"Are you ready, Montparnasse?"

Montparnasse, member of the Nouveau Résistance-Fer and rail saboteur extraordinaire, took a drag of his cigarette and smiled. "Certainly, Couronnes. Ze plasma cutter was a brilliant idea, Monsieur Les Sablons! Much safer than explosif, oui?"

Les Sablons was about to speak, but another saboteur, Villiers, interrupted him."Oui, oui, in certain situations," Villiers consented. "But, ah, ze plasma torch might take too long-and zis is a magic train, non? So I brought some TNT as a backup," he grinned, revealing the sticks of explosive in his backpack. "Now zis will stop ze evil kidnapping train, oh hoh hoh!" Villiers snorted.

"Right!" Paddington the SOE operative spoke up, his Yorkshire accent echoing through the subway tunnel. "Th's 's a critical mission, so no dilly-dallying!" he called to his French subordinates. He then shook his head in disgust. "Nymph'maniac kidnapp'rs on a mag'c soob'way? D'mn t' mag'c crimin'ls..." Having reminded himself of the gravity of their mission, his resolve stiffened, and he turned to his fellow Resistance once more. "Anyway, lads, th's soob'way dun't 'ave a timetable, so we bett'r be right with th's one. T'ere's no second chances! Got t' plasma cutt'r?"

"Certainly, Monsieur Paddington," Villiers responded, clicking the device's trigger in anticipation. "Zey will never know what hit zem!" he snorted.

However, Couronnes tapped Villiers on the shoulder and gestured south, into the shadows of the Miracle Train's tunnel. "Zey will know soon—I see ze sparkles! Ze train is coming!" The Frenchmen's newly panicked expressions did not deter Paddington.

"Right! Qu't chatt'ng and start cutt'ng!" The arc was struck. Sparks filled the air as Villiers sliced through the seamless steel rails of the bishonen subway with the plasma cutter's ionized gases. The sparkles of the oncoming Miracle Train intensified, and the ray of the locomotive's magic headlights illuminated the tunnel. However, Paddington quickly realized something was wrong.

"Strewth-Villiers, y' fool! Get 'ff t' tracks!" But the daring saboteur did not hear, could not hear. He dropped the torch and stared, slack-jawed, into the blinding beauty of the lights. All was lost, for he had seen the Conductor and his crew. His gaze of yaoi lust was transfixed upon the shimmering sparkles, the shining light, the supple skin. Overcome by man-pretty, he fell, seemingly comatose, upon the rails.

"Mounsieur Villiers? Can you hear me?" Les Sablons shouted, but to no avail. "Merde! Someone, take him before he is run over—or worse!" The Miracle Train drew nearer and nearer, forcing the saboteurs to shield their eyes against the sudden wave of bishonen beauty. Shiodome and Akari stared back in horror at the Anglo-French sabotage crew; the macho interlopers were certainly not the lost, lonely girls that the train's occupants preyed upon. The Conductor, against all reason, slammed the throttle forward to ramming speed.

As he lay stiff on the rails, Villiers quietly pulled out his TNT detonator. Filled with the savage zeal of his Gallic ancestors, he suddenly jumped up and screamed "Bon voyage, efféminés beaux jeunes hommes!" as he pressed the button.

A new light filled the tunnel. The blinding light of an explosion.