Ok, so this idea randomly came to me while I was finishing off my last story. It seems that there are a lot more Brandt-centric stories out there (and by centric, I mean him getting hurt, endangered, drugged up etc) and that myself and a few other fanfiction buddies are the only ones writing the more Benji-centric ones LOL (I'm guessing us Benji gals are outnumbered by the Brandt gals… hehehe damn you Renner, damn you and your suaveness! xD)
So here's just another little fic in which there is endangered/hurt!Benji and angsty/whumped!Brandt.

Hope you enjoy! And nope, still don't own them… :(


"This is our target. James Bisley. He's reportedly a head player in an illegal weapons trafficking business." Ethan pointed to the screen as he spoke, explaining to his three intrigued teammates what they were facing. "Our systems have picked up that he is in town to sell on some very dangerous weaponry and it's our job to prevent the goods from swapping hands."

"Ok, so how are we gonna do this?" Jane asked.

"I have set up a meet tonight with Bisley in a restaurant across town."

"You have?" Brandt asked.

"Yes, but I won't be the one going in." Ethan explained. "Jane and I will be seated in a surveillance van across the street, listening in."

"Well, who's gonna…" Benji piped up, wondering if Brandt would finally get the chance to seduce the rich guy this time.

"You are, Benji." Ethan's words made Benji laugh.

"You're joking, right?" he looked from Ethan to Brandt, wondering why the analyst wasn't taking the job. "You're not joking…" he sank back into his seat.

"I know you can do this, Benji." Ethan continued, taking a step forward and trying to reassure the man.

"Why not Brandt? He's way better at that than me at that sort of stuff."

"Because he's gonna be outside keeping an eye out for any of Bisley's goons." At this, Brandt sat up straight.

"Wait, I'm gonna be what?"

"You're gonna have Benji's back. You've had more experience in the field and are stronger fighter than him. No offence Benji." He turned to the technician on the last part, offering a sympathetic look. Benji raised his hands in defeat. "Look, it should be an easy mission. Benji poses as someone wanting to buy this weapon, makes him an offer he can't refuse, we go to the second meet and get the weapon before it gets into the other buyer's hands. Simple."

"Ethan, how many jobs have we worked where the word 'simple' could be used as an accurate description?" Brandt asked. Ethan glanced from him to Benji, who raised his eyebrows.

"Everything is gonna be fine, ok?" Ethan began to prepare his things.

Famous last words… Brandt thought, getting to his feet.


"Alright, there you go." Jane finished off touching up Benji's mask and stepped back. "Voila." He looked in the mirror and felt slightly shocked. He now had dark brown hair that was slicked back in a business-like fashion and the facial features looked slightly older than his own.

"I suppose the bonus of this is that I finally get to wear one of these." He let one of his famous Benji grins cover his face, however it didn't look like one. The mask altered the way it showed and it made Benji slightly freaked out.

"Ok, so your name is?"

"Bradley Scott, CEO of Doyle and Co Enterprises."

"Ok." Jane placed her hand on his shoulder as they felt the van pull to a stop. "You're gonna be fine, Benji. We're gonna be right there the whole way. You can do this." She gave him a reassuring smile which he attempted to return, but failed quite spectacularly. Instead, he simply nodded.

"Ok, so the restaurant is just around that corner." Ethan spoke up from the driver's seat. You have his photograph so you know what he looks like. Brandt will follow you five minutes after you leave the van and we will drive around from the other side of the block. You ready?"

"As I'll ever be…" Benji gave the others a quick nod before exiting the vehicle and beginning his walk. He felt like he was walking to the gallows or something. Shaking his head, he adopted a professional walk to match the sharp suit Jane had picked out for him.

"Ok, Andromeda, last minute comm check." Ethan's voice came over his earpiece.

"Got you loud and clear, Whirlpool." He turned the corner and caught sight of the restaurant. This was it."


Hope it sounds good so far.
Much love x