Another fluffy family fic XD I just love these three too much~ I promise I'll stop with the cavity inducing stuff and write some different thing X3;

Hope you like it!


"Nezumi, come quick!" Sion whispered urgently, not taking his eyes off the sight before him.

The raven walked around the corner that connected the hallway to the living room of their quaint apartment, stilling in the doorway as he too saw what was going on.

Mercutio, who was a little over a year now, was in an awkward position with his hands and feet firmly planted on the soft carpet beneath him. He shuffled slightly, stomping his feet a bit as if getting ready to charge.

Nezumi slinked down to the floor beside Sion, his hand going on his shoulder as they watched their son.

When the little baby had gotten to be eight months old, they had expected to see him try walking soon. Another month passed and the new parents started getting worried, especially the younger of the two males. They took him to a pediatrician, who said that he could see nothing physically wrong with the youngster, and that some kids were just late bloomers.

After they celebrated his first birthday, with Mercutio still just crawling, Sion started to become frantic. 'What if he was disfigured before we found him? What if he never walks? What if we failed to notice something had happened to him?' All of these terrifying questions ran through their minds, dreading the thought of their son never running, riding a bike, swimming in a pool, or even simply going to the bathroom by himself.

So when the little brunette gave a mighty push to the floor, sending the top half of his body up and into the vertical position that all humans walked in, Sion felt warm tears lace his eye lashes. "T-that's good sweetie, can you come to Daddy?" He outstretched his arms with a hopeful smile on his lips.

Mercutio looked up at him with big eyes, arms in a position much like a planes to keep him steady. "Dada," he giggled, taking a wobbly step closer to the couple.

Nezumi beamed, holding both of Sion's shoulders now. "That's right Mercy, towards papa."

Another two ungraceful steps, but steps nonetheless. "Papa!" he squealed, trying to walk a little faster.

Three stumbling strides later, and the soon to be toddler fell into Sion's arms, his legs tired from the new effort.

He scooped Mercutio into his chest, squeezing him in a gleeful embrace. "Great job!" Nezumi leaned over and kissed his son on the forehead, ruffling his hair.

They stood up, walking into the kitchen to put Mercutio in his high chair and give him his sippy cup. Sion hugged his lover around the waist once their son was secure, letting a shaky sigh into his chest. "I'm so relieved…"

Nezumi kissed the top of his head. "Me too…"

Sion smiled, looking up into soft grey pools.

The raven used the pad of his thumb to wipe away the tears collecting around the rubies that were his lovers eyes, leaning down to kiss him gently.

The ivory haired man sighed, kissing back sweetly.

"Dada!" Sion broke the kiss to turn around and see Mercutio pointing at his open mouth. He giggled at the cuteness of it. "Alright honey, one minute."

Nezumi smiled, hugging his lover from behind while he got the baby food ready, kissing his neck. "I love you."

Sion chuckled, turning around to peck his cheek. "I love you too." He walked over to Mercutio, lifting the spoon full of pure' apples to the little mouth. "And we love you Mercy."

Their son gurgled happily, whether it was because of the words or the presence of food, neither really cared. Their son was happy and healthy, and that's what mattered.