My heart wouldn't say no!

My heart keeps denying

Ever since the beginning

My mind keeps defying

What my heart is saying.

My heart wouldn't say no

It doesn't matter what I do!

My heart couldn't say no-

Because my heart wants you.

You asked me once before

If we could see each other more

My heart wants to be with you forever

And live with you happily ever after.

But alas, that can't be so!

For I fear, my past is coming.

You and I both know-

That our lives will be changing.

My heart constantly aches for you

Couldn't and wouldn't say no

For you are in me day and night

You are my life, my brightest light!

Enaka's wonderful "Cyborg Albert" story was the motivation for this poem. Cyborg Albert's true feelings and deepest wish to be with Candy for ever and ever. His love for her since the first time he saw her.