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Of Science and Magics – The Side Stories

Story Two: Formation of the Friendship

Part I – Families and Meeting


I did not belong

Anywhere in this whole world

But you changed all that


Long before Kamijou Touma and Misaka Mikoto met, their mothers Shiina and Misuzu met each other during their high school years. They were truly inseparable almost to the point one would assume they were sisters. The two of them would go shopping, exercise in the gym, attend the beauty salon, and they even went to the same college. They even made sure that they would dorm together.

While they did almost everything together, their most incredible feature was that they seemed to possess an ability to maintain their extremely young appearance despite how many years went by. Anyone who knew them during high school or college would say that neither one of them appeared to age at all. There was a rumor that the two of them apparently stopped aging during their late teens. Additionally, there were rumors the two of them participated in something called the "250 years method." It was a program that was apparently being completed in Academy City as a means to stop the aging process and significantly increase the subject's life. While the rumor seemed plausible, it was unlikely to be true due to neither of the two "reportedly" stepping foot into Academy City or one of its affiliates prior to the birth of their children.

Despite how close they were, even their friendship was not immune to conflicts. One of the most notorious ones involved a mutual crush. While they attended college, they became interested in the same guy, and they quickly became rivals to win the man's affections. However, they eventually realized it would be stupid and regrettable to ruin their friendship over a crush. Luckily for them, they were eventually able to find different men who would become the loves of their lives.

Shiina would marry a man named Kamijou Touya and Misuzu married Misaka Tabikake. The two friends managed to arrange things, so they would be able to get married on the same day at the same venue. They were able to alternate between being the brides and the maids of honor. Despite how many things that could have gone wrong, the entire event went surprisingly well. Even after their marriages, Shiina and Misuzu were able to continue their lifelong friendship without any problems. This was partially because their husbands were extremely busy men who would find themselves abroad due to their occupations.

Touya is a businessman who has to travel to a number of different destinations throughout the world, such as India and Guam. Apparently, his main job is to prevent others from purchasing shares of the company he works for in order to stop possible hostile takeovers. His job requires extensive knowledge of the economy and human psychology, but he has proven himself to be more than capable of handling his responsibilities. Unlike Touya, there was less known information regarding Tabikake occupation. Apparently his responsibility is to "find flaws in the world and then correct them." Despite the lack of information, Tabikake is a man with numerous connections and is extremely wealthy.

Their husbands became friends by association, but they eventually became legitimate friends as time went on. There would be times when they would share a drink at the local bar and talk about their different experiences or how their married life was progressing. However, Misaka had a tendency to overdo it in the drinking department, and it would usually lead to Touya needing to carrying Tabikake back home. Shiina and Misuzu found those scenes between their husbands to be more amusing than embarrassing.

There were also times when the four of them would get together and go on group trips. One of the most notable ones happened approximately, a year and a half before the birth of Kamijou Touma. The Kamijou's and the Misaka's took a brief trip to Oowarai Beach. Unlike how it would be in the future, the beach was pristine and full of activity. Touya made sure to remember the beach house they were staying at was called Wadatsumi. It was a great place that was definitely worth coming to again in the future. Their hot springs were especially enjoyable.


During their brief stay at the beach they were approached by a local couple. They stood at approximately the same height with the man only being about three or four inches taller. Both of them had brown hair with the man's hair being short and his wife's hair was tied into a pony tail. The man had brown eyes while the wife's eyes were blue. The man's face had a rough look since it appeared he was trying to grow facial hair with mixed results while the woman's face was smooth. It could be assumed the man was in his early thirties and the woman was probably in her late twenties. The last distinguishing fact was the woman was visibly pregnant.

The unknown man enthusiastically said to the group, "Greetings."

Touya decided to return the favor, "Hello."

The man didn't waste any time speaking and continued, "I take it that you are visitors here. My wife and I live here, and we pride ourselves on knowing almost everyone in the area."

While Touya wasn't sure of what to make of this man, Touya decided it wouldn't be right to simply ignore him. "That's right. My wife and I along with our friends decided to spend two days at the beach since we had some free time."

With his enthusiastic grin, the man said, "Then I welcome you to Oowarai Beach. It is a fabulous place, and I hope you enjoy your stay."

Touya found this man's enthusiasm to be a little too much, but Touya could tell that he meant well. "Thank you very much."

The man decided it was time to begin the formalities. "Allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Sasaki Hideo, and this is my wife Tomiko."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Kamjou Touya." He then motioned to the other members of his party. "This is my wife Shiina, and those two are our friends Tabikake and Misuzu Misaka."

Tomiko said, "The pleasure is all ours. We always enjoy meeting new people at the beach. It is a hobby of ours." She smiled cheerfully, but then something caused her to have a reaction of some kind, and she rubbed her stomach. "Oh I think she's kicking."

Hideo sheepishly scratched his head. "Oh yes I almost forgot. This little rascal," Hideo pointed to his wife's belly, "will be our beautiful daughter. We are expecting her to be born very soon."

While not surprised, Shiina said, "That's wonderful. Do you have any names picked out?"

"We do. We decided that we will name her Ai because she was a product of our love."

Misuzu said, "That is a lovely name. I am sure your daughter is going to love it."

"Thank you. We are very proud. At first, we were afraid that we might not have enough money, but thanks to my current employment, and the projects I am working on, we have nothing to fear. I am doing everything and anything to ensure the projects run smoothly."

It was Tabikake's turn to speak, "That makes me pleased to hear that. It's always important for the parents, especially the father, to be as responsible as you are."

The group's conversation with the Sasaki family continued on for a few hours. Despite Touya's initial uneasiness about the Sasaki family, he saw that they might have been a little over enthusiastic, but they were decent people. Touya couldn't help but feel that something felt a little off about the situation, but he decided to let that go for the time being.


Approximately a year and a half later during the winter, the Kamijiou family was blessed with their own little one as well. His name was Kamijou Touma. While Touya and Shiina would always consider themselves to be blessed by Touma's birth, there would be plenty of others who would not share their sentiment. About two years after Touma's birth, the Misaka family was blessed with a little girl of their own whom they would name Mikoto. Shortly after their birth, their mothers began to discuss the possibility of their children's future as friends and possibly arranging a marriage between their kids much to their husband's unease.

"I am sure that Mikoto-chan and Touma-chan will become fast friends. Who knows maybe they will eventually become lovers when they become older." Misuzu's imagination seemed to be completely unstoppable at that moment. "I can see it now. The two of them building up their friendship as time goes on. Eventually, they will hold hands when they become teenagers and realize they want more than just friendship thanks to the red string of fate. Somewhere down the road they decide it is finally time to become husband and wife have a family of their own and live out their lives happily."

While her imagination wasn't as creative as her friends, Shiina had no problem agreeing with her. "I could see that happening. Touma-san and Mikoto-san joining hands in holy matrimony. Perhaps we should arrange things that way."

This caused Misuzu's face to light up even brighter. "That's a good idea. It would give our families an even stronger connection than they have already."

"Very true. I feel excited at the prospect." While Shiina's voice was somewhat monotone, anyone who knew her could tell she was excited.

While the wives were extremely enthusiastic in their "visions of the future," their husbands were not as eager. They did think that it would be good for Touma and Mikoto to become friends when they got older, but thinking fifteen to twenty years in the future was not something they wanted to do at the moment.

Tabikake seemed to be feeling the most uneasy on the subject. "They are really thinking way too far ahead don't you think."

While Touya agreed with Tabikake, he also could see it happening. "Agreed. Obviously I can appreciate the fact that they want our children to get along when they are older, I think expecting them to get married when they are still toddlers seems a little much."

"Well if anything even remotely like what our wives imagine comes true, I suppose it isn't our place to say otherwise."


It became a mutual agreement between the two men that they would not get involved in their wives' 'imaginations/plans' for their children's romantic future. However, they were able to convince them that it would be better if they didn't make an arranged marriage because they wanted them to be able to find true love. It would be better if they fell in love in a more natural way.


The years went by quickly. Due to Touya and Tabikake frequently being absent due to business trips, and Shiina and Misuzu raising their respective children, the group wasn't able to get together as frequently as before. It was a common example of how having a family can really change one's life, but they didn't mind it too much. Despite their busy schedules, they were able to remain in contact with each other, and whenever they did meet up, they never felt like strangers. However, during that time, their two children had yet to have their first official meeting.

The first true meeting between the two children did not happen until Touma was eight and Mikoto was six. While they had met a few times when they were toddlers, those meetings didn't count as they couldn't remember them. Their parents originally planned on having Touma and Mikoto meet about one year earlier, but plans changed. Mikoto's father received a call from Academy City regarding a special opportunity for Mikoto's future.

Apparently, thanks to a blood sample, scientists determined that Mikoto had the potential of becoming an Esper. While it was true that Academy City offered anyone a chance to becoming an Esper, there were times when they would offer opportunities to the people directly. After making some negotiations with scientists, both Tabikake and Misuzu consented to allowing their daughter to participate in the Esper training program. Mikoto herself was excited at the prospect of becoming an Esper. Despite being so young, even she knew about Academy City and some of the wonders the place had to offer.

Academy City was a place located in Japan that was known for making Espers, people with supernatural powers, possible through scientific means. The technology Academy City possessed was exclusive to the city, and its affiliates. Apparently their technology was 30 years ahead of the rest of the world. Some of it was used for the specific purpose of tapping into a person's hidden potential, and plenty of its technology was used for other purposes, such as developing weapons, robots, and curing diseases. However, the fact Academy City was capable of granting people supernatural powers seemed to dwarf all of its other accomplishments.

When people's latent Esper powers were awakened, most people agreed that it was a dream come true. Some Espers reportedly have the ability to teleport, some the ability to control certain elements of nature, and others apparently had powers that go far beyond normal people's imagination. Referring to Academy City as a "city of adventure" would be an understatement.

The population within Academy City was apparently close to reaching two million residents, and it was continuously rising. A vast majority of the city was populated by students pursuing the possibility of unlocking their latent powers or some other kind of career objective. Most of the people who lived in Academy City were of Japanese descent, but it wasn't unheard of for some foreigners to live there as well. Additionally, true to its name, there are numerous schools throughout the entire city. In addition to Esper related criteria, the schools also taught a number of typical subjects too, such as history, math, and language, so parents of the students wouldn't need to worry about their children's education.

However, there did seem to be a drawback to some of these people gaining these great powers. There were reports that sometimes whenever a student would visit his or her hometown, they would be ostracized by their community. They would be considered "freaks" by the "normal" population, and it was difficult for some students to be able to live outside of Academy City.

Despite that, it didn't deter most of the students from seeking out the ability to gain Esper powers. Academy City was seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity to unlock doors that were never possible before, and most Espers felt they didn't need to be accepted by people who refused to understand. As a result, it wasn't unusual for some students to take up a permanent residence in Academy City and seek a way of life within the city after finishing their schooling. Besides, most people would consider the city to be a paradise, and they would think it would be foolish to leave.

However, Mikoto's father was not the only one interested in having their child enroll in Academy City. While the thought of unlocking ones hidden potential did interest Touma's father, there was one specific detail that caught his attention. It was the fact the city was apparently "deprived of superstition." Unfortunately for Kamijou Touya, his son Touma had been apparently "cursed with misfortune." It seemed regardless of where Touma went or interacted with, disaster was not far behind.

There was one incident in particular that stood out in his mind. It was probably the most significant event that has led up to his son's current predicament, and Touya regrets the role he inadvertently played in it. About a year or so earlier, Touma had already gained a reputation of being a jinx, but it wasn't anything too major. If anything most of the people were willing to pass it off as a joke. Unfortunately, that all changed drastically.

Touya introduced Touma to a local business owner. He seemed like a reasonable person to speak with, and the man was very polite to his son. Touma was well behaved and didn't speak outside his turn, and Touma merely shook the man's hand. As fate would have it, the business man went bankrupt shortly after. Little did Touya know, the business man was extremely superstitious, and he was looking for anyone or anything to blame. When the man found out Touma had a notable unlucky streak, he blamed all of his problems on Touma, and he decided to chase Touma around the neighborhood one day with a knife. Touya was able to save his son's life, but everything went from bad to worse for his son.

Unfortunately for Touma, a TV program had heard of the business man's attack on Touma, and they decided to produce a show on Touma. If that wasn't bad enough, the TV program publicly released pictures of Touma without receiving Touya or Shiina's permission. Thanks to this program, Touma's misfortune went from being a joke to becoming the "plague." Anyone who saw him would either hurt him or ignore his existence. It became hard for Touma to decide what hurt more. Was it worse for people to acknowledge your existence but beat you up for it, or was it worse for people to consider you something worth ignoring completely?

In the end, the answer didn't matter because Touma was alone either way. The boy was only eight years old, and he was already largely considered a menace to society. There was no one he could be friends with, and he had no place where he belonged. The only friend Touma probably had was his cousin, Tatsugami Otohime, but even that wasn't enough.

Shiina told Touya it wasn't his fault, but Touya couldn't bring himself to agree. In his mind, he played a role in Touma's current status, and there was no denying that. Touya wanted to protect Touma, but due to his job he couldn't always be there for him. He knew that Shiina was doing the best she could as well, but even that wasn't enough. He decided to make it his life's mission to put an end to Touma's misfortune. Regardless of where he went, he would collect at least one item that was meant to bring good luck to the people around it or at the very least reduce their misfortunes. Unfortunately, these items did little good, but that didn't stop Touya from trying.

Eventually, he considered the idea of enrolling Touma in Academy City the following year, but he wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. On one hand, he would be sending Touma into Academy City on his own. Due to Academy City's regulations, it was rather unusual for the parents to be able to live in Academy City as well, and Touma would have to live by himself in the dorms and rely on the money that would be provided for him. However, if Academy City really was free of "superstition," this could give Touma a fresh start and allow him to finally make friends, and he would not be treated like the "plague." Touma would be free of all the abuse he received in their neighborhood.

When he spoke to Shiina about this, she agreed that Academy City seemed like the right choice for Touma's well being, but she also thought they should know more about Academy City before they make such a huge decision. This made Touya realize that he should talk to Tabikake about this. Since he enrolled his daughter into Academy City, he must think very highly of the place or at least think it is promising.

Shortly after, Touya was able to talk to Tabikake personally about this matter. "So you want to enroll Touma into Academy City huh? I can't say that I blame you considering everything he has been going through lately."

"Yes. I was hoping that I could talk to you about Academy City a little more before I fill out the application."

Tabikake was surprised at what his friend had just said. "I never thought you would ask me for advice. Go ahead and ask."

"Is Academy City truly free from all superstitious beliefs as I have heard? I don't want to send Touma to a place where they are likely to condemn him like they would here."

"You heard correctly. Academy City primarily focuses on science. There is very little mentioned that can't be explained logically. However, similar to most places, there are apparently some urban legends regarding Esper related subjects, but they are more in the realm of theories and realism rather than superstition."

"I see. In that case, does your daughter Mikoto like it there. How are things progressing for her?"

"I received a call from her yesterday. She is having a great time there. Apparently, she has already awakened her Esper powers."

"That fast? What are her powers?"

"She didn't say. She said she would show me when she returns next week."

"So Mikoto-chan is finally coming back home? That's great news. Maybe she can talk to Touma about Academy City and see if he would be interested in going. It's about time our two kids finally had their first real meeting anyway."

"I suppose your right. This would be like killing two birds with one stone. Our kids will finally be introduced to each other, and she can tell Touma all about her experiences in Academy City. After she is done talking, I bet he will be the one begging you to send him there."

"I can only hope. The last thing I want to do is send Touma somewhere against his will."


Two days prior to Touma's first meeting with Mikoto, he went to the nearby park with his mother for a change of scenery. Unfortunately, while not too many words were spoken, Touma could tell from the looks he received from some of the adults and their kids, they didn't want anything to do with him. Shiina offered to play with Touma. While Touma was grateful to his mother, it still saddened him that there was no one his age who wanted to play with him.

Touma noticed that there were some kids playing football on the field. He had never been able to play football before because no one would let him join their teams. However, he always thought it looked fun based on the way the other kids were so enthusiastic at moving around and kicking the ball. It was probably the best game he has yet to play.

While Touma was lost in thought, he approached by a young boy. The boy greeted Touma with a simple, "Hello."

This shocked Touma. While he was happy that someone close to his age was actually giving him a friendly greeting, it was one of the first times he ever received one. He almost forgot to return the greeting, but thankfully he didn't, "Uh . . . hello."

"My name is Kumakichi. What is your name?"

"My name is Touma."

"I noticed that you were by yourself, so I was wondering if you would come play with me."

Upon hearing the words "play with me," it made Touma's world brighten quite a bit. However, he didn't want to be rude to his mother, so he turned to her, and she gave him a nod of approval to go ahead. "I would love to." As Touma followed Kumakichi to the playground, he noticed there was a strange man smoking a cigarette near-by, but he decided to ignore him and focus on having fun.

Seeing Touma play with another child warmed Shiina's heart. Hopefully, this moment could lead to her son's first friendship with someone outside of his family. Unfortunately, not far from where they were, there was a car parked on a hill that was suddenly making strange noises. It definitely sounded ominous.

After playing for a couple of minutes Kumakichi asked Touma, "Are you an only child?"

"Yeah I am. Are you an only child too?"

"Nope. I have a much older brother. He is going to be seventeen years only in a few months from now."

"Really? What's he like?"

"He is so cool. He is going to be the new head of the family, but he has some big shoes to fill. My father is a really super smart guy, but I think my brother can do it, and I think my father has faith in him too. In fact, my father has already given him the family heirloom."

"Family heirloom? What's that?"

"It's this really cool knife that has been in my family for generations. You should see it."

Touma realized he forgot to ask one important detail, "By the way, what's your older brother's name?"

"His name is . . ."

However, before the boy could finish his sentence, Touma heard his mother scream, "TOUMA!"

Touma then noticed a car was moving right towards them. Touma quickly said to Kumakichi, "That can wait, we need to get out of here." Both Touma and Kumakichi made a run for it. Unfortunately, while Touma was able to get out of the way, Kumakichi was not so lucky. He tripped, and the car was heading straight for him. However, a woman, Kumakichi's mother, managed to arrive just in time and shield her son from most of the impact.

Touma ran back to the site and shouted, "Are you okay Kumakichi?"

Kumakichi said weakly, "Yes I am alright, but I think my mom needs help." His mother was unconscious but still breathing.

"I'll go get some." Touma ran back to mom to get some help for Kumakichi.

"Don't worry mom everything is going to be all right." No sooner had Kumakichi said that, he noticed there was a strange smell in the air. However, he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was.

Touma ran towards his mom saying, "Mom they need help. Call an ambulance."

Shiina assured her son, "Don't worry Touma-san. I already have. They will be arriving any moment now."

"Oh thank God. That is such a relief." After he said that, he heard an explosion behind him. The car that had hit Kumakichi and his mother had blown up, and it had engulfed them too. There was absolutely no reason for that to happen. How could it have happened? The impact from the car should have given Kumakichi and his mother nothing more than a few minor injuries. However, it just exploded and killed them. There seemed to be no logical explanation for this. As a result everyone's gauze turned to one eight-year old Kamijou Touma to blame for this tragedy.


A police investigation would determined that the stabilizers of the car's broke. The owner of the car was perplexed by how it could have happened since his car received a tune up a couple of weeks ago and everything was working perfectly. It was also concluded that there was a gas leak in the car, and something must have caused it to ignite, but they were unable to determine the exact cause.

Unfortunately, despite all the professional evidence to indicate possible rational and scientific explanations, it wasn't enough to stop people from blaming the disaster on Touma's existence. It seemed likely that Touma's very existence would be labeled as a crime by the people.


After hearing the news, Misuru immediately gave her friend Shiina a call. "I just heard the news. Is Touma-chan okay?"

Shiina grimly replied, "Only in one sense of the word."

"You don't mean."

"Unfortunately, yes. He blames himself for the accident. I have done everything I can to convince him that it wasn't his fault, but he refuses to listen to me."

"That's too bad. He doesn't deserve this."

"I know. I have done everything I can, but nothing has worked."

"Not everything. Let's not forget that Mikoto-chan will be coming home soon, and I am certain that she can help your son."

"You still are okay with Mikoto-san and Touma-san meeting?"

"Of course I am. You're my friend, and I know your son is a good boy. Sometimes it takes one success to turn someone's luck around, and I would be happy to play a role in such a success, and I am sure Mikoto-chan will feel the same."

Shiina began to cry a little bit upon hearing this, "Thank you."

"What are friends for?"

The stage was set for Mikoto and Touma's first meeting.


Two days later, Touya and Touma went to a different park on the other side of town. Mizuru, Shiina, and Mikoto would be joining them shortly. Tabikake unfortunately wouldn't be able to make it due to some business that he needed to attend to. Touma was not aware of what was about to take place. He had only been told that there would be a "good" surprise for him at the park. Touya really had to emphasize the "good" part in order to get Touma to come along. Touma was feeling apprehensive about going to another park merely two days after the accident, but his father was successful in convincing him.

Misuru and Shiina considered having Touma and Mikoto meet at their house, but Tabikake ironically managed to convince them that having them meet at a park would be more fun and memorable. He would certainly be correct about the memorable part. Unknown to Touma and Touya, there was someone following them from the moment they left their home.

Shortly after Touma and Touya arrived, Touma decided to go to the playground. His father was keeping a watchful eye on his son until someone approached. The man who started talking to him seemed friendly enough, and they engaged in a pleasant conversation. However, that distraction was more than enough to give someone the opportunity to approach Touma without Touya noticing.

Touma felt there was someone approaching. As soon as he turned around, there was a man who was about twice his size. He had dark hair and the look in his eyes scared Touma. This man appeared to be someone who was pushed to the brink and had almost nowhere else to go. He then grabbed Touma's neck and began to shake him violently.

"Give me back my wife and son! Give them back!"

Touma struggled to say, ". . . What?"

"My son was only six years old and now he is dead because of you. My wife was the love of my life, and she is dead. They both are gone, and I will never see them again all because of you."

Touma immediately realized who this man was. He must be Kumakichi's father. Tears started to form in Touma's eyes and he said the only thing he could say, "I'm sorry."

The man only became more hysterical. "As if sorry is going to do anything. It's all your fault," the man cried out hoarsely. Touma could see the pain in this man's eyes, and he wished he could cure the man of his pain even if it meant giving his own life. The man then said, "You're a jinx! A jinx like you shouldn't exist!" He then threw Touma to the ground and whipped out a knife with the full intention of stabbing the boy.

Touma was only eight years old, and yet here he was looking at death straight in the face. His father noticed what was going on and began running with all his might, but he was going to arrive too late. The man held up his knife and started to swing it down. He was aiming to impale Touma straight in his heart. Touma accepted the fact that he was about to die.


While this was happening, Misaka Mikoto, Misaka Misuru, and Kamijou Shiina were walking causually to the destination.

As they were walking, Shiina decided to ask Mikoto a question, "So Mikoto-san, how was your time in Academy City?"

The little girl energentically said, "It was wonderful. All the scientists are really nice and thanks to them I have been able to unlock my hidden powers. They feel incredible."

Shiina then said, "It sounds like you will have a lot to say to Touma-san when we get to the park."

"Who is this Touma-san?"

"Don't you remember Mikoto-chan? He is the boy that we talked about on the phone earlier this week. You met each other a couple of times as infants, but you wouldn't remember that. So this will be your first real meeting."

"Is he nice?"

"Yes he is very nice. I am sure you will get along well."

"I hope so . . .," for some reason Mikoto stopped when they were just outside the park. "Oh no!" Mikoto then went running inside park for some reason.

Misuru and Shiina were confused by Mikoto's behavior, but then they noticed someone was violently shaking Touma and then threw him to the ground. They then said out loud, "STOP!"

This caught Touya's attention and he noticed that his son was on the ground and a man was standing over him who proceeded to take a knife out. "NO!" Touya then started running with all his might, but he realized that at this rate, we would be too late.


This whole situation left Kamijou Touma in shock and despair as he waited for his death. However, right before the man could deliver the blow, Touma's salvation came in the form of a six year old girl. She had selflessly charged and tackled the man despite her small stature and lack of strength. Touma was surprised to see someone other than his mother and father coming to his rescue.

Seeing that the girl was not about to let go of him, the man was about the pry her off him. Unfortunately for him, he was about to deal with the powers of an Esper first hand. The girl narrowed her eyes and concentrated with all her might. Electricity flared from her body and gave the man the shock of his life. She didn't stop until the man collapsed to the ground. He tried to get back up, but Touya pinned him to the ground while Shiina called the police to report the incident.

Touma was amazed by what he had just witnessed. He had never witnessed anyone display that kind of power before in his life.

"Let me go! I have to kill him!" The man was becoming more and more hysterical. As the man was being pinned by Touya until the police could arrive, his voice could be heard throughout the park. "My name is Chokichi, and this boy is the reason for my actions. If we let him live more people are going to end up dead! He is already caused the death of my wife and youngest son. Don't be fooled by his appearance! He is just a monster in the body of a little boy! He needs to die!"

People's reactions to what the man was saying were mixed. Some felt that the man was going too far and a few others seemed to agree with what the man was saying. When Touma heard the man's words, they were the straw that broke the camel's back. Tears began to roll down his face as he began to cry. He was always trying to avoid being a jinx and make friends. He wanted to be normal and to live a happy life, but now it had become apparent that it would never come true.

The brown haired girl had enough of the man's ranting, "You don't blame people for your troubles! If you hurt people, then you're the monster, not him!" After she said that, the man finally shut up. It was unknown whether it was because a little girl had managed to point out the flaw in his logic or he just wanted to avoid receiving another dose of shock therapy. Shortly afterwards, the police arrived, and he left without putting up any further resistance.

After the man was taken away, the little girl noticed the boy was still crying. She walked to the crying boy and offered him her hand. The boy noticed this and looked up at his salvation. She told him, "I was really scared you know," she winked, even as her lips trembled slightly, "So smile for me, ok?"

This girl risked her life to save his. Up until now, he never believed anyone other than his parents would be willing to do something like that. "Y-yeah…" he sniffed as he reached out and took her hand.

They smiled at each other then, a sweet smile that warmed the hearts of the people around them.

"My name is Kamijou Touma. Thank you so much for saving me."

"You're welcome. I couldn't let something like that happen. It wouldn't have been right." After thinking about it for a moment, Mikoto realized something. "Wait a minute did you say your name was Touma?"


"You're the person I came here to meet."

"What do you mean?"

"My name is Misaka Mikoto. I am the daughter of a friend of your mom. We were on our way to meet you."

The realization finally dawned on Touma. "Oh I see now. You were the surprise my parents were talking about. I guess some surprises are good after all."

Mikoto giggled at what Touma said, "I guess they are."

The two of them laughed for a little bit. Touma couldn't remember the last time he was able to laugh so genuinely aside from the events of his previous birthday party.

After exchanging a laugh and talking to each other a little longer, Touma struggled to think of what to say. He wasn't sure if she would be his friend or not. After he finally collected his thoughts, he asked, "So does that mean we're friends now?"

Without a moment's hesitation she answered, "Silly. Of course we are."

This was the beginning of an innocent childhood friendship that would eventually become much more than that. The obstacles and tasks that would lie before them in the future would put them to the test. However, over the next year their friendship would continue to strengthen without either of them worrying about where the future would take them. Their friendship would become the most important thing in their lives or at least this version of their lives.



Mikoto: (you can see stars in her eyes) I was hoping a story like this would be written.

Touma: What do you mean?

Mikoto: Finally, a side story where I am one of the major characters.

Touma: Is that all you care about?

Mikoto: Not really. It's just that I didn't get any screentime until the fifth chapter of this fanfiction despite getting mentioned a lot.

Touma: That is more than what can be said for almost virtually every other character though.

Mikoto: My situation is different from theirs. I am listed as being one of the main characters of this story. Most of those characters don't have a single story dedicated to them. I am just glad that I am not being shelved like the other characters were last time.

Touma: Biribiri

Mikoto: Now it is time for me to take center stage.

Touma: (whispering to himself) Enjoy it while you can.

Mikoto: You say something.

Touma: You just gave me an idea.

Mikoto: What would that be?

Touma: This. (Touma turns to the viewers) Hey any interested readers! We need more variety in the Index fanfiction world. We need more characters and potential pairings to get some spotlight such as, Itsuwa, Tsuimakdo, Wataru, Kanzaki, Saten, Hamazura, Takitsubo, Stiyl, and Index. Anyone interested in writing such fanfiction stories?

Mikoto: But Index is the title character of the franchise.

Touma: Not enough people are interested in making a story for her. Even the author would rather see more stories involving other characters, such as Itsuwa, rather than Index.

Mikoto: Ouch.

Touma: Exactly.

Mikoto: While I understand what you are doing, do you honestly think that will work?

Touma: Well it is better than doing nothing and hope someone else happens to think that way.

Mikoto: (she ponders this for a moment and then nods her head) True.

Omake End


Author Notes:

As you probably figured, Kumakichi and his father Chokichi were characters that appeared in Stormwolfex's original story, but similar to Ai and Ketsuiki's gang, they didn't have a name. I decided to settle on Kumakichi since its meaning was "fortunate bear" due to the irony of the whole situation. I gave the father the name Chokichi because it's meaning was "long-lasting good luck" since his life was always on the lucky streak until his son met Kamijou Touma.

Additionally, both Mizuru and Shiima are shippers for Touma and Mikoto, but Touya and Tabikake are not really into that idea, at least not yet. Stormwolfex told me this information during Fall 2011, and he gave me permission to write a side story based on this idea. He also told me he didn't plan on going into too much detail about Mikoto and Touma's childhood outside of what he had already briefly shown before, so he gave me the okay to provide more detail on their families as long as there weren't any continuity errors.

The following two chapters for this side story are nearly completed, and they will be available for reading in the subsequent weeks. However, I only wish for there to be at least five new reviews for every chapter I post. Even anonymous reviews can be posted as well, so that shouldn't be an issue either.

I am still hoping to begin releasing the sequel side story for "Birth of the Devil" sometime during July or August at the latest. There are no guarantees, but that is what I am aiming for. I have a number of plans written up regarding the upcoming side stories, but it still takes a while to transition them to paper. It's currently my plan to release Side Story 3 and 4 back-to-back during the Summer and Fall, but even that is subject to change.