It was a rainy day and I was in my recently transferred school; Ateneo de Cagayan. My family and I moved to the Philippines a few weeks ago and now we're in this city called, Cagayan de Oro: The City of Friendship, in Mindanao. It's not really as bad as I thought it would be, not until later after class. Before everything went to hell, I was led to my classroom by a student, with long black hair and bangs. I was used to the shorter girls in our country, so it seemed unnatural for a girl to be this tall. "This is it." she gestured with a smile "STC602, this is where your first class starts." "Uhm, thank you." I scratched my head, embarrassed. "My name is Takuya Megami... What's yours?" I asked and was a bit nervous that I was being too straightforward. "Oh, my name's Monalisa, but my friends call me Molly, later." She waved once and left. They sure have a different way of doing things here...I thought to myself. I shook my head a bit, took a deep breath and took my first step into the classroom. I looked around and people seemed to not mind me, they were too busy talking with other people whom seemed to be someone they know.

I found an empty seat near the window w/c i pretty much found comforting, I used to sit by the window at our old school. I walked towards it, I then placed my bag at the side of the chair and sat down. Weird chairs too... before I became lost in thought, I was able to see from the corners of my eyes, two tall guys coming in the classroom one wearing blue and white earphones that was somehow intimidating and the other somehow looked Japanese, wearing a green hat with a black sling bag. Along with them that I later noticed was a girl with short hair, wearing a white watch and bringing a purple shoulder bag. She seemed to get along with the two guys so I assumed they were friends. I stared at them for quite a while and the tall intimidating one caught me staring at them, he glared at me and I instinctively looked away, a little scared.

The bell finally rang and the students went to their seats, waiting for the teacher. I sat there quietly and stared out the window. A few minutes passed and the teacher finally came in, carrying a bunch of books and a black bag. He placed them on the table and I stood up... I felt a lot of eyes on me and when I looked around all the others were still sitting down. "Is there a problem?" the teacher asked. I flinched and shook my head "n-no sir..." "Then take your seat." he ordered. "Yes, sir." I took my seat, flustered. I could hear a few of my classmates giggling at the back which made me even more embarrassed.

An hour now has passed, the rain had stopped. While the teacher was discussing... The fire alarm suddenly went off. Everyone started to chatter, startled. "What's going on...? Is this a drill...? LOL, another one...?" The teacher hurriedly placed all his books and papers in order, then there was someone, a guard maybe? that appeared outside the class door and called the teacher. The teacher approached him and talked. The students started taking out their ipods, started to text and chatter. I blinked, They allow their students to do this?. After a few minutes, the teacher called out to us. "Class, form one line outside and go down to the soccer field." all of us went out the class room in a some-what orderly manner What's going on? I wondered. I felt a tap on my shoulder, that slightly startled me.

I turned around to see who it was and it was the short haired girl who was with the two tall guys. "Hi!" she greeted "I haven't seen you before, are you new here?" It took me awhile to answer her, I blinked and smiled shyly. "Y-yes... I am." "A new student huh... I see..." She tilted her head a bit, she then laughed and smiled. "My names Pia, but you can call me Densio. What's yours?" I sighed in relief, I wasn't being too straighforward at all with that girl, Molly... Or this girls just really friendly. "Takuya Megami..." I replied with a smile. She extended her hand "Nice to meet you, Takuya." I nodded and shook her hand.

She looked behind her and I followed her stare, she was looking at those tall guys and started "Those are my friends, the one on the right is Capz and the other one is Flo-... Well, people don't really call him that but we call him Xinji." Shinji? "Is he Japanese?" I asked, Densio looked at me and laughed "Don't say that in front of him, he'll be really happy." "Eh?" I guess I'll take that as a no then, I then laughed with her.

We finally reached what they call the soccer field and from the looks of it, the entire student body along with the schools faculty are here. Some looked worried and scared while others looked like they don't even care. Densio was still standing beside me "Hey" she patted me on the shoulder "Do you wanna hang out with us? We'll show you around school." I felt relieved when she asked me that. "If it isn't a bother..." "Don't worry! It won't." "well, okay." I nodded. We heard a screech sound, the microphone was being turned on and someone spoke, whom I assumed was the principal.

"Students of Xavier university... We are in terrible danger." Everyone fell silent for a while and started to chatter... "Danger? What does she mean? Ah, this is just some kind of joke, I'm sure of it." Mocking and worried voices fill the air. "Danger, huh?" Densio muttered, not very pleased with what she heard. "Pia." Someone called her and it was Shinji "We're going on ahead, I'm going to look for my sister and Capz is going to look for nika. Just send us a text or vice versa, I feel something bad's going to happen." Without another word, Xinji and Capz left. Densio looked puzzled, but she shrugged it off and took her phone from her bag and placed it in her pocket, just in case she needed to text. The principal continued... "I'm sure some of you have seen it in the news... There has been a certain disease outbreak that happened a few days ago in China and in Tokyo... People paid no mind to it, since of course, the mentallity of saying It's their country, not ours. So we left it alone. Unfortunately, there have been reports on people who got infected here in Cagayan de Oro... and the infected is growing larger in number as we speak... " Suddenly people who were in Army suits went up the stage, along with Giant crates of... GUNS! I stood there in shock... Is it really THAT serious? I panicked... I felt a slightly hard pat on my back, It bought me back to my senses and I looked at densio... She must've noticed me flinch. I sighed...

After the principal explained more on the issue, everyone, without hesitiation, lined up and got their guns. When everyone finally had one, they were taught how to use them. Some of the students got the hang of it in no time, others were still getting used to them. I sighed and sat down on the ground... and wondered... What the hell is going on?

End of Part 1