Part 10


They ran ahead of me and I followed closely behind. Capz, and the other two guys were behind us, there wasn't much zombies blocking our way I guess they cleared them up... I thought. As we ran towards the soccer field, I could see Xinji waving at us, I could tell he was asking us to hurry. "You're the new kid, right?" the tall muscular guy who was carrying Densio on his back asked. "U-uh... Yeah..." I nodded hesitantly. He smiled at me and said "Nice to meet you, My name's Stephen, but you can call me Steve. What's yours?" I stared at him for a bit he seems friendly "Takuya Megami..." I bowed my head a bit, keeping my eyes on him. He smiled and nodded.


I could see them running out of the building and I waved at them telling them to hurry up. I noticed Steve carrying Pia. "Something must've happened..." I sighed. When they finally arrived near the humvees "What happened to her?" I asked. "She sprained her ankle while running down the stairs..." Steve answered. "I see..." I wasn't very amused by that "does anyone know how to treat a broken ankle?" I gazed at them one by one until Mitsu raised his hand a bit "I do... But it's very-..." "That'll do." I interrupted. "Now, get in. Before they come." Without another word I went back in the humvee.


I climbed in the same Humvee as Steve along with Densio. There were three other guys and when I saw Densio's face, I could tell she knew them. "What happened to you?" A guy wearing a brown hat worriedly asked. "Just a sprained ankle... no biggie." Densio laughed nervously. Steve gently placed her on an empty set, while carefully positioning her feet then we heard a slight crackle, it came from the radio. "Everyone hear me? Good. our next destination would be Ororama, We're going out the main gate, turn left then straight to mamasitas then turn left-... oh you know how to get there. We're going to save Kazuo and Kyle this time, I'm sure they're pretty hungry right about now." It was Xinji, she was giving out orders... I'm guessing this Kazuo and Kyle are their friends. I sat beside Densio and she looked at me. I smiled a bit "does it still hurt?" "yeah, a whole lot." she laughed. "before I forget..." It was Xinji again. "Pia, we'll treat your foot after we've saved the other two. Move out" Densio scoffed at Xinji's last message and she seemed annoyed. I sighed...

The guy with the brown Hat started the engine and started to steer. Steve then sat beside me and patted me on the back. "So.." he started "You're from Japan right? Why'd you transfer schools?" "Well... My parents sort of wanted me to travel the world and stuff, but I've mostly been around the world already, except for here..." "Wow, you sound like you're from a rich family." "Mm.. Yeah, I guess." "Do you have any siblings?" "Yeah, 1 brother the eldest, 2 older sisters and a younger sister." When I looked at Steve, his eyes seemed to sparkle, instictively i backed away a bit. "e-err... did I say something amusing...?" He snapped out of his 'trance' and laughed embarrassingly. "N-no... I just sort of remembered something... Ahaha... *ehem* Anyway, you weren't expecting to see this happen when you moved here..." "Yeah... It's kind of a shocking experience for me." I looked out the tiny littly window on the side of the car "Are you worried about your family...?" I looked at him and sighed I looked out the window again... Now that I think about it, I'm worried as hell for them. But the thought that there's nothing I can do to save them... Makes me sick... My hands turned into fists on my lap when I was interruptted when Xinji called for us again... "We're Here. Get Ready."

End of Part 10