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Chapter 3: Routine

Ash kind of wondered if he was better off after or before his nap. His entire body was stiff from the uncomfortable position he slept in, he didn't feel any more refreshed than before, and his arm was passed numb from Tory's head laying on it. They're predicament kept playing over and over in his head, and to be honest, he wasn't even sure they'd even find a way out of the cave system they found themselves in. If they did, he had no clue where it would exit at, and they could find themselves right in the middle of an entire battalion of Team Rocket Grunts.

Shaking the pessimistic thoughts from his head, Ash berated himself for becoming so negative in his old age. "If it was 2 years ago I'd never sink this low," he mumbles, shift his shoulder slightly to try and alleviate the pressure on it. The action stirred Tory from his slumber, and the silver-haired preteen stared up at him with lazy eyes. Then, suddenly remembering the events of the previous day (was it the previous day? Because in that dimly lit tunnel it was hard to tell how much time had passed), he jumped up and nearly tumbled back to the ground from the tingling sensation coursing through his legs.

"Hehe, now you know how my arm feels," Ash joked, trying to lighten the suddenly stifling air. "Except I don't even have that anymore," he jested, using his other hand to pick up his limp arm. Releasing it and letting the unusable limb fall to the ground, he carefully rose to his feet and walked over to the other boy. Resting his forehead on Tory's, his expression became a little darker. "Listen, to be honest, I don't know where this tunnel will let out. But I will make sure everything turns out alright." A little bit of sensation returning to his arm, he wrapping one around Tory's back and used the other to pull the younger boy's head into his shoulder. "We will get out of here with our Pokemon. I am not going to lose you right after I got you."

Shyly wrapping his arms around Ash's back, Tory buried his face in the older twelve-year-old's chest. "Can you promise me that?" he mumbled, squeezing the fabric in his hands. "Can you promise me we will get out of here, with Plusle and Minun and Pikachu and the Deoyxs?"

Hugging Tory back and petting his silver hair, Ash cooed, "I promise."

After giving Tory an encouraging, chaste kiss, the ravenette linked his fingers into the other boy's and proceeded to lead him down one of the tunnels leaving the underground pool. They could only go a short distance before what little light streaming into the cave system ran out. Feeling his way along the rough wall, Ash was determined to find his way out of the mess he had found himself in, and had pulled Tory in, too. The more he moved into the darkness, though, the more he realized just how difficult the task was going to be without any light, and almost as if it was on queue, a light flared into life. Startled my the sudden change and half-blinded, he turned around quickly to see the small device in his boyfriend's other hand. "S-sorry," Tory stuttered, aiming the light towards the ground.

"Don't be," Ash replied, smiling brightly and holding his hand out to ask for the item. "This will be very helpful." And it really was. There was quite a large boulder right in front of him, one he would have most likely tripped on had he continued to stumble through the dark. Stepping around it sheepishly, he added, "See? It was already helpful."

Ash was careful to direct the light away from any corner they came to. He would sneak up to it, making sure Tory stayed a few feet behind him for safety, and peer around it to make sure no one was on the other side. These caves seemed to go on forever, possible running the length and breadth of the island, so it seemed unlikely that Team Rocket didn't know about them. They had already been walking for a couple hours and they only seemed to be going into more darkness.

"Do you really think we'll get out of here?" Tory asked, fingers loosely entangled in the back of Ash's shirt.

"Some Pokemon had to have made these tunnels," Ash reasoned, slowing his pace ever so slightly. "Therefore, they have to come out somewhere, right? Even if it does happen to be outside the force field put up, we can just have Rayquaza burst in. In fact, it would probably be easier if it does—" he cut off suddenly, halting immediately and placing a hand over the silverette's mouth at the same time. If Tory was able to he would have asked what was wrong, but then he heard it too. Faint, as if far away and muffled like it was behind something solid, were the distinct sound of human voices. Two, maybe three, people were have a conversation of sorts, but the contents of which could not be discerned from where the two friends were hiding. Handing the light back to Tory, Ash peeked around the next corner, then motioned for the younger preteen to follow and disappeared around it.

There was a light shining around the next corner, illuminating the corridor they were in enough for Tory to turn his portable light device off. The voices grew louder the closer they got to the light, and soon they could pick up what was being said.

"Why must we be stuck here?" one man was saying, the click-clicks of a tapping foot accentuating his irritating. "I mean, last week we were "assigned" to cleaning the hallls! Why do we always get stuck with the sucky jobs?"

"Shh!" his partner hissed, followed by the sound of rapid footsteps. Ash could only guess, but he figured grunt number two was shutting up grunt number one. "If the overseer hears you're griping we might be put back with those mops and buckets, or worse. Do you want to be stuck mucking out the Tauros pens?"

"Geez! If there is something worse than what we're already doing then we'll be forced to do it sooner or later," grunt number one grumbled.

The two twelve-year-olds were at the corner now, and peered around to see a small stream of lighting flooding in from a crack in the wall. It was too small for an adult to fit through, but an adolescent could probably slip through with minimal effort.

"Hey, protected these tunnels is actually pretty important," the second grunt replied, agitated by his companion's complaints.

"Important how?" the first one retorted. "We're the only ones on this island now. We already sent all the native Pokemon that were here back to headquarters."

"What about those kids?" came the second grunt's reply. "They fell into a tunnel system when that Pikachu used thunder. They could possibly come by here."

A loud, exasperated sigh was the grunt's first response. Then he said, "Those kids are dead. There is no way they could have survived a fall like that. Stupid brats. Had they just let themselves be caught they would have been much better off. Now that Pikachu you were talking about. Guarding it would be a real job. It's set to be shipped out tomorrow, right? Along with those other two."

"Yeah, I hear they're being kept in storehouse two right now," grunt number two answered.

All three of them heard the noise at the same time. It was a clink-clink, like the sound of a coin dropping on hard stone. Ash, who had been peering through the crevice, cringed a bit and pulled farther back into the shadows so as to not be seen. "What was that?" grunt number one asked, pushing off the wall and looking down the tunnel away from where Ash was hiding.

"It might be the kids," grunt number two replied.

"It ain't those kids," grunt number one growled, not taking his eyes off the dim passage. "But just in case, let's go check it out." Cautiously, the two Team Rocket adults left their camp fire behind and made their way into the tunnel.

A tap on Ash's shoulder made him jump, and he quickly turned around to find it was only Tory. "Come on, we should hurry before they get back," he said, pushing passed the ravenette and climbing through the break in the wall. Getting over his bewilderment, Ash quickly followed the smaller boy and moved almost practically noiselessly across the stone floor towards the main compound. The two grunts could not hear the lighter footsteps of the children over their own heavier ones.

"He said our Pokemon are being kept in storehouse two," Ash whispered, checking a hallway before he crossed it to look at a map on the wall. "And they are even kind enough to put a "You are here" dot on their maps," he chuckled, pointing to the little red marker. "Very helpful, aren't they?" Ash joked, trying to get Tory, his boyfriend (he would have to get used to calling him that), to laugh a little.

"Where are Plusle and Minun and Pikachu?" the boy asked, coming up a little more apprehensively.

"Well, if we are here," the Pokemon trainer started, placing his forefinger on the red dot, "and storehouse number two is… here. Then we go… this way." Pointing the way, Ash quickly took off in the direction he showed. He was probably going a little too fast, but it was only a couple junctions down. Still it would have been a good idea to slow down, for rounding the next corner he ran right into a member of Team Rocket. The guy was so confused that he couldn't react for several seconds. By the time he was reaching for his pokeball Ash had grabbed Tory and was busting through the door to storehouse two.

"Pika!" the electric mouse squeaked when he saw his trainer bust in, his voice muffled by the glass surrounding him. The other two Pokemon looked up at the sudden noise, perking up considerable and chittering when they say their friend.

The only problem was, the instant they entered the room the two preteens were completely surrounded. The guard outside had regained his composure and called his growlith; he was now blocking the door. There were two more guards and two scientists inside the room, all of which were now approaching them with golbats and magnimites. "Shoot!" Ash cursed under his breath, placing his back against Tory's.

"Pika! Pikapika!" Pikachu yelled, headbutting the glass. Shaking off the blow, he tried a second and third time, but to no better ends than the first one.

"I'm sorry, Tory," Ash said quietly. "This is not what I was had planned."

"Pika!" the little Pokemon yelled, this time using thunder.

"That didn't work the last five times you tried it, little guy," one scientist guffawed, tapping the small container with a knuckle. Pikachu didn't give up, though, and through pure determination he kept it up long enough for a loud pop to be heard throughout the room. All eyes turned to look at the large crack running down the glass that wasn't there before. A quick headbutt broke it, letting the fiercely loyal Pokemon free to protect its trainer. Down on all fours just two feet from Ash and smiling quite sadistically, Pikachu let loose another round of thunder. When the attack finally ended there were four unconscious people and five knocked out Pokemon on the ground.

Grinning contentedly, Ash strode over to the scientist. Pikachu once again took his customary perch on the ravenette's shoulder, glaring down at the man who had tapped so nicely on his glass. "Now, you will release Plusle and Minun or learn just how strong Pikachu is," he threatened. Scared out of his wits, the man scrambled to obey. The containers holding Tory's Pokemon lifted and the two quickly ran to him, rubbing their cheeks on his once they climbed to his shoulders. "Now, one more thing…"

"Are you sure this is the right way?" Tory asked, rolling his eyes as they hit another dead end.

"It has to be right around here," the trainer replied, backtracking and going for the next hallway. He quickly backed up, though, and took the door to his left instead. "Let's try here," he said, gulping as he opened it and found several people. But it was an observation room for one of the Deoyxs, though, so he didn't back out. "Pikachu!" he yelled, holding his arm out towards the men. His holler not only got the attention of the people in the room, but also that of those in the hallway next to it that he had avoided just a moment before. As Pikachu's attack went off, they rounded the corner with their Pokemon, only to come face to face with a determined Tory and his two friends. By the time Ash came back to help Tory had taken care of them.

"This should be the control room for Deoyxs' prison," the young scientist stated, taking a seat in one of the chairs. "Just give me a minute to figure out the controls on it and, oh… There," he said, typing a few keystrokes and pressing enter.

"Deoyxs shield, powering down," the computer said mechanically. "Warning, Deoyxs containment compromised. Reactivate Deoyxs shield."

The red and blue Pokemon from space looked up and through the glass at the two boys, what could possibly be a smile on its face; or what would have been a smile if it could. Throwing its energy in all directions, the whole island shook with a mighty tremor.

"I think it's mad," Ash said, a bit of fear in his voice.

"It's not mad, it's excited," Tory corrected. Then it released a second, different wave of energy that pulsed outwards like a nova flare and broke the glass. "Now it's mad," he said.

Turning to the two boys and their Pokemon, Deoyxs lifted them with its power and took off, racing through the compound. Outside the shield had weakened and Rayquaza rammed into a spot it had just shot. Just like in La'rouse, he managed to break through and rushed to the aid of his friends. Blasts of fire tore through the buildings. It crumbled the corridor in front of them, making Deoyxs have to fly up through the roof to continue. It stopped to light a greeting to Rayquaza, who just continued to destroy Team Rocket's facility, but when it turned around to continue towards its other half it found the second Deoyxs floating right in front of it.

"Rayquaza's blast must have freed it," Tory said excitedly, marveling at the light display the two Pokemon used to communicate. They seemed to agree on something, because they nodded then set off in opposite directions, stopping just long enough to deposit Ash, Tory, and their Pokemon on Rayquaza's back. The legendary Pokemon growled loudly, weaving around in the sky as it watched what the two Deoyxs were planning.

"I'd suggest you hold on tight once he really starts to go," Ash suggested, remembering his first flight on the legendary dragon Pokemon.

Tory was about to answer when he a very low rumble sounded below them. It grew louder as the Deoyxs poured more energy into their work, and then something physically visible happened; the ground caved in and part of the building sunk into the tunnels Ash and Tory had wondered through. "They're destroying the entire compound," Tory gasped, amazed at just how powerful the two Pokemon from space were.

"No, they're destroying the island," Ash correct, pointing to the part that was starting to flood. Within a few minutes the only reminders that Team Rocket had once been there were the Pokemon and lifeboats keeping the members afloat. "C'mon, let's go," he added, patting their ride affectionately on the neck. Growling one last time, Rayquaza took off.

"This is where you have been?" Tory asked, sliding off the legendary's back and looking around at the vast wilderness around him.

"Just for the last few days," Ash stated, patting Rayquaza in thanks. "I needed to just get away for a bit, to relax a bit. It was quite nice until Rayquaza showed up."

"I'm sorry we ruined your vacation," Tory said sarcastically, watching the three Pokemon leave to some unknown destination. He felt a pair of arms wrap around him, Ash resting his face in the crook of his neck.

"Now it's perfect," he whispered.

Blushing, Tory turned to face the boy who had confessed to him, the boy he was now dating. He was about to say something when Pikachu pulled them together and made them kiss. Swatting embarrassedly at the electric mouse, who was now running away at full speed, Ash felt a bit of blood rush to his cheeks as well.

"I don't mean to ruin your perfect vacation, but I need to get back to La'rouse City," Tory said, disappointment obvious in his voice. Ash wasn't too thrilled with the idea either, not wanting to leave this wonderful place and afraid Tory might be intending to tell his dad.

"I have to tell my dad what I found out on the island," the silverette stated, and, noting Ash's apprehension, added, "And I will have to tell him about us. Don't worry, he already knows I like boys."

Feeling a little bit of weight lift from his shoulders, Ash asked, "Do you think we can stay here one night at least?"

And no, they don't do anything bad. Ash just wanted to show Tory the amazing sunset from that secluded place.