Author's Notes: I thought this up on the fly in school. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the story of this very text.

*** Written before the release of DmC, or DmC5, whatever you call the 5th installment/reboot of DMC.

Dante May Cry

A fine day at the mall.

A fine hour at the games shop.

A fine minute to get THE game he was most waiting for.

"Here's your money, go get it, and I'm outta here."

"Sir, don't you want to try it?"

"Just get it, man."

"Don't you want to at least check the disk for cracks?"

"I said GET IT. So shut up and go."

"... Yes, sir."

The sales clerk checked the shelves for a brand new copy of the requested game, grabbed one, and swore to God he'd take the day-off tomorrow.

"I'd give it to you for free, and I doubt I'll be fired for that, but business is business, sir."


With white hair shining under the sun, the red clad devil-human sped through the streets on his flashy motorbike.


At home...

"This day's events mark a tragedy for the families who have been victimized by the supertyphoon..."

"HD! HD!"

"Can you never volume down?" Vergil could have done nothing when Dante snatched the remote and sixaxis controller.

"Volume UP!"

Sony's famous Xross Media Bar menu screen came up. The big screen was then adorned with a real life wallpaper of the devil-hero we all know and love (hopefully).

"What are you up to?" Vergil asked, his gaze focused on the small plastic bag Dante so tightly clutched.

"I have something that I know you, too, want." Dante taunted Vergil by swinging the bag back and forth in front of Vergil's face.

"And what, may I ask, is that?"

"Just the NEWEST game in the DMC Devil May Cry series!"

"The latest..? Hmm... You don't say..." Vergil put his hand over his lips and pondered long on what to say. "Have you any idea about that?" He gently sneaked his hand on the sixaxis controller Dante was holding. Surprisingly enough, Dante did not snatch it back.

"Hell yeah! It's a game where I get to control myself, Nero-kid thought he could steal the spotlight from me, but I'm takin' it back." Dante's face was smug beyond smugness.

"Fine then, enjoy yourself. I'll be up in my room... If you need me." Vergil slowly gave his younger brother the controller, looked at Dante glumly, stood up, and went to his room.

That's weird..."Don'tcha wanna see this?" Dante yelled as Vergil walked upstairs.

"Don't want to spoil the fun now, Do I?" Vergil went inside his room. Dante heard the lock click.

"Emo little bastard, he'll probably be crying "Why is it always Dante!" when he slumps on his bed."

The game finally finished installing. Dante confirmed the OK and initiated the game.

CAPCOM. Dolby Digital... Ninja Theory (?)... Trailer time...

After minutes of bashing devils, chaotic streets, wrecked cars, whatnots...

"My name is Dante."



... Loading...

As the game's title was about to be stated by the loud speaker, Vergil, sitting on a chair, typed down a facebook status:

"Dante May Cry."

Nero likes this.

When I saw that... "Dante", well, he's good enough as a completely separate person, but when I heard him say "My name is Dante." It's down to prejudice that I thought he didn't quite measure up to the original.

Thanks for readin'/reviewin'/favin' tho.