Jane was not surprised to hear that Randi was pregnant with Oliver's child, nor he surprised that Randi had told Brad that Oliver had raped her. Jane was sure he had. Randi seemed like a one guy kind of girl. While Oliver seemed like whatever goes kind of guy.

He and Anna were unable to have children. And if Oliver wanted children it would make sense to rape someone in hopes of getting them pregnant. And instead of a stranger rape your wife's best friend. Jane didn't approve of this philosophy, but he could see Oliver thinking along those lines.

He was sure that Oliver had something to do with the disappearance of Randi. But he wasn't sure it was an abduction.

"Mr. Cahill, do you think that Randi was abducted?"

Brad looked at the ground. "I was hoping to keep this a secret. But…no, I know she wasn't. I was to take this to the grave but up until she gave birth I had contact with her. She didn't want her family to know about the baby. But after the baby she disappeared again. I began to worry. About three months later I found her baby on my doorstep with a note."

"You still have the note?"

"Yes. And the baby. Well she's no baby now, she's almost eight."

"I'm going to need the note."

"Yes, I understand."

Brad went to go get it. Shortly after he left a little blonde headed girl came in. Jane assumed it was Randi's child. "Hello, I'm Patrick. What's your name?"

"Krisalyn. But everyone calls me Kris."

"Nice to meet you Kris."

Just then Brad came back in and went white. "Kris, I thought you were over at Mari's."

"She just came in. Randi's right."

Brad nodded.