Chapter 1

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Vodka nuzzled against Hero as she purred. Then to his regret he had to stop once he realized he had forgotten something. Hero gave him a look that pleaded for him to stay with her but he couldn't.

"I'm sorry. I forgot to give you something that I brought over this morning. You will wait patiently for me, da?"

Hero sulked but nodded a yes. Then Vodka left the room, leaving Hero to her thoughts.

'Dude, I wonder how much my life's going to change now that Vodka and I are mates? I better be able to stay a hero! I can't stand not being able to do my heroic duties! Besides if I stop who's going to be the hero when someone's in trouble?' she thought. Then her mind turned back to Vodka.

'I really hope Vodka doesn't tell anyone about me being un- heroic when he confessed earlier. I can't believe it took me this long for me to realize our feelings for each other. I can be so dense sometimes! Ha! Ha! Ha!'

Before Hero could think further, Vodka came back with a small basket. She got up and approached Vodka as he placed the basket on the floor.

"For you, da." He said happily.

Hero sat and looked at his gift. Inside she found a bouquet of flowers that slightly resembled tiny sunflowers, a can of what appeared to be very expensive tuna and a small worn out toy mouse with a cute pink ribbon tied around its neck. Her eyes lit up as she saw the toy and immediately picked it up. It wasn't because she didn't like the tuna or flowers, but the fact that the mouse looked so cute. Hero squealed in excitement as she began to play with the toy, unaware of the fact Vodka was watching. She began to rub her cheek against the toy.

"Dude this is mouse is so CUTE! I've never seen something this cute in my entire life! This is the greatest thing anyone's ever given me! Well except hamburgers but I just love this thing SO MUCH! I mean it's not that I don't like the flowers or tuna or anything it's just…!" She couldn't continue as she began to suffer from cuteness overload.

Vodka felt almost like squealing as Hero but restrained his emotions, as he had learned when he was younger to avoid many unpleasant things.

"You love it, da?"

"Love it! I ADORE IT!" Instantly Hero pounced onto Vodka and snuggled into his chest. "I FREAKEN LOVE YOU!"

Vodka froze at her words. It wasn't just because this was the first time someone admitted to love him, but that no one had ever acted this way before around him, leaving him uncertain on what to do.

"T-Thank you, da. My sister gave it to me when I was little so it's very special to me. I want you to have it…" replied Vodka, feeling his face suddenly become warm.

Instantly Hero looked at him stiffly. "Wait…Your sister gave it to you? Is she that crazy feline that attacked me when I left your house yesterday?

Vodka stiffened at the mention of his baby sister. "You mean Nadya, da? No I meant my other sister, Zoya. She's very nice, but sort of a crybaby."

"A crybaby? Why? Do people push her around a lot? I bet I can stop it! I'm the hero!"

"Well a lot of cats follow her around…but not like that…" replied Vodka awkwardly.

At first Hero didn't understand but then it finally clicked.

"Oh..." She said nothing afterwards. Vodka quickly changed the conversation.

"My sister didn't hurt you did she?"

"What? Hurt me? Dude I'm the hero! I've faced worse things than crazy jealously love sick felines! You seriously need to get her some help dude. She's got problems and I'm pretty sure she'll have it out for me once she finds out we're together. Not that I can't handle that since I am the hero!"

Vodka suddenly felt nervous about his relation with Hero. He had to find some way to get rid of her, especially if they were going to have kittens together. Vodka didn't want to even imagine what she would do to his defenseless babies and made a mental note to do something about it later.

Hero looked at the toy mouse next to them.

"You must two must of really loved each other to miss her so much." Hero whispered softly.

"I do. She was the only one ever nice to me when we were kittens. I haven't seen her since she move away from my master's house with her owner." He lowered his head, pining for his sibling.

Hero felt a pang of sadness in her heart. Just what kind of life did Vodka have for most of his life? Feeling sad for him, she rubbed her head against Vodka's chest to comfort him. He responded by compelling her to lounge on the floor as he nibbled on her ear.

The Toy mouse remained a few inches away from where they were but was clearly forgotten.

Vodka groomed the fur on Hero's back while she began to purr. He began to wonder what Hero about having kittens when abruptly…


Hero jolted to her feet and saw Scone hissing as he and Vodka exchanged blows with their front paws.

Mention of Cat!Ukriane (Whether she'll show up is for debate)

Cat!Ukraine will be given the name Zoya, its the ukrianian form of Zoe which means 'Life'. I picked that name because since she brought some happiness to Vodka's life when they were little. If it weren't for her he would have become the living dead in a way (and no I do not mean zombies).

The reason Cat!Ukriane is chased by other cats is because they want her to be their girlfriend.