This was a request fic given to me around 6 months ago. The person asked I didn't give their name, but I wanted to apologize to them because of how long it took. I wish I could get out of this writer's block so I could type in my ongoing fanfictions.

This is an AshxTory fic, both are age 12. Not a pair I readily support, but I don't see it as an impossibility and I do find it kinda cute. I hope you enjoy the fic.

I do not own Pokemon :'(

Chapter 1: Trouble Brews

The sweet breeze was pleasant to his nose. It smelled strongly of pine and honeysuckle and mountain stream, wafting over him like a thick blanket and bringing with it a slightly cool sensation that was more than welcome on that particularly warm day. The small, yellow Pokemon was lying down beside him in the grass, long ears pointed towards the top of the small knoll they were resting on. Resting his head on his hands and staring up at the sky with lidded eyes, Ash drew in a deep breath and slowly exhaled, enjoying the relaxing time alone with his partner.

"Piiikaaa…" Pikachu breathed, imitating its trainer and friend.

Lazily rolling his head to the side and opening one eye, he looked at the electric mouse for a moment before he started laughing. Right on cue, Pikachu laughed as well and they both flipped themselves up into a sitting position.

The meadow rolled out before them, tall grass waving sluggishly in the refreshing breeze. Pokemon from several continents all seemed to congress there. There were Pidgey and Starly sharing the skies with bug Pokemon like Ledian and Beautifly. Heracross and Scyther and Lombre appeared every now and then among the tall strands, and a few fire pokemon like Growlith and Ponyta sprinted in the shorter grass farther from the two friends. Some of the braver ones cautiously approached the twelve-year-old, a Poochyena actually licking his hand and startling him, his sudden movement then causing it to scurry away several feet until he managed to coax it back with a piece of bread.

Slowly getting up and brushing the bit of dirt and grass from his clothes, Ash extended his arm to the Pokemon who had traveled all over the world with over the last couple years. With an enthusiastic "Pika!" the small Pokemon leapt up his arm and to its customary perch on his shoulder.

"Man, I'm hungry," the boy complained, stretching his arms above his head and laughing as his stomach accentuated his declaration with a low growl.

"Pika…" Pikachu agreed, rubbing one little paw on its rumbling tummy and dropping its ears and tail.

"Yeah, I know, you're hungry, too," Ash chuckled, playfully ruffling Pikachu's ears. "Don't worry, we have plenty of food back at…" he trailed off as he stared at the Munchlax dipping through their pack. "Hey, get out of that!" Ash yelled, running down the hill and tripping over something—it might have been a rock, a gnarled patch of grass, his own feet, or maybe just thin air—he wasn't quite sure what. The impact sent Pikachu flying right into the small, blue Pokemon, the two tumbling end over end until they stopped with Munchlax on top of the yellow mouse. Food was strewn out over the grass between the two and the disheveled pack, the three just staring at it for several moments before they all scrambled for it as quickly as possible. Munchlax reached some first, snatching up an apple and showing it in its mouth. Pikachu was next, tackling a package of chips the afore mentioned was trying to steal. Ash was the last to reach the mess, nabbing up the two struggling Pokemon and holding them apart from each other. Both watched the crinkled bag fall, somewhat dumbfounded over the fact that they were no longer on the ground. "Come on, Pikachu, there is no need to fight," Ash chuckled, shifting his attention to the big eater Pokemon.

"And as for you," he said, placing Pikachu on his shoulder, "there is no need to steal anything. If you just asked I would have let you eat with us." The Munchlax looked down as if ashamed, and Ash felt safe with putting the small Pokemon down. The instant its feet touched the ground, though, Munchlax ran back to Ash's pack and grabbed up an armful of food and scuttled away. Pokemon and trainer looked at each other for a moment before sighing and making their way to see what food escape the pilfering.

After an appetizing late lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the two made their back to the open field, this time with their bag in tow. Ash figured their uninvited guest had taken around three-fourths of their food, which accounted for about four days worth. Neither of them wanted to cut their vacation short, so instead of simply relaxing on the hill again they set about looking for bushes they could get berries from and trees that produced fruit. After a couple minutes of minutes the two had made a game out of it, racing and tripping each other and trying to find more food first. Pikachu had the home advantage, being a Pokemon and all. It was not only more agile than its trainer, but could also ask its fellow Pokemon for help.

Falling flat on his face, Ash looked from the Ekans wrapped around his legs to the electric mouse rolling around a laughing hysterically. "Ha ha, very funny," he said, unamused and resting his face on his knuckles. After a very short moment he kicked his feet out of the snake Pokemon's grasp and tackled his partner, tickling its side until Pikachu's laughter became bolts of electricity. The shock was enough to loosen his grip momentarily and let Pikachu. Recovering fast, the last years of electric shocks giving him a near immunity to it, Ash scrambled to his feet and took off after the fleeing mouse again.

By the time the sun started to set both of them were tired from all the running and laughing. Eyelids feeling heavier than lead, Ash could barely get his sleeping bag rolled out and inside it before he fell asleep, Pikachu lying exhausted over his neck.

A loud roar woke the two friends up out a dead sleep. Instantly sitting up (and throwing Pikachu halfway across the clearing they were in), the young trainer looked around frantically, trying to find the source of the startling noise. It roared again, both Ash and Pikachu perking up a bit at it; they recognized that roar.

Snatching up his bag, leaving his messy sleeping bag behind, Ash scooped up Pikachu as he passed the small yellow Pokemon and continued running out towards the meadow. Shielding his eyes from the bright sunlight, Ash searched the sky for the Pokemon he suspected to be there somewhere. A flash of green drew his eyes left, but it was gone before he got there. Swinging around quickly he tried to locate it again, but the Pokemon seemed to have vanished.

Then, not too far from him, the loud roar issued again, knocking him down as the green, dragon-like Pokemon descended to hover above the land right in front of him. "Rayquaza," he breathed, taking in the full glory of the Legendary Pokemon. Still sitting on the ground, he looked at the sky for Rayquaza's two companions, the master trainer having last seen the dragon-like Pokemon in the company of the two Deoyxs. "Where are Deoyxs?" he asked.

Rayquaza roared in reply, twisting and flying around him several times. Pikachu responded with a few chirps, the legendary roaring back in reply. After a couple rotation it stopped in front of Ash again, body leading away from the preteen but head turned back to look at him.

"Pikapika!" Ash's companion hollered, sprinting towards Rayquaza and pointing at it. "Pikapika, Pikachu! Pi, pika, pika-pi!"

"Does he want us to get on his back?" Ash asked, kind of confused as to what the legendary Pokemon was thinking.

"Pikapika!" Pikachu cheered, nodding its head vigorously and running back to its trainer. Climbing right up Ash's leg and back, it perched itself on his shoulder as the boy carefully climbed onto Rayquaza's back. Holding on tight to the top of the plate, he nodded kind of nervous to the large head looking back at him, and instantly felt the strong wind on his face. Twisting and curving up above the clouds, the ride became less hazardous as soon as they reached altitude and Rayquaza flew straight. Gripping with his legs, Ash even dared let go of the armor plate for a moment to put on a pair of gloves to keep the chill air from freezing his hands.

"Pikachu, did he say what happened to Deoyxs?" Ash yelled over the howling wind.

"Pi…ka," the electric mouse replied, nodding its head while hiding its face in its trainer's back.

"Are they alright?" he asked, shielding his face with one hand.

"Pi…ka," Pikachu replied, shaking its head this time.

Frowning at the thought, he didn't ask any more. He couldn't speak with Pikachu (making him kind of wish he had taken up Riley's offer a year before to train him in his powers), and there weren't really many more yes or no questions he could think of to ask the little Pokemon. Rubbing one arm at a time to make sure he kept a good grip on the legendary Pokemon, Ash silently cursed the fact that it had been warm enough to wear a t-shirt. He could only hope that they'd land soon and he'd get answers to the question tearing at the back of his mind; what happened to the Deoyxs?

At first it seemed like the clouds were parting, then Ash realized they were descending again. Rayquaza started twisting again, heading for what looked like a small splotch of land on a great blue canvas; an island. As they got closer he could see a city growing on the small spit of land, large steam stacks and factory-looking buildings puffing large amounts of smoke into the air. Having just come from a luscious forest, the sight was awfully sickening. There were no Pokemon visible in the polluted water near it, and bird Pokemon gave it a very wide birth; the latter of which he would soon find was for a completely different reason. Roaring loudly, Rayquaza sent a blast at the horrid place, his attack stopping harmlessly on a very familiar-looking barrier. He then proceeded to descend to the small strip of land standing just outside the barrier, and to the small, silver-haired boy waiting at its perimeter.

"Tory!" Ash yelled as he jumped off his ride, coming up right in front of the boy before he remembered his manners and turned back to thank Rayquaza for carrying him there. "What is going on here?" he asked, peering through the smog to look at the buildings. That logo looked familiar, too, but why couldn't he quite place it.

"I came to this area because we were picking up readings similar to Deoyxs," Tory explained, absently patting the head of the red and yellow Pokemon on his arm. Its partner, Minun, was currently in a similar position as Pikachu, one small arm wrapped around Tory's head to steady itself on his shoulder. "When we got here (we meaning Tory, Plusle, and Minun) Rayquaza was already going on a rampage, attack the barrier around this place. It looks like they somehow managed to capture the two Deoyxs and are manipulating their power."

That's why the barrier looked familiar! He had seen it a couple years ago in La'rousse, when Deoyxs trapped them there. Then only for that logo… "Team Rocket!" he yelled suddenly, slamming his fist into his open palm. "Man, it's been so long since I've had to deal with them. I can't believe it slipped my mind."

"What are you talking about, Ash?' Tory inquired, tilting his head to the side slightly.

"The logo on the buildings is for Team Rocket," the older boy explained. "They were a bit of pain when I first started on my journey. I remember two, well, two and a Meowth, that were constantly after Pikachu. Their plans always failed, though, so I'm guessing this is different pair."

"I see," Tory said, looking sadly at Rayquaza, whose eyes seemed to be trying to burn a hole in the barrier.

"Has Rayquaza not been able to blast through the barrier this time?" Ash asked, eyes shifting between his silver-haired and the legendary Pokemon.

Tory shook his head, saying, "I'm afraid not. They're using the power from both Deoyxs', meaning the barrier is too strong. He's managed to open up a small hole, but nothing he can fit through.

"Could we?" the trainer asked, a solid spark lighting up his eye that made Tory almost have to take a step back. How long had it been since he'd seen that? It was back when they finally figured out how to calm Deoyxs down, when they figured knew what they had to do and all they had to do was do it. It was that look that kept his mind on the dark-haired trainer, and made his heart flutter slightly.

"Um, well, yeah, probably," he said, stumbling over his words as he tried to regain his composure. "But what exactly are we going to do once we get in there?"

"Set Deoyxs free, of course," Ash replied confidently, holding a fist close in front of him. He then threw his gaze back over his shoulder and said, "Rayquaza, we need you to give the barrier a really good blast close to the ground. If we can make it through we should be able to help your friends."

As if he understood, Rayquaza reared its head roared, gathering up energy for a blast.

"Ash, do you only have Pikachu on you?" Tory asked, pulling on Ash's sleeve and nervously waiting for Rayquaza to attack the barrier.

"Yeah, the rest of them are at Professor Oak's lab with Gary and the rest of my Pokemon," he said, that confident gleam not leaving his eye. "But don't worry, we'll be fine. We have Plusle and Minun with us, too."

Turning its focus back to the barrier, Rayquaza released the blast at the hated thing keeping it from its friends. "Now!" Ash yelled, grabbing the smaller boy's hand and dragging him forward. The blast hit and sent a wave of heat backwards towards the two, but Ash pushed them right through it. Leaping in feet first, he barely got all five of them through the barrier before it closed.

To be honest, I haven't see much of he Pokemon series. I have played several of the games, but other than some of the first season and a couple movies I haven't watched the anime. Team Rocket is the bad guy team I remember the most, so I put them in instead of one of the others. Plus it is one I think Tory would be less likely to know.