help from Charlotte was that she was not one to be trusted, constantly lying or withholding truth as she tried to make her endless days more interesting. She noted the look across Giovanni's face and began to laugh.

"Let's cut the bullshit Gio," she said through her cackle. "You and your little freak show are planning something, and you're expecting me to come and join you, even though there is nothing in it for me."

"Nothing in it for you?" Giovanni said with a raised eyebrow, and he began to laugh, though it was a deep, icy laugh that didn't show any joy. "Charlotte, if you join Team Rocket, you will get the chance to fully unleash your powers and to use them for the evil purposes you gained them for, and you will finally be on a winning side."

"I've been on plenty of winning sides before, and most of them win because they get my backing," Charlotte retorted, sipping her tea.

"Is it really your backing, or whoever Arceus tells you to back?" Giovanni snapped angrily, and Charlotte glared back at him as she lowered her cup. "You may act like your some grand princess who controls every living person on the planet, but all you truly are a little servant bitch who does whatever she is told and –," but Giovanni froze as he suddenly felt warm, and looked down to see his chair had burst into flames.

"Continue insulting me, please, see where it gets you," Charlotte replied with a sarcastic smile as Giovanni leapt up, his coat getting swallowed up in the flames. He turned angrily back around and raised a finger, but gasped as it was bent back. Charlotte simply blinked as invisible hands forced Giovanni back into his seat, the flames still dancing, but once his chair had been pushed back in a serious look came across Charlotte's face. "I am not going to back you because I don't want to get in bed with either side in this war. I do want some action and I expect there to be some popcorn worthy entertainment, but I am just going to sit back and do whatever the fuck I like this time round, alright?" Giovanni nodded, furious that this meeting wasn't going to plan, but he did have one more trick up his sleeve, and his grimace turned to a smile as the fire faded away and Charlotte went back to sipping at her tea.

"I am looking into where that lovely little book of yours has ended up," Giovanni said with an air of confidence. "I believe it has ended up in Pewter Museum, yes?"

"Believe what you want, I'm not telling you anything about my spell book," Charlotte replied sweetly, disappointing Giovanni who had been expecting a bigger reaction.

"Why have you hidden it in such an obvious place?" He continued, trying his best to break her. "Surely people have tried to steal it and someone will eventual steal it – I heard stories that it use to be locked away properly many years ago."

"It was in the Mirage Tower in Hoenn, but some little black girl managed to take it out by accident, as the tower's magic allows," Charlotte explained. "Arceus knew I allowed a loop hole for the book to be taken, so he has had it kept in plain sight, thinking it will be safer."

"Our lord really isn't that smart, is he?" Giovanni said with a smile, though Charlotte remained silent. "I have yet another question: does he ever let you see Giratina?" Sadistic delight shone in Giovanni's eyes as Charlotte's cup clattered to the plate, a harrowing look rising in her eyes: he had finally done it.

"I'd rather not answer," Charlotte whispered, waving her hand and allowing her tea to go back into its cup. Giovanni was getting very delighted, her decision not to answer giving him more than he needed.

"Why don't you join us then Charlotte," he whispered, leaning across the table and staring into her face, which currently made her look a lot younger than 14. "Once I have the spells and the Pokemon I need, I can overthrow Arceus, and your love will be set free once more… you two can rule any region you want as King and Queen." Charlotte clutched at the table, tension showing in her hands despite their transparency, and Giovanni grinned. "Or, alternatively, I can do the exact opposite: put the Lord of Death into a spell of eternal torture, and trap you there to watch alongside." Charlotte glanced up with a shocked expression, and Giovanni smiled as he sunk back into his chair, rising his cup up for another drink. But just as he pursed his lips and tilted the china, Giovanni yelled as the liquid suddenly flung out, sticking to his face. He squirmed and struggled, trying to pull the now rubber like substance from his face as he struggled to breathe. Things began shaking, and Giovanni began to hear screaming, which he joined in with as the tea turned back to liquid and poured down his face. By the time he had wiped his face clean with his handkerchief, Giovanni found that the darkness had disappeared, replaced with the café which was shaking as violently as if struck by an earthquake, and he turned to find Charlotte floating right in front of her, looking like she was about to eat him.

"Now you listen hear you pathetic little fucker," she hissed as glass windows began to shatter in the café, "if you ever threaten me or Giratina again, I will make you sorry, spell book or no spell book. I will hunt you down and tie you up and make YOU watch as I tear every organ from the bodies of the two people you love, and than I will shove them down your throat before I tear your brain out and cast you down to the lowliest depths of the Distortion World." Around them glasses, plates, vases and cups all began to shatter, and people scrambling for the doors found themselves falling over from the shaking, joined by tables and bottles from behind the counter.

"The only reason I am going to let you leave this café alive is because I have lived a boring life these past few years and another war is just what I need to get me going," Charlotte hissed, her ghost hands seeming solid as she grabbed Giovanni by the shoulders. "Now you go and put on one fucking good show, or I will grab your dick and stretch it out so long that I can use it as a skipping rope." Giovanni nodded weakly, his confidence faltering under the furious actions of the ghost. Charlotte gave a little smile and clicked the fingers on her right hand.

At once, the four main walls and the roof of the café exploded. Everyone screamed as plaster, wood and wires disintegrated, the world opening up to the elements. Giovanni looked around and saw no one seemed to see them, and watched as the blonde waitress slipped over behind the counter, the coffee machine following after only moments later. Charlotte lifted Giovanni up by his shoulders and turned around so she was facing where the wall had been a moment before, and all was left was rubble strewn across the grass and a nearby house.

"Fuck ya later Giovanni, though I imagine it'll be sooner rather than later," the ghost said, back to her normal grin. Giovanni yelled as she spun back and threw him, sending him flying through the air. His journey was short though, his back smashing into the nearby house with his head following soon after. Giovanni groaned as he slid down the wall, watching as people fled from the café as what remained of the roof and walls began to collapse.

Giovanni wasn't seriously hurt but was extremely frustrated: meeting Charlotte had been a long shot, but he hadn't quite expected it to end like this. His plans were thrown out of proportion now, and Giovanni knew that he was going to look foolish if Charlotte told any of his enemies what had just happened. Getting back to his feet, Giovanni turned and began walking down the road, through the crowd of people running and gathering to see what was happening, heading back to the private boat waiting at the nearby dock. As he walked, Giovanni pulled two things that he had kept in his suit trousers rather than his coat, though could feel the bitter wind more now without his protection: one was a cheap mobile phone and the other a basic remote control.

"Archer, I want someone out on Route 1 or in Pallet Town watching what is going on," Giovanni mumbled into his phone, keeping his head down and his voice quiet as he pressed the button. The tiny explosive he had slipped into the waitresses apron, which he had put in case Charlotte did something wrong, exploded behind him, sending a fist of orange flames into the air and sending the crowd into a screaming frenzy as they fled from the site, pieces of the café being blown into the air.

"What do you mean 'what are they meant to do'?" Giovanni snarled, ignoring people pushing past him. "They need to be on the lookout: if Oak and any of the Council members are going to fear us, I want a bullet through those three kids heads as soon as they have a PokeDex in their hands," and with that, Giovanni snapped his phone shut and dropped it to the ground, allowing the crowd to crush it and eliminate evidence it belonged to him, and also threw the remote control away. The head of Team Rocket was not pleased with how the day's events had gone, but Giovanni had been planning this particular main plan for over ten years, and nothing was going to stop him.

Within weeks, Giovanni hoped to have the world in the palm of his hands, and the thought of his impeding victory managed to bring a sense of happiness into every inch of his face, even into his eyes.