Chapter 1 - The Aftermath

There i was, lying next the man i loved...if you could call him a man at all, our hands entwined, listening to our breathing slowly returning to normal. Life was perfect. I never dreamed i would be with him after what happened.

"You alright, love?" Spike asked, bringing me back to reality.

"huh? oh yeah i'm just thinking of what happened down in the hellmouth."

"pet, as much as i would love to sit and chat about it, it isn't the best conversation starter"

I sat up, hugging my knees while leaning my chin on my hands. I heard him slowly sit up with me.

"Spike, really i'm ok. I know you're worried. I am too. But you're right. It isn't the best thing to talk about right now.

"Buffy, lov-"

I heard him cut off, tears were slowly forming in my eyes, for once, i was willing them to fall down my face, to set me free from the pain i was feeling deep inside. Silent sobs broke through the silence, my whole body shaking. I felt him pull me into his arms. After the tears had stopped, i feel asleep. That's when the dreams started.

I woke with a start, the images from the dream still behind my eyes. I heard knocking at the door.

"Just a minute"

"Buffy, it's us. We brought breakfast"

I jumped off the bed, and opened the door to find my 2 best friends Xander and willow, my sister Dawn, Giles and Andrew standing there with a cup of latte and a sausage sandwich.

"We thought you deserved breakfast in bed." Xander said "You know after everything"

"Thanks guys. So Giles, you found a place where we could stay...permanently . I mean like no offence but i dont want to spend another night in this dingy motel."

"Well, yes. I asked Angel if he could find us a residence in L.A or anywhere near by."


"He said he'd see what he could do."

Right, yeah because he wasn't hating the fact that me and spike had lasted this long.

"Good. the sooner i get away from here, the easier it will be. I can't bare the fact that we're still near where Sunnydale used to be."

Spike wrapped his arms around me and spoke like we were the only ones in the room. "It's be alright pet. We'll start our new life soon."

" I hate to break up this lovey dovey moment but we're still here!" exclaimed Xander

" If you don't like it, piss off." replied Spike.

" Well, we should probably go. Don't want to disturb the love birds." said Willow.

"Willow, you don't have to."

" I want to do some research on any demons taking residence in L.A. you know, just for something to do."

They left, leaving me to sink back into my thoughts. My thoughts kept drifting back to the dream i had. Everyone i love, lay dead beside me. My best friends, my sister, my watcher and my boyfriend. I drifted back to reality and broke down, i felt Spike kneel down and bury my head in his chest.

"Love, it's okay."

"i saw them all Spike, you too. Lying dead next to me. What am i going to do?" i sobbed, slightly digging my nails into his back. " I can't live without you. I couldn't bare not seeing your face every day. Hold me, don't let go. Please." my sobbing becoming a bit more hysterical.

"Shush, everything's going to be fine luv. I promise. I won't let any harm come to any of them." he tried calming me. It wasn't particularly working but if i said it out loud i could believe it myself.

"I'm fine. I'm going to get dressed. Then i'm going out."

"Out? why?"

"I'm going to see Angel."

On the road

Buffy and Spike had finally gotten to travelling to L.A after finally deciding who was going to drive. Buffy didn't want Spike to drive as she thought he was too fast for her liking and she would never tell him this but his driving scared her. And Spike didn't want her to drive because in truth she couldn't drive. They did a round of Rock paper scissors, and of course Spike won. Buffy held the hand held fan as she couldn't wind the windows down. She was still sweating after the nightmare she had. She didn't want to tell Spike as she was worried that he would laugh at her. The Slayer terrified by nightmares. She reached for one of his hands and held it in hers, just to prove to herself that he was really here.