All of the Little Things

By Mr Khan

The First Thing: Sleeping Together

"Wake up."


"You are not a child and I am not your mother. That is not a valid response."

"Ungh, give me a break, it's only… 8 o'clock."

"Precisely. We have to be there in one hour. You know they're going to be punctual this year, just like every year."

"Send a hell butterfly, pull some strings. We have enough influence between us to delay something like this."

"That would be an abuse of our positions. I mean an abuse of my position, you abandoned yours, even if they let you keep the name."

"And it was totally worth it, though I do miss it occasionally," Yoruichi said, laying her head back down on the pillow and smiling at Soi Fon. "The Princess of the Shihoin clan could have gotten them to delay the ceremony, even if the Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukido is unwilling to use her power that way. But can an ex-princess request just five more minutes?" Yoruichi asked, reaching under the covers to drape an arm around Soi Fon.

"I suppose," Soi Fon replied, smiling back at the only person who could hope to undermine her discipline. Soi moved over slightly, closer to the other woman's body heat and draped an arm over her as well.

It seemed that Yoruichi was determined to take full advantage of her five-minute reprieve, for the chocolate-skinned woman drifted immediately back to sleep. Soi Fon still envied that woman in many ways, having never quite mastered Yoruichi's gift for keeping her cool. Soi Fon was a bundle of nerves, having not slept properly all night as she watched the bedside clock wind its way down; today was an important day after all, one which would reflect her pride as a lifetime of work came full circle.

She looked at Yoruichi Shihoin, her one and only, co-author of today's significant event, and knew she had nothing to worry about. She had spent a long time with the woman, if not in body than (as during their 100-year separation) in spirit. And while their relationship had grown and changed drastically over the years, Yoruichi herself had not. She and Soi Fon both had the eternal life afforded by Soul Society nobility as well as by those with strong spiritual pressure, so for them age was literally only a state of mind. Yoruichi had aged, though not by much. To Soi Fon, it had seemed like Yoruichi had matured into stable adulthood, losing some (though not much) of the irrepressible wildness of youth, gaining perhaps a wrinkle or two around her eyes, but generally gaining a more mature attitude. The attitude shift was hard to tell, of course, because Yoruichi was still Yoruichi, but Soi Fon, who knew Yoruichi more intimately than any other, was firm in her conviction that the change was there.

Soi Fon had changed too, of course. Though she was still the more tightly-wound of the couple, Shaolin Fon was now vastly more comfortable with intimacy, both emotional and physical, than she had ever thought possible. It was odd, she thought, that being in bed together with her Yoruichi-sama could ever make her anything other than a nervous wreck. It did not seem that long ago that Soi Fon had been gripped with utmost anxiety over the prospect of sharing a bed with Yoruichi Shihoin.


"One for theatre number 3," Soi Fon said brusquely. Not even bothering to glance at her, the box-office clerk snapped a ticket off of the wheel and handed it to her, taking the coins she offered in return. Soi Fon then stepped through the doors into the movie theatre.

Soi Fon was not one to go to movie theatres often, that is to say she did not like to go at all unless Yoruichi dragged her there, but she could tell that this establishment was different than most others of its kind in Soul Society. The art of cinematography had been imported to the Soul Society soon after it had become in the World of the Living, and technology surrounding their development had become more complex, though the film business remained fairly small. Most of Rukongai was too poor to produce or view movies, while the aristocracy of the Seireitei was too stuffy and old-fashioned to properly appreciate them. Only an odd group of middle-class entrepreneurs from outside, as well as the Soul Reapers that had come from a Rukongai background from inside, watched movies with any regularity, and the audience for the kinds of films this establishment portrayed was smaller still.

Eying the dirty and ill-lit theater lobby with distaste, Soi Fon headed towards theatre number three. A poster hung next to the door which was hard to read in the dim light, but read "Immoral Blossoms 2: Twin Buds." Soi Fon stopped and stared at the poster and what it depicted for a moment, blushing profusely and wondering if she wasn't getting into something that she would be entirely uncomfortable with. She knew she had to do it, of course. She had to learn about this sort of thing for Yoruichi's sake, she could only imagine that it would all be worth it once she was able to actually do it, and Soi Fon was a visual learner. It would be far too mortifying to…

"Don't just stand there gawkin' at the poster. Go in. The movie'll be much better." Soi Fon turned around to see a male shinigami standing behind her, an average-sized man who nonetheless towered over the petite Soi. For an instant she was gripped with fear, but then remembered that she had come in disguise. For this unsavory little mission, she had dug up an older Onmitsukido uniform, one that included a mask covering everything but her eyes and was not modified for Shunko, covering arms and legs as well. With her small breasts and deep-for-a-woman voice, she could be just another anonymous male patron of this establishment.

"Indeed," Soi Fon said, at a loss for a proper response.

"Aren't you one of those Onmitsukido guys?"


"Huh, never seen one of you around here before. Figured the ice queen never let you guys have any fun."

Soi Fon was grateful for the dim light, for it further shrouded the death glare she shot at the man. Just because it was true didn't mean he had to say it. "You don't see us here because we don't let you," she said instead.

"Hah," the man laughed. "I guess so. But come on, it's almost starting."

Soi Fon followed the man into the theatre, though remained at the back rows of seats while the man moved forward. There were only a few other men all told in the theatre, concentrated further up, which made sense as it was the middle of a business day and most Shinigami or Rukongaijin should have been on duty or working. That goes for me, too, Soi Fon thought, but she could justify taking a few hours off midday for something this important. She slunk into a back row and sat down as the movie began.

The movie started with minimal plot, a scene or two establishing a family in one of the middle-class sectors of Rukongai, detailing Yui, the young wife of a traveling merchant who constantly left her alone, and Kumiko, an attractive young milkmaid who made nightly deliveries to Yui's home along with others in the neighborhood. A scene showed Kumiko flirting with Yui on one nightly delivery and the latter being vaguely receptive, but this did not give Soi Fon any information of importance.

The next scene began with Yui taking a bath the next evening when Kumiko came and knocked on the door to Yui's home, prompting Yui to go to the front door wearing nothing but a skimpy towel to let Kumiko in for the delivery, and after a few suggestive comments, Kumiko began kissing Yui, who made some attempt to resist but ultimately gave in and showed Kumiko the way to her bedroom.

Soi Fon paid more attention to the dialogue at this juncture, because she imagined that this sort of conduct was elaborately ritualized and that she could not afford to disappoint Yoruichi when it came to her conduct in approaching this important matter. The diligent young woman had thought to bring a notebook and a pen with her on this excursion, and she was scribbling down a few of the lines verbatim, as well as trying to capture as much as she could of tone of voice and body language.

Her note-taking grew all the more frantic as Yui and Kumiko began to make love on the screen. One woman takes active role, one woman takes passive. Breasts can be stimulated by hands, focus on nipple area with fingers, lips, tongue (?) and teeth (?). Soi Fon could not tell what exactly was going on at all times. Clearly Kumiko's mouth was addressing Yui's nipple, but she could not tell what parts of her mouth she was employing. Easier to spot was one hand that massaged at Yui's other breast. She briefly sketched out a quick drawing that represented what Kumiko's hand was doing at Yui's nipple, focusing on the precise positioning of the fingers.

Her notes grew quite descriptive as the movie drew on. Sexual climax (orgasm) dictates a brief interlude of kissing before women switch roles. Foreplay dictates position A, with mouth on one nipple, hand on other nipple, other hand at vagina. Intercourse at position B, with tongue penetrating vagina and fingers stimulating clitoris roughly once every 15 seconds … Once slickness is sufficient, toys may be used … Dildo can be used manually, or inserted into Active vagina for phallus-like use on Passive, freeing up hands for embrace or further nipple attention … Embrace links up around shoulder blades, allowing the bodies to push together symmetrically at the breasts … Mutual stimulation achieved by coupling legs together at thighs … Two orgasms per person in a round before the couple moves to another location.

Altogether, Soi Fon filled six pages in the small notebook with details. She retreated from the movie theatre as soon as the credits rolled, mortified that someone might see her, but confident that she was now better prepared to give the appropriate level of service to her Yoruichi-sama.


Soi Fon returned to her quarters, setting the notebook in one corner of the room that was stacked up with an array of magazines, books, and paraphernalia while she stripped off the old Onmitsukido uniform and threw it straight in the trash. No way in hell was she going to trust the cleanliness of that theatre. She pondered the items she had accumulated in her room while she redressed. Sex toys lay next to a series of magazines, all acquired from the World of the Living. The magazines advertised many things of interest to Soi Fon: "How to please your woman, 6 moves that will both satisfy her and leave her begging for more!" a male-interest magazine claimed, while a female-interest magazine advertised "the top brands of lingerie to make your body downright sinful!" Some magazines were spread at the centerfold, depicting women in erotic positions that Soi Fon had learned by heart, and she had even acquired a psychology book that claimed to have the complete analysis of the lesbian mind.

It was the hardest Soi Fon had studied for anything since her Onmitsukido Entrance Exam, oh so long ago, and her notes from the movie would prove a great boon for her knowledge, though memory of the movie itself was the greatest help to Soi's visually-oriented mind. The movie had given a good deal of context to things she had been reading about, or viewing still pictures of, for the past week. Soi Fon was confident that with another week to study, she would be fully prepared to take the plunge.

Soi Fon had been together with Yoruichi for three months now, a fairly casual relationship in the lull that followed the Winter War. The Gotei 13 had only recently re-instated some of the Visoreds to the vacant Captaincies and Soi Fon was letting her hair grow to match the style she had preferred a century ago, and while things were busy as ever, Soi Fon had found time to build the relationship that she had finally won after a harrowing 4-week courtship, the result of her pact with Hachi during the war.

The dating was going quite well, but Soi Fon knew that spending time together was only one of the things that couples were expected to do, and Soi Fon feared that Yoruichi was getting impatient for the next phase. Soi Fon's fear had only been magnified when she had started doing research into the matter, and had discovered that colloquial wisdom actually decreed that the third date should mark the first instance when a couple slept together, so long as they both consented. Soi Fon and Yoruichi had gone on that many dates in the course of the 4 weeks, let alone the bi-weekly dates that they had been on in the three months since, and still they had not brought their relationship to the point of sex.

Sex, in and of itself, was not a concept that bothered Soi Fon. It was something she thought about little enough, of course, because it had no real role in her life while Yoruichi was not a part of it, and Soi Fon was comfortable enough with a decent degree of physical intimacy with Yoruichi. Technically they already had "spent the night together," the night at the end of the Four Weeks when she had properly confessed her love for Yoruichi, they had kissed for a time and then fallen asleep in Soi's quarters, but that experience had been different. That had been a catharsis of sorts, something abnormal (but wholly welcome), whereas now Soi Fon would have to deliberately initiate the ritual of carnal relations.

Soi Fon was not bothered by the burden of that responsibility, however, as she was a woman who shouldered great responsibility both often and willingly. Instead there was a mental block, a block that was still there despite the fact that she was now in a relationship with Yoruichi on equal terms. She was Yoruichi's equal as far as the relationship went, but when she tried to fantasize about Yoruichi in a sexual context, her comfort and confidence levels dropped to nothing. This is not to say that she was not sexually attracted to Yoruichi, she very much was, but the idea of Yoruichi, her perfect Goddess, deigning to have sex with her was something she just could not wrap her mind around.

Perfection demanded perfection, Soi Fon thought, and her woeful lack of sexual experience ("lack of" being the wrong term. She was a virgin, simply put) meant that she could never hope to be everything Yoruichi deserved in a lover. Fear was the root of her anxiety. Fear that she would fail her Yoruichi-sama, that her inadequate sexual performance would forever cast a pall over their relationship. Soi Fon would always know the shame of being unable to properly satisfy her Yoruichi-sama, and that would shackle her with the onus of being an inadequate girlfriend.

Her massive research project had stemmed from this fear, because Soi Fon was not the kind of person to wallow in fear, but to learn about what she was afraid of, face it head-on, conquer it and leave its mangled corpse on the ground. Therefore she had learned everything she could about sex, whether it was from girl-girl pornographic films, magazine articles about how to please women or how, as a woman, to make herself appealing. If she was afraid of being insufficient, the solution was to become hyper-competent, then step forward and do it.

Soi Fon was feeling freshly confident as she donned her haori, but then came a subtle sound, a barely-perceptible pitter-patter of cat paws on wooden flooring, and her confidence level began sinking fast. In a panic, Soi Fon moved to hide her research. She reached into her bureau and pulled out a number of articles of clothing, casting them over the various items that composed her research to make sure they were well-concealed. She then hastily shut the doors to her bureau and moved over to the small desk in a hasty effort to show that she was hard at work.

"Hey, Yoruichi," she said as she heard the cat-flap rattle (though the Squad Two barracks were very cat-friendly, only recently had her bedroom been installed with a cat-flap, a promise from Yoruichi to always come in through the actual door whichever form she was in).

"Hey," came the gruff reply of Yoruichi's feline form. Soi Fon continued looking at her desk, drawing idle scrawls with a pen on a sheet of paper to give further credence to the idea that she was working. Of course, she really did have a lot of work to do. It was early afternoon, and she had taken the late morning off to conduct her research, so she was behind for the day. Yoruichi approached her and began rubbing up against her legs.

"Why did you drop by so suddenly?" Soi Fon asked as she continued "working."

"Why do I ever come by?" Yoruichi asked airily. "I haven't seen you for a week, and I was wondering what could be making you so busy in these boring times, hmm?"

"Various duties," Soi Fon said evasively.

"Really now?" suddenly there was a puff of smoke, and the naked Yoruichi Shihoin emerged before her. "Two dates a week like clockwork since we got together, and now suddenly a week off? I think you're not being honest with me." She was immeasurably more beautiful than any of the women in Soi's magazines or either of the women in that movie, all things seeming to be in perfect proportion, all curves with milk chocolaty skin that shaped itself in places to form decedent breasts with dark-chocolate nipples and a picture-perfect ass. Soi Fon was again struck with the perfection of her naked body, and the intimidation that came with viewing that perfection, but at the same time Soi Fon's heart skipped a beat.

Primed by a week of obsessively working towards the goal that now stood naked before her, Soi Fon felt a sudden heat spread through her body, culminating at her loins where a mild wetness accumulated. Yes, Soi Fon was aware of her physical attraction to Yoruichi, but never before had it come over her so suddenly, despite the fact that she had seen her naked many times before, and had bathed with her on several occasions since they had started properly dating. She felt lust, an honest desire to do one or all of the many things she had learned to the body in front of her, and to have that body do things to her.

The shortest war in recorded and unrecorded history was waged in Soi Fon's mind in that instant. On the one side fought the forces of Schedule-land, the group that knew she had allotted two weeks of research and studying time before she could hope to be adequately prepared to satisfy Yoruichi in bed, and that she had only been working at this for one singular week. Against them fought the forces of Opportunity-no-kuni, who employed in their arsenal some of the knowledge Soi Fon had gathered. Much of what she had read referred to "the mood" or "the moment," when the time was ripe for the ritual of carnal relations to begin. From what Soi Fon had read, that moment was now, with Yoruichi's continuing nudity and Soi Fon's sudden arousal, she knew this was an ideal window of opportunity. What, asserted the forces of Opportunity, were the chances of her being able to replicate a mood like this in one week's time? With that potent weapon, Opportunity handily annihilated Schedule, and Soi Fon made her decision as Opportunity picked clean the carcasses of their foes.

"Have a seat," she said suddenly, indicating her desk-chair, which aside from her futon and bureau was the only furniture in her bedroom. Yoruichi looked at her curiously, usually Soi Fon had yelled at her about putting some clothes on by now. "I'll be with you in a moment." Employing a speed that only someone like Yoruichi could hope to track, Soi Fon shunpoed over to her bureau, and then over to her bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

Yoruichi sat naked on the chair, now thoroughly vexed. While Yoruichi was trained enough to be able to have observed Soi Fon's movements, she had been unable to see exactly what Soi Fon had retrieved from her bureau. She had gone a week without hearing from Soi Fon after three months of consistent dating, and showed up only to find her girlfriend acting strangely. Yoruichi had already noticed the disordered pile of clothes in one corner of the room, something completely out of character for her compulsively-neat Little Bee. Yoruichi almost wanted to go see if those clothes were hiding anything, but her intuition told her that she would find out what was up if she had a bit of patience, and the clues were not all that hard to follow.

She was getting fairly excited as she waited, because the current situation reminded her of the last time she had had sex, a night some 22 years ago in a distant country in the World of the Living. A sultry night in some city's entertainment district, cool drinks, hot music, and a woman whose eyes were able to beckon Yoruichi in just the right way. The woman had approached her, flirted briefly and shared a drink, danced with her, shared another drink, and then whisked her away to a hotel, sat her down on the bed much as Soi Fon had asked her to sit, retreated to the bathroom much as Soi Fon had retreated into her bathroom. The woman had returned, then had sex with Yoruichi, leading to a long night of pleasure.

It was odd, really, despite Yoruichi remembering that night in such detail, she could not seem to recall the other woman's name, or any of the other names, for that matter. In all her years, Yoruichi had slept with three, possibly four women, for the second time (a morning 43 years ago) she had definitely woken up with a different woman than the one that had picked her up from that club the night before. The women had all been much the same; attractive, experienced, confident, and quite casual. Yoruichi had used them to explore her homosexuality as part of her many journeys of self-discovery around the World of the Living, while they had used Yoruichi for a casual fling, another notch in their belts. In all cases, the sex had been a pleasant diversion, but nothing that Yoruichi especially looked forward to compared to other activities she enjoyed.

There was much about sex that Yoruichi didn't know. She had been exposed to a good deal of sexually-explicit multimedia content in the World of the Living (Kisuke had always insisted on having the best internet connection available as soon as that technology had emerged), but she had always noted the disconnect between pornography and her own sexual experiences. There were a lot of intricacies in the conduct of the women she had met, a lot of actions and positions that they seemed to understand but she did not, but were different from those that could be found on the internet. Sex with those women had mostly involved Yoruichi lying back and receiving what they had to offer, and then reciprocating in whatever way felt natural.

When Yoruichi had realized that she was in love with Soi Fon, her interest in having sex with her had spiked significantly. She had been attracted to her Little Bee for a long time, of course, but she had usually framed the idea of having sex with Soi Fon as another fun and pleasurable thing they could do together. After she had discovered the true depth of her feelings for the other woman during their four-week courtship, however, she realized that sex could take on a whole new dimension; a physical expression of the deep emotional bond between the two of them, something she realized that she had been looking forward to for a long time. Of course, her Little Bee was delightfully awkward when it came to nudity or sexual contact between them, and Yoruichi did not wish to make Soi Fon truly uncomfortable, so she had not been doing anything to insinuate that they should start having sex. She could have patience, confident that Soi Fon would be ready one day soon.

The bathroom door opened, and "soon" became "now." Soi Fon emerged out, wearing a sky blue lacy push-up bra that gave the poorly-endowed woman the delightful impression of cleavage and a matching set of panties that seemed to be barely there. She walked with a decided sway in her step, and her eyes had that same "come hither" look that Yoruichi had been snared by in that club 22 years ago. She reminded Yoruichi much of those women in how she looked now, confident and yet cavalier. It was a look that suited her Little Bee, a strong woman who was at her best when she was in control of situations. Yoruichi especially loved this because it was another instance of a separate thing she loved about her Little Bee: she had known Soi Fon for years, and despite the fact that she was stubborn, rock-solid reliable, and quite set in her ways, she often managed to surprise Yoruichi.

Wordlessly, Soi Fon approached Yoruichi where she sat on the chair and reached out with a hand. Yoruichi reached out, and Soi Fon took up her hands and willed her into a standing position, then walked her over to the Spartan futon that was Soi Fon's bedding. Soi Fon gently pushed Yoruichi down towards the futon, and Yoruichi acquiesced, allowing herself to lie down on the soft surface and for Soi Fon to straddle her, sitting up.

Slowly, silently, Soi Fon leaned down and kissed Yoruichi briefly, then leaned back up a little. "Now," she said softly, her voice dripping with eroticism, "I'll make your bud blossom."

Yoruichi stared starkly back at Soi Fon for a moment, her mind scrambling to process what she had just heard, then a smile broke onto her face. A smile was followed by a chuckle, and then by a laugh, and very soon Yoruichi was veritably howling and literally rolling on the floor laughing, rolling out from under Soi Fon as she struggled to contain her mirth. "Hahaahaha! Where did you get that line?" she asked as her laughter began to die down, though the odd laugh still found its way out. "That was comedy gold!" She looked at Soi Fon, awaiting an answer, but saw something she did not expect to see.

Soi Fon knelt in an upright position, stone-faced. She had failed, already she had failed, before she had even begun to address Yoruichi's naked body. She should have known that her technique needed far more refinement than the pitiful fare she had displayed so far, or at least she should have tried harder to enact the ritual perfectly. She would not cry, not in front of Yoruichi, for crying now would merely dig her failure in deeper, but she certainly felt the weight of disappointment come tumbling down all at once.

As Yoruichi regained her composure, she immediately noted the unreadable expression on Soi Fon's face, the neutral expression that seemed patently emotionless. Yoruichi knew better, of course, she knew it meant that her Little Bee was quite upset indeed. "What's wrong, Soi Fon?"

"You laughed at me," Soi Fon said. She knew better than to lie to Yoruichi about her emotional problems. "I tried to have sex with you, and you laughed at me."

"Of course I did," Yoruichi said. "Coming at me with lines like that, where did you get that? Some cheesy porno flick?"

Soi Fon's hard, emotionless expression crumbled, replaced by an adorable look of embarrassment as her face flushed and she twiddled her forefingers together. "…I thought it could teach me," she said finally.

"The only thing porno movies teach you is how to be a porn star," Yoruichi said. "Most of the sex stuff you read, watch, or find on the internet isn't what sex is really about."

"So I'll have to look elsewhere to learn?" Soi Fon asked.

Yoruichi could no longer help herself. "Ohh, you're so adorable!" She crawled back over to the futon and hugged Soi Fon. "Silly Bee, you don't need to learn about sex. Do bees need to be taught to pollinate flowers? All you need is two willing partners and a sense of adventure. Maybe some liquor," she added, chuckling a little and disengaging the hug.

"I didn't want to disappoint you," Soi Fon replied, "I assumed you would…" she stopped herself.

Yoruichi picked up on the implication. "Have a lot of experience?" she finished Soi's question. "I really don't do anything to fight that impression, do I?" Soi Fon did not say or do anything, though it was clear enough that she agreed. "It's an easy mistake, I guess," Yoruichi said. "But I've only had sex a few times. You'd be surprised, a lot of places in the World of the Living have something against two people of the same gender getting it on, so the pickings are slim."

Soi Fon shot Yoruichi an odd look. "Another joke," Yoruichi assured her. "While it is kinda hard to find lesbians in the World of the Living, it's more about the fact that I don't really feel like I need to have a lot of sex. I mean, it's fun and all, it feels amazing, but it never really felt special."

"The way I figure it," Yoruichi said, now leaning in closer to Soi Fon, "you should have sex with someone you love, with someone you find absolutely adorable, someone you want to ravish and smother with affection, your petite one and only."

"So… we can learn together?" Soi Fon said, her face rising into a haughty smile. "Good." Soi Fon then lunged forward, bearing Yoruichi back down on the futon.

Despite what she had just now been told about pornographic movies, Soi Fon began with the technique she had seen only hours before. Her Goddess' body lay splayed out beneath her, and it seemed to her that "Position A" was the best way to ravish as much of that body as possible with the resources available to her. She cut right to the chase, moving her face and mouth towards one nipple while moving one hand to the other, and her other hand down towards Yoruichi's womanhood.

Soi Fon started slowly, licking at the milk-chocolaty surface with long, slow licks, taking in a flavor that was definitely not chocolate but was, in its own way, just as sweet, one of the many flavors of her Yoruichi-sama that she would soon grow accustomed to. Her licks went inward in concentric circles, finding their way to the areola and then to the now-erect nipple. Her tongue danced there for a time, taking in its distinct shape, before she pushed her lips inward. At the same time, she pinched at Yoruichi's nipple with her one hand, while her other hand gently brushed at Yoruichi's labia with its fingertips. The labia was swollen and slightly wet, pregnant with the desire that now consumed Yoruichi, desire that was only being inflamed by Soi Fon's surprisingly skilled touch.

Maybe learning about sex is useful, Yoruichi thought before she let out a sharp hiss of breath as Soi's teeth nipped at her nipple with just the right amount of force. Soi Fon took the hiss as a sign to proceed, and her fingers penetrated the folds of Yoruichi's labia, now exploring inside, seeking a point that she had read about but had not yet seen even in that movie. She quickly found her target, a small nub filled with countless nerve endings, countless avenues through which she could pleasure Yoruichi. Her notes from the movie seemed to be steering her in the right direction so far, despite Yoruichi's statements to the contrary, and Soi Fon was just about to indulge the next step, to begin taking her head downward so that she could sample a different taste of her Yoruichi-sama, when Yoruichi herself intervened.

Determined to prove to Soi Fon that sex could not be properly orchestrated or controlled, Yoruichi took her previously-slack arms, grabbed Soi Fon's torso and pulled her up, bringing her mouth level to Yoruichi's own and kissed her. Yoruichi was a kisser, after all, finding some joy in having her tongue explore her Little Bee's face and mouth that was independent of sexual pleasure, but a joy all its own. That was why Yoruichi had been so content to wait until Soi Fon was ready, because their occasional make-out sessions had been quite satisfying in and of themselves. The pleasure was only enhanced now, as she clutched her Little Bee's strong-yet-frail body to her, feeling her lover's small breasts press into her own prodigious mounds as the Goddess of Flash proceeded to dominate the interior of Soi Fon's mouth, feeling their body heats mingle, feeling a hint of wetness from Soi Fon's womanhood trickle onto her leg.

Soi Fon fought back by thrusting her tongue into Yoruichi's mouth as well, savoring the second flavor of Yoruichi Shihoin. She too had enjoyed all the time she spent making out with Yoruichi, but this taste was familiar to her, and now that Soi Fon felt confident, now that her doubts and fears had been soothed away by the only person capable of giving her comfort, she wanted to venture into untested waters. She wanted the third flavor, but she had to get Yoruichi to let her go first. One hand snaked its way down beside their bodies, sneaking into the narrow gap between them and finding its way back to Yoruichi's pussy. Three fingers thrust in deeper than before.

Her efforts at disrupting Yoruichi's passionate kisses were unsuccessful. Yoruichi moaned at the sudden contact, but the moan merely filled Soi Fon's mouth as Yoruichi managed to keep her lips firmly pressed to her lover's. Soi Fon did not give up, however, and continued moving her fingers about, adding in her thumb against Yoruichi's clitoris.

That did it. "Agh! Soi!" Yoruichi yelled, being pulled further towards the Heaven of pleasure by her Little Bee, though it also achieved Soi's purpose of getting Yoruichi to let her go. Soi Fon quickly moved downwards, at last getting her head to the point that she so wanted to taste. Yoruichi's shrine, her innermost sanctum, to which she was now tacitly granting Soi Fon access. It was about more than tasting more of Yoruichi's flavors, it was a sign of proof that Yoruichi had accepted Soi Fon on as deep a level as was physically possible.

Yoruichi hooked her legs behind Soi Fon's head, suddenly greedy for the pleasure her Little Bee seemed to be so good at bringing her. Yoruichi was not surprised by Soi Fon's show of aptitude. She had been half-lying when she said those pornographic movies were good for nothing, because the techniques used in such movies were at least somewhat valid, and she knew her Little Bee was diligent about preparing for anything and everything, but her show of talent seemed to be more than that. Soi's talent for pleasuring Yoruichi was further fulfillment of her life's purpose, Yoruichi realized. All her life, her Little Bee had been trying to please Yoruichi, and this was another avenue of that pleasure, a glorious avenue.

But an avenue was not a one-way street. Yoruichi would not let Soi Fon give all the pleasure and receive nothing in return, and she was too impatient even to wait to give Soi cunnilingus after her lover had brought her to orgasm. She had to show her love for Soi now, even as Soi Fon was showing her love to Yoruichi in turn. Utilizing her legs' grip on Soi Fon's head, Yoruichi flipped both of their bodies over, so that Soi was lying now on her back and Yoruichi on her front, then Yoruichi pulled Soi Fon around so that her wet, virgin womanhood was a scant inches from Yoruichi's face, then Yoruichi herself mounted Soi Fon's body, exposing her womanhood to Soi Fon's face in turn. Both women now getting what they wanted, they indulged.

Soi Fon found it hard to categorize the flavor of Yoruichi's love juices, to distinguish it from the flavor of her skin or of her saliva, mostly because Soi Fon's brain was entirely consumed by her own pleasure, Yoruichi's quick tongue-work being all that she could have hoped for and infinitely more. Yoruichi, meanwhile, continued to be pleased by Soi Fon's show of skill.

The two women became one as they ate one another out. The pleasure given by Yoruichi's mouth shot from Soi's loins to her head, where her own mouth worked at facilitating Yoruichi's pleasure, forming a circle of fulfillment, a perpetual cycle of pleasure, deepening the bond between the two women as their desires for one another formed a truly symbiotic relationship, feeding and growing off of one another, deepening their love and showing them both the true meaning of sex.

Yoruichi climaxed first, having been serviced longer than Soi Fon, finding this release to be all the more potent and fulfilling than in any of her other sexual encounters. She owed so much to Soi Fon, the woman who had showed her the joy of emotional commitment was now showing her the new dimensions of joy that sex could acquire, the emotional dimensions, beyond the pale of mere physical interactions. She owed Soi Fon a similar release, and in the process of her climax, she shunted Soi Fon much closer to the goal, because her tongue was quite committed to exploring the innermost folds of Soi Fon's pussy when she was pushed over the brink, so her primal howl of pleasure reverberated through Soi Fon's womanhood, increasing her pleasure apace.

Soi Fon came soon after that, her howl being audible as she had pulled away from Yoruichi's pussy after having her face bathed in love juices, a manifestation of the satisfaction she had given to her Goddess. "Yoruichi-samaaa!" she howled as she was driven by her Goddess' orgasm into an orgasm all her own.

Yoruichi turned around, realigning their faces, as Soi Fon panted on top of her. Again following the script of the movie, Soi Fon began kissing Yoruichi between pants as both women bathed in the afterglow, that feeling of serene oneness that both women hoped would never go away. And it won't go away, Soi Fon though. Because I know I'll have Yoruichi forever.

They continued making out for a while, their pace gradually slowing, until both women fell asleep on Soi Fon's now thoroughly-disheveled futon, deliberately sleeping together for the first time.

There was only one thing I regretted about the first time we slept together….


Captain-Commander Yamamoto clutched at the staff which concealed Ryujin Jakka with his one hand. "Where is Captain Soi Fon?" he growled. "Does anyone know?"

He received no answer from the 11 other assembled Captains. "Disappointing," he said. "With her attendance record, I would have expected better."

Author's Note: Hello, YoruSoi community. I'm back again with a sequel of sorts to "Four Weeks." With this story, I hope to take a look at the significant parts of any long-term relationship and see how Soi Fon and Yoruichi would deal with them. I'm going to frame the story with the two of them looking back and reminiscing about their relationship on a very important day in their lives in the future, a day whose details will be revealed as the story unravels. Aside from that "frame," however, I'm trying to make each event like its own story, which will help, because I'm juggling a lot of stuff right now and may not have time to update regularly.

I'm trying to refine my lemon technique, which one reviewer said was too technical and lacked emotion in my other story "Relationship Hurdles". You all tell me what you think!