Author Notes: Welcome to my first fanfiction story. As you can tell by the title, this is a spin-off of Stormwolfex's hit fanfiction story "Of Science and Magics." In this universe, it depicts Touma and Mikoto as childhood friends rather than meeting each other in Academy City. Needless to say, a number of things about the events that unfold change drastically.

Stormwolfex gave me his consent to produce chapters that provide additional information on the history of his story. After providing me with a few details regarding Touma's backstory, it resulted in this story's creation. I hope you will enjoy, and provide reviews/feedback. It will be greatly appreciated.


Of Science and Magics – The Side Stories

Story One: Birth of the Devil – Part I

A New Life


I would never think

I could have friends like you two

No bad luck stopped that


Story Focus – Kamijou Touma

Age: 9

Location: Academy City – Child Error Institute

It has been one month since I arrived at Academy City. My best and only friend Misaka Mikoto (a.k.a. Biribiri) had recommended that I should be sent here. This was a place that made the supernatural possible, and they would not label me as the "plague" due to my constant bad luck. It didn't take much to convince me, but I thought my father would present a problem. However, it certainly didn't take much effort to get him to agree to this idea. I suppose the near death experience I had last year with that knife wielder was probably the last straw.

Within a few days, I was inside the city walls of Academy City. The way this place was fortified, you would think this place was a separate country from Japan. I figured I should not think about it too deeply. After all, if this city is capable of even half of the things Biribiri said it could do, they would probably need high security to reduce the chances of information leaks. Before I began to live in Academy City, I was told that I was a "Level-0" Esper who currently had no potential. However, they did tell me that it is possible I could change that with hard work and persistence. To be honest, I didn't really care about that. I simply wanted to know where I would be living, so I could start my new life.

At first, when I found out that I would be living at a "Child Error" facility, I was really angry at the officials. I repeatedly told them that I was not abandoned by my parents. The officials kept shrugging me off by saying, "We have heard that before." After I presented them proof, they looked at me sheepishly and stated they would clear the mess up. It took them at least two weeks, but by that point I didn't want to leave anymore. At that point, I had already made two friends, Sasaki Ai and Yamasaki Yuudai.

I first met Ai and Yuudai the day after my arrival. I was sitting by myself because despite my friendship with Biribiri, I was still unfamiliar with the whole concept. Before her, other kids were either afraid of me or were cruel to me due to my misfortune. The only other person who played with me died along with his mom because my bad luck apparently caused a car's breaks to fail. I was not complexly sure if something like that would happen here, so I kept my distance at first. However, no sooner had I thought that, a ball came flying and hit me right in the head.

The next thing I knew, I heard a girl asking me if I was alright. She had long brown hair that was tied into a pony tail, with brown eyes, and an extremely cute face. Her face almost seemed to have a permanent blush sticker. After I told her that I was fine, one of the boys told me "That sure was unlucky for you." He was about my height and age, but unlike my spiky hair he had smooth black hair that went to his shoulders, and he wore sport goggles. Upon hearing the word "unlucky," I slumped over into depression and simply responded by saying "You don't have to remind me."

They both looked at me with dumbfounded looks. The boy asked the girl about what my problem could be. I overheard the girl say to him, "I think you said a taboo word." Afterward the girl walked up to me and offered me her hand. She told me, "My name is Sasaki Ai and his name is Yamasaki Yuudai. What's yours?"

I accepted her hand, and I told her my name. She giggled and said, "That's a fine name. Do you want to play football with us?" Upon hearing those worlds, it took everything I had to stop myself from leaping for joy. I accepted her invitation, and she pulled me by my hand, and we joined the game. The game lasted for about another hour or so, but an hour was all it took. By the end of the game, I felt like I had taken a step towards forming more childhood friendships with the Child Errors, especially with Ai and Yuudai.

Over the past few weeks, I have slowly become friends will all the other kids in the Child Error facility, especially Ai and Yuudai. I want to believe the friendships I formed with them will be like the one I formed with Mikoto. As it turns out, everyone here is a Level-0 like myself, so it doesn't look like anyone will go "crazy with power" and destroy the place. Although, based on the time I spent with them, I doubt any of them would ever wish to abuse their power. However, the best part about this whole situation is the fact my bad luck has only affected me and not anyone else. I told some of them about my past unfortunate streaks, but I left out a few details. Ai, Yuudai, and everyone else just laughed it off and jokingly called me the "embodiment of misfortune." I may not have liked that title, but this did seem like an improvement.

Unfortunately, despite how much better my life has gotten, it makes me sad to think that these other kids were abandoned by their parents. I want to ask them about it, but my common sense stops me from saying anything. There are some things I am not meant to ask or at least not for now. As bad as it would probably sound, it makes me feel lucky that I have parents that definitely care about me. I have constantly kept in contact with my parents as well as Mikoto's mother through letters. I have more or less told them about how much things have improved, but I left out the fact that I am living in a Child Error facility. My mother and father seemed relatively pleased by what I wrote to them, and it appears my father will be going on another trip overseas relatively soon as well. Misuzu-san has told me that Mikoto is doing well and went back to Academy City for more experiments and training. Since Mikoto is busy with her own challenges, I guess I won't bother her for a little while.

I wonder what Mikoto -


"TOUMA" a nine-year-old girl said barging into the room.

"AI," Touma said with a surprised look. He then reached and closed the journal. He then shouted, "KNOCK ON MY DOOR NEXT TIME."

"Sorry, sorry," Ai said sheepishly with a smile. She then looked at Touma with curiosity. "What are you doing?"

Touma said with an embarrassed look on his face, "NOTHING . . . I mean it is nothing."

Ai gave Touma a strange look and walked over to him. She said, "Let me see it," as she tried reaching for the book.

His face started to sweat upon Ai's insistence. With a blush on his face, he firmly said, "No!"

Ai said indignantly, "Why not?"

Touma responded with some shame and embarrassment in his voice, "Because it is private."

"Even from your friend?" Ai asked acting hurt.

Touma pondered about that for a second. "Yes."

She asked pleadingly, "But why?"

Touma told her while feeling incredibly uncomfortable regarding this whole situation, "Because there are certain things I feel must be kept a secret."

After Ai heard that, it seemed to strike a chord with her. She reflected on the fact her parents abandoned her when she was five, and she never spoke about it to anyone. She can understand the feeling of wanting to keep things to yourself much more than other people. She reluctantly said to Touma with a sad voice, "I understand."

Upon seeing her said face, Touma sighed and said, "I will make you a promise."

Ai looked up with curiosity and renewed hope, "A promise?"

"Yes. We will make a pinky promise. One day when we are older, I will show you some of the stuff I have written here."

Her face beamed up after hearing that, "You mean it?"

"Yes. On the day I turn thirteen, I will show it to you. All right?" The girl nodded, and the promise was made.

After remembering why she came into Touma's room in the first place she asked, "Do you want to play some football with us?"

"Sure." Touma said with a delight tone.


Over the course of the game, their actions were being overseen by a woman wearing glasses with long peachy brown hair. When she took her eyes off them, a ball came flying and hit her right in the face. As a result, she fell down to the ground.

"Sorry about that," Touma said in an almost panicked tone as he ran up to the woman. "I am really, really sorry ma'am. The ball accidently got away from me," he said sheepishly.

The woman checked her glasses to ensure they were not broken and then looked up at Touma. It was only for a second, but the face he partly saw frightened him. It was something he could not describe, but yet what he saw or thought he saw felt familiar. However, almost immediately after seeing her face, she was looking at Touma with a big smile which put him at ease. She simply responded, "It's all right. These things happen." She held out the ball to him.

"I guess she was only a little upset about getting hit in the head. I guess she's fine now," Touma thought to himself. Touma said somewhat nervously, "Thank you ma'am," as he graciously took the ball from her hands. After seeing her business-like attire, Touma became curious, "Do you work here ma'am?"

As she picked herself up, she responded, "Yes I do."

"My name is Kamijou Touma. What is yours ma'am?"

She seemed to show some reluctance in telling him, but she complied anyway. "My personal name is Therestina and my family name is Lifeline."

Touma seemed to be a little surprised by the woman's unusual family name, but his thoughts were interrupted by Yuudai's shouting voice, "Hey Touma! What are you doing? Are we going to continue to play this game or not?"

Touma shouted back, "Sorry be right there." Then he turned back to the lady. "Well Lifeline-san, I have to get going." He then gave her a respectful bow and said, "Thank you for not getting angry at me." Touma then left to rejoin the game.


As Theresatine looked upon Touma and his friend playing their game, her face slowly reverted from that appealing smiling façade she demonstrated in front of Touma. It eventually shifted into a face that revealed more malicious intentions. "Damn brats. The only purpose you are meant to serve is to gain results for our research."

Her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of her cell phone. The caller ID was blocked, so she didn't know who it was, but she had a good idea. "Hello."

An old man's voice responded, "Hello granddaughter."

Therestina's facial expression did not change upon hearing the voice. "I have been expecting your call."

The old man simply asked her, "Is the boy, Kamijou Touma-chan, still in your facility's care?"

Therestina became annoyed upon hearing the boy's name, but she tried to retain her composure. "You don't have to worry. The boy is still here. I delayed the possibility of him transferring until it was clear he would stay here by choice."

The old man chuckled a little bit with satisfaction. "Good."

Wanting to understand more about the situation, Therestina asked her grandfather, "What is so important about that little brat? Why should we go through so much trouble just to keep him around? I know we need research materials, but some materials are not all what they are cracked up to be."

The old man didn't seem at all concerned with Therestina's question. "He is definitely something that will present us with interesting results."

Therestina asked in disbelief, "Why is that?"

"Because the General Director told me as much," the old man stated as a matter of fact.

Therestina was shocked upon hearing this. "How can that be possible?" she thought to herself. After letting that sink in for a second, she said, "The General Director? That brat is significant enough to catch his eyes?

"Indeed. Be sure to take care of the boy for a couple of years. Make absolutely sure that his time there is as pleasant and memorable as possible. Apparently, it will be to our benefit if he continues to bond with the other Child Errors. Then the real experiment can commence," the old man said with a hint of venom in his voice.

Knowing that she has been given an order, Theresta simply stated, "I understand. I hope the results will justify this."

"Oh, they will. They will." After stating that, the old man disconnected the line, and the new phase of this long-term experiment on Touma's life began.



Touma: Well that ends the first chapter of the side story, so what did you think of it Biribiri

Mikoto: My name is Misaka Mikoto you idiot.

Touma: (nervously stating) Mikoto aren't you forgetting something?

Mikoto: (somewhat pissed) What?

Touma: In this continuity, you actually like me calling you Biribiri since we are childhood friends.

Mikoto: Oh right. I completely forgot. (laughs in an embarrassed fashion)

Touma: Anyway, what did you think of the chapter Biribiri?

Mikoto: I thought it was a good start, but I am disappointed that I didn't make any appearances.

Touma: Well you were mentioned a few times.

Mikoto: That isn't good enough!

Touma: Well you need to understand the author of the side story couldn't really have you properly appear in this without causing some sort of continuity error with the main story. However, he does plan on you having some appearances in future side stories.

Mikoto: (getting excited) Really?

Touma: Well it depends on how well received this story is received. People are going to need to favorite this story, review it, and make comments on it.

Mikoto: (runs to the nearest microphone) Hey you the readers! You guys better favorite and review this story! I want to get some screen time!

Omake End


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Author Notes: This story may have been written by me, but it was approved by Stormwolfex, and it is considered to be "canon" to the "Of Science and Magic's" universe. You can probably consider this to be the equivalent of "Toaru Jihanki no Fanfare" since Kamachi-sensei considers those events (or at the very least Kihara Nayata's existence) to be canon.

In case you were wondering, Sasaki Ai is in fact the nameless girl that was in Touma's flashback during Chapter 9 of the main story. I thought that since she was so willing to sacrifice herself to save Touma, they must have had quite a friendship that was worth expanding upon. When I originally approached Stormwolfex regarding the idea of the side story, he gave me permission to expand upon this character as well as Touma's time in the Child Error facility. I suppose you could say she is an "ascended extra" as well as being "doomed by canon." However, writing about her, Yuudai, and these events have been an enjoyable experience for me. I believe expanding upon these events and characters helps drive the point even further regarding how tragic Touma's childhood in this story becomes. After all, he is living in what would basically be paradise to him right now, and it will be taken away later on.

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