A/N Sorry for having so many short chapters, I've been busy with college work and have had writer's block. I'll try to introduce much longer chapters. Also I'm not sure whether to introduce the pregnant Darla or leave her out. I wanted to base some of this chapter on the return of Groosalugg, but have Cordelia begin her relationship with Angel.

Chapter 6 – Unexpected

Angel arrived downstairs to a screeching Cordelia, struggling to keep his hands away from his ears.


"Oh my god Angel, you'll never guess who turned up this morning." She disappeared into the office and pulled out someone Angel never expected to see again.

"Isn't it great? I came to work and he was here, in the lobby."

"Yeah? Cordy, can I have a word, privately?"

"Sure. What's up?"

Angel walked over to the office. "In here. Now. Please"

Cordelia walked into the office.

"Ok, what's up?"

"What is he doing here? He isn't even supposed to be in this City, let alone dimension."

"I know. I just don't know how yet. He said he wanted to wait until everyone had arrived. "

Meanwhile in the Lobby

The hotel doors opened to a whistling Lorne. The mysterious guy turned around.

"Well if it isn't Lorne. How has it been?"

"Groosalugg? What are you doing here? I thought you were in Pylea."

"I was. My civilians deposed me in a state of revolution. I decided to come and find my princess."

They heard footsteps on the stairs, and both turned around to see Buffy and Spike walking hand in hand. Buffy saw Lorne, walked up to him and hugged him.

"Lorne, I didn't know you were actually staying with them."

"Well honey after they blew up Caritas about 3 times I thought it was time they paid the favor."

"Angel do favors? This I don't believe." Spike said, slightly amused.

"Spike baby, what is Angel doing for us now? Letting us stay and finding us a place to stay. Although I'm sure Giles would love to suggest to Angel that there is a Hellmouth in Cleveland."

"Alright Luv, I get your point."

"Anyway Lorne, who's the big guy." She said pointing at Groo

"I am the princess's um prince if you like. I came here from Pylea after being deposed."

Buffy looked a bit confused. Lorne took his place on explaining to both Buffy and Spike.

"Buffy, about a year ago me, Angel and Wesley went through a dimensional portal that led to a place called Pylea, my home dimension. We went because Cordy got pulled in when my cousin left. Anyway, they treated humans like cattle, keeping them enslaved and killed them like common mules. Angel discovered Fred living in a cave on Pylea. The natives of Pylea discovered Cordy's visions after she had a vision that one of their own was in danger. They claimed she was the cursed one and made her princess of Pylea. It was prophesized that the cursed one would com-shuck with the Groosalugg, passing her visions onto him. After we left, Groo was made as monarch of Pylea, the first to preside over the freedom of the human former slaves. But apparently the citizens have deposed him and he came here looking for Cordy."

"Oh, well that was some nice explaining there Lorne. Anyway, it was nice to meet you Groosalugg. Me and Spike only came down for some food, I am starving, what does Angel have in?"

"Buffy honey, I have no idea, you'll have to ask him. He's in his office."

Buffy strolled over to Angel's office, intending on asking for food. Instead she stopped dead at the door. She peered in, almost fainting with the shock. Angel and Cordy were locked in an embrace, passionately kissing each other. Buffy slowly backed away, almost tripping over ,but Spike was there to catch her.

"What is It Luv?"

Buffy giggled. "Angel and Cordy. Looks like they finally figured it out huh?"

Spike walked up to the office, and walked back wide-eyed. He wasn't going to tell Buffy but it caused some serious sexual tension within him. He walked behind Buffy, and gently put his hands on her hips. Buffy sighed. She never fully got used to the feel of Spike's hands. She remembered Angel and Riley, but never Spike; he always left her feeling tingly inside, nothing like Angel or Riley. She almost forgot her audience, but returned to reality, promising Spike that they would continue this later.

"Lorne, where's the kitchen?"

"This way honey." Lorne left with Buffy, showing her to the kitchen. Angel had Wesley and Gunn buy groceries a few hours before Buffy turned up.

Meanwhile in Angel's office.

Angel was busy planting kisses on Cordy's neck while she locked her hands onto his hair. She never thought they would get this far. She knew that she had feelings for Angel, but Groo turning up made it awkward for her. She didn't know if Angel would feel perfect happiness doing this with her, but right now she wasn't particularly bothered, all that mattered her and Angel.

"Angel, we should stop" She sighed. She didn't want him to stop but knew that they had too

"Why Cordy" he replied between kisses.

"Because we have people in the lobby, and most of all your ex is as out there."

"I don't care Cordy, all I want is you, and I want you now."

Cordy sighed as he worked his way down slowly down her body. Her locked more firmly into his hair.

"Angel, really we should stop."

"Why Cordy?"

"Because there's someone at the door."

"Oh" Angel let go off Cordy and let her get a bit more presentable before opening the door.

"Groosalugg, what are you doing here. No wait don't explain. You're here for Cordy right?"

"Yes, I am here for the princess. I came from Pylea to find her."

"Oh Groo" She walked up to him and kissed him. She glanced at Angel, sensing his discomfort. "Groo, why don't I show you where you'll be staying?"

"That will be nice"

"Angel we can stay here, right?" She looked at him and was slightly shocked by his expression.

"Sure, why not, everyone else is staying here" With that he stormed out of his office.

Cordelia grabbed Groos hand and showed him to his room, which she automatically guessed would be her room too. She felt guilt welling up inside her. Yes she loved Groo but she also Loved Angel. For the first time in her life she actually understood the feelings that Buffy had for Angel that she never fully got over. They arrived at the room, she led him in and closed the door behind them.