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Personally, I prefer character backgrounds to be more established rather than solely relying on "descriptions" or extremely brief flashbacks. That is part of the reason why I enjoyed the "Turn Back the Pendulum" story from Bleach. Not to mention, I think it is important to establish certain facts that will help the story for narrative purposes. I hoped the readers felt the same, and I am glad that most of you have enjoyed the story so far.

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Of Science and Magics – The Side Stories

Story Two: Formation of the Bond – Part II

Time of Innocence


Friends can change our lives

Friendship can be wonderful

It can ease the pain


Childhood should always be defined as a time of innocence. It is suppose to be a person's blissful years of ignorance of what the world is truly like. While Touma had obviously learned quite a bit of the world's ugliness, the true event that would fully rob him of his innocence had yet to come. Thanks to his encounter with Misaka Mikoto, his one and only friend, he was able to retain his innocence a little longer and remain a cheerful child.

Misaka Mikoto and Kamijou Touma were inseparable. They bonded after a few weeks. If you did not know when they had met, you would have believed they knew each other their entire lives. Touma's time with Mikoto had been some of the most precious memories of his life, and they had been etched into his mind. Unlike any of Touma's previous attempts to make friends, this one was finally able to stick. There were no tragic outcomes and life was normal.

However, there were a few close calls, such as when a tool fell from a great height and nearly hit Mikoto on the head. Thanks to her powers she was able to avoid any disaster. Due to her electrical power, she was able to sense people and objects entering her 'electric field,' so it would be difficult to take her by surprise. However, Mikoto told Touma they should keep such incidents to themselves, so not to worry their parents. Touma was unsure of whether it was the right thing to do, but he didn't want to risk losing his only friend, so he went along with it.

Despite his friendship with Mikoto, his poor luck continued, but it was not nearly as bad as it was before. No one else had went bankrupt nor died in a bizarre accident. Following the incident at the park with Chokichi, the feelings of hostility the townspeople exhibited towards Touma were somewhat reduced. Some of them realized that they were probably going too far with their treatment towards the boy. Unfortunately, a majority of the townspeople still thought of him as the "plague" and wanted nothing to do with him. While Touma found this treatment uncomfortable, he was glad he at least didn't need to worry about people trying to beat him up or kill him.


A few weeks later, the bullying towards Touma came to a complete halt after another incident happened on the playground. It all started when Touma and Mikoto were on the see-saw. They were laughing and having a good time without a care in the world. Unfortunately for the bullies that were too stupid to keep their distance, they decided to approach the pair.

The three of them were ten to eleven years old, and they were at least a head taller than Touma. They had a notorious reputation, and Touma had experienced their constant bullying for over a year. When Touma noticed them approaching, he started to tremble.

The 'leader' of the group said to Touma, "So you have decided to show up here again huh?" He cracked his knuckles and said, "We warned you about what would happen if you come back here."

Touma didn't want any trouble so he said to Mikoto, "Let's go Mikoto."

However, Mikoto rejected that, "Are you kidding? I am not going to let them get away with this. This is a public playground and no one has the right to kick us out, especially not these losers."

The leader said, "You want some of this little girl?"

However, his more level-headed henchman said, "Are you sure this is a good idea Eita? She managed to take down a grown man with her powers a couple of weeks ago. What chance do we have?"

The more irrational henchman said, "Butt out of this Akihiko."

Eita said, "Hansuke is right we don't need you for this."

Akihiko gave himself a face palm and said, "You two are idiots," and he backed away.

Hansuke then said, "That girl is just a freak anyway. She doesn't stand a chance."

However, hearing the word freak was enough to push Mikoto's buttons. "You calling me a freak, ugly? Let's see who is a freak after this."

A few seconds later, Eita and Hansuke were on the ground with smoke emitting from their bodies.

Akihiko approached his two friends and said, "I told you this was a bad idea."

The only response he heard from his friends were, "We . . . are not . . . going . . . to forget . . . this."

Touma grabbed Mikoto's arm and began walking quickly away from the scene and said, "Thanks Mikoto, but they seem to be well-done. I hope you didn't overdo it."

Mikoto causally explained, "It was a slight shock. Their minds are probably exaggerating the amount that I shocked them. It's called hypochondriasis when a person has an inaccurate perception of their body's condition despite it not really being the case. In this example, they feel they are unable to move when in reality, they should be fine."

Touma looked completely dumbfounded by his friend's explanation. "You certainly know a lot. Are you sure you're younger than me?"

Mikoto proudly stated, "The scientists have trained me to understand a lot about my powers, so I understand the amount of potential damage I can do based on the amount I use. They also taught me a lot of scientific terminology. I think my ability to understand things better might be due to my powers since I was more capable of learning by example." Mikoto then pointed to her head before continuing, "Plus, the electricity my body emits probably helps stimulate my brain, so it is capable of processing information more effectively than most people."

Touma scratched his head and said, "Man that makes me feel a little jealous. You're probably smarter than I will be in five years."

Mikoto non-chantely responded, "It's possible, but everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, animals really don't like me, but they seem to like you."

That comment reminded Touma of some of his more unpleasant experiences with animals. "That's because they always think I am going to feed them. I would rather them leave me alone. Those strays always follow me and give me that begging look. I'm pretty certain that's bad luck."

Mikoto shot back at Touma, "Well if that's 'bad luck,' I want it. I like my powers, but I hate how they make it almost impossible for me to have a pet." Mikoto further emphasized her point, "When I was in Academy City, I noticed this hungry cat. Every time I tried to feed him, he would always run away from me. I never meant him any harm, but it couldn't stand my presence. I had to ask one of the scientists to feed the cat for me. I could see the smile on the scientist's face when he feed the cat. When I saw that, I was jealous of him. I just wished it could have been me feeding the cat."

Touma realized that the topic of animals was a very sensitive one for Mikoto. "I'm sorry."

Mikoto accepted the apology immediately, "It's okay. I just find it frustrating. Although I guess it's true that you have to give up something to gain something else."

Touma decided that it would be better to change the subject. "By the way, your powers produce a strange noise whenever you activate them. Have you ever noticed that?"

Mikoto completely forgot what they were previously talking about upon hearing that. "I never really thought about that. I am so use to activating my powers it never sounded strange at all. I guess I'm too use to hearing them."

After hearing that, Touma acted as if he had an epiphany. "I know. How about I give you a nickname? How does 'Biribiri' sound?"

While it was a good gesture, it only confused Mikoto, "What? Why?"

Touma explained, "Because that is what your powers sound like whenever you use them. Besides coming up with a nickname for your friend is a good idea."

Despite her brain's ability to process information more effectively, she could not think of how to respond, "Uh well . . . I um"

Touma was confused by his friend's reaction. He thought she would be excited about getting a nickname, "What you don't like it?"

With an embarrassed look on her face, Mikoto said, "I didn't say that. It's just that . . . I um."

Deciding to take her lack of rejection as an acceptance Touma said, "Well it's decided then. From now on, your nickname is Biribiri."

"Wait a minute." Unfortunately, despite anything Mikoto could say, the new nickname was set.

Word spread quickly among the kids in the town Touma had an electrical bodyguard that went by the name 'Biribiri.' As a result, there were no more bullies who would dare to approach Touma, and Mikoto received the nickname 'Biribiri' to her chagrin. In time, she grew more comfortable with the nickname.


Prior to Touma's departure to Academy City, Touma had many other fond experiences Mikoto. During the Golden Week vacation, Touma and Mikoto's familes went on a camping trip to Miyajima Island. Camping in the area was reasonably cheap, so the Misaka and Kamijou families were able to spend a couple of days there. Mikoto and Mitsuru stayed in one tent, Touya and Takakake stayed in another, and Shinna and Touma were in the third tent.

For the most part, the camping trip went smoothly except for a minor incident with some of the local deer. While Miyajima is a superb place to camp, the primary flaw was the greedy deer. At one point, one of them tried to enter Touma and Shiina's tent, but Touya was able to stop it before any damage was done.

Since much of their food had been eaten by the deer, Touya suggested they try to catch some fish. Touma and Mikoto volunteered for the task. Despite Touma's usual bad luck, he appeared to be better at fishing than Mikoto. Touma managed to catch three fish while Mikoto had yet to have one bite.

Mikoto said to Touma with a sarcastic tone, "I thought you were supposed to be the unlucky one."

"I guess since fishing requires more than just luck, I guess things were able to work out in my favor this time. You just need to be patient."

Unfortunately, patience was not always one of Mikoto's virtues. She put her fishing pole down and electricity started forming from Mikoto's hands. She stared at the water with a scary face and said, "All right you fish it's time to get serious!"

Touma was getting nervous about the situation. He then said, "Um Biribiri? What are you doing? I hope you're not going to do anything stupid."

Mikoto said, "I am going to be giving these fish a little shock therapy."

Touma then got up and tried to restrain her, "Please stop Biribiri! That might cause a lot of problems instead of solving them if you just use your electrical powers in the water." The struggle caused Mikoto and Touma to fall into the water.

After they got out of the water, Mikoto and Touma laughed about how stupid the whole situation was. However, Touma noticed that something was tugging at Mikoto's pole. He said, "Mikoto look. You have a bite." Touma and Mikoto worked together, and they were able to catch a really big fish. Finally dinner was served.

During their second night at Miyajima, Mikoto told Touma there was something that he needed to see. After bringing him to the shore, she said, "We're here."

Touma looked around the area, but he did not see anything special, "What did you want to show me?"

Mikoto pointed up to the sky and said, "Look up silly."

Touma looked up and said, "Wow."

"It's beautiful right? Like nothing you ever seen?" Mikoto knew she did not need to ask those questions based on Touma's reaction, but she still wanted to hear his answer.

"Yes it is." Above him was by far the greatest number of stars he had ever seen in his entire life. While Touma had seen plenty of stars before, this was the first time he was able to see so many of them at once. Seeing all of the constellations was a sight to behold. Touma thought to himself, "I wish that moments like this could last forever."

Mikoto spoke with a blush on her face, "I remember when I saw this with papa last year before I went to Academy City. It was unforgettable. I wanted you to see this too. It wouldn't have seemed right if you never had a chance to see this. That was why I convinced him to take us here on this camping trip."

At first Touma did not know what to say, but it made him happy that Mikoto went out of her way to show him this. With a smile he said, "Thank you Biribiri. I promise you that I will never forget this."

Mikoto said in turn, "Neither will I." Then Mikoto's voice became even more excited, "Touma look up there! It's a shooting star! Quick make a wish!"

Touma's wish was, "I wish to remain friends with Mikoto forever and to make new ones in the future." It was a wish that Touma would remember for the rest of his life.


Sometime after Touma and Mikoto's first meeting their families decided to go on a group vacation to Okinawa. They would be staying at a beautiful resort right by the beach. It would be a place that would further change the lives of these individuals forever.

After they arrived at the hotel, the receptionist gave each of them a gift. It was an accessory that had a small frog attached to it. Mikoto's first thought was, "It's so cute." She then discretely asked one of the hotel staff, "Excuse me, but what is this little frog."

The staff lady politely responded, "It's a frog mascot called Gekota. This week we are having a special where we give all of our guests Gekota related accessories."

Mikoto was curious to find out more, "Would I be able to find it in other places as well?"

The staff lady said, "You certainly can. It is a popular mascot. It isn't too unusual for other places to give similar Gekota accessories away as prizes as well."

Mikoto enthusiastically said, "Thank you very much."

The staff lady said with a smile, "It was my pleasure."

After speaking with the worker, Touma surprised Mikoto when he said, "Hey Mikoto what are you doing?"

Mikoto said in a panicky voice, "I am not asking about this frog if that is what you are asking?"

Touma said in a deadpanned tone, "I wasn't." He then said in a sly voice, "I was going to say that our rooms are ready and do you want to see them, but now I think I just learned something new about you."

Clearly embarrassed by what just happened, Mikoto said, "No you didn't," and she walked away quickly toward their families.

Touma then sighed and thought to myself, "Why is it whenever you see something that you like or think is cute, you always feel like you need to keep it a secret? You need to be more honest with yourself. After all, you are the worst secret keeper ever." Touma took a look outside at the beautiful weather, and he thought, "Things certainly seem to be looking up. Hopefully it stays that way."


Touma was in some sort of city, but it was completely unfamiliar to him. The area seemed like a place where gangs and thugs would hang out. It was an extremely dark night with very few streetlights in the area. However, he was able to notice there were two figures standing in front of him. Due to the lighting he could not tell what they looked like, and it appeared like they were ready to dual each other.

One of the figures had a distinctly masculine voice, "Why have you come here Railgun? This isn't the place for someone like you. Shouldn't you be in one of your fancy secret training facilities that many other Espers would be lucky to even see?" While Touma could tell the voice was masculine, it was distorted, so he wouldn't be able to identify whose voice it was.

The other figure ignored that comment and spoke with a feminine voice, "Are you the one they refer to as the Devil?" Similar to the male, her voice was distorted as well.

"That is the name the people on those forum boards have decided to call me." With a rather bored tone, he asked, "I suppose that means that you are here to fight me as well?"

With determination in her voice she said, "Yes. I will defeat you and put an end to your legend. For the sake of all those you have killed, including Kamijou Touma."

Hearing someone say that name surprised the male, but all he said in response was, "Come and try. I have already fought against many Espers including some Level 5s. You will be another name to add to the list. From what I have heard, your promotion to Level 5 was relatively recent." The male decided to give the girl one last warning, "Do you honestly believe you stand a chance against me? If you want to back down, I suggest you do it right now girl. This will be the only chance I offer you."

"You think that scares me. Besides you don't even know what I am capable of? The only people who know are a select few." The male didn't say respond. What she said was the truth. While it was announced that a new Esper had reached Level 5, there was no other information regarding the individual other than the name 'Railgun.' The male seemed interested in finding out firsthand why such a name was given to such a little girl. However, he seemed to have an idea of what her powers were based on some of her earlier actions. "I don't know what their reasons for fighting you were, but I know mine, and I know that will give me enough of a drive to defeat you."

That didn't appear to phase the male figure at all. "Well in that case, this is going to suck for you. Come at me with everything you got because I won't be holding back either." He curled his right hand into a fist, "You have seriously injured my subordinates, and I can't just let that go, but I won't take your life. I will simply beat you until you lose all motivation to fight me again."

The girl made a sarcastic remark. "Wow such brave words. You are really going to beat a pre-teen girl?"

The male brushed off this statement with a counterargument, "In this world, age and gender doesn't matter. What matters is the individual's power and how he or she decides to use it? As your judge and jury, I have deemed this to be a fine punishment. Just be thankful it will not be anything more."

The girl was not frightened by the man. "That's fine then. For what you have done, I am going to make sure you go down for good."

The two looked at each other waiting for the other to make the first move. Prior to the beginning of the fight, the male wanted to conduct one last formality. "Before we begin, my name is Ginjou. What's your real name girl?" It appeared he was trying to remember something, but it wasn't coming to him.

However, the girl wanted nothing to do with the formalities. "It doesn't matter. You already know that I am the Railgun, and that should be good enough. I say we put an end to the formalities and get right to business."

"Tch. How discourteous of you. Although, I suppose you are hardly the first. Very well! Let's begin!" Then the battle between the two of them began.

As Touma saw them fighting he couldn't help but wonder, "How am I able to tell what they are feeling? Is it because this is a dream or is this much more than that? What is going on here?"

However, Touma would not get an answer to his question for some time.


"Touma wake up." Touma opened his eyes and saw that Mikoto was right next to him. Mikoto looked concerned for her friend, "Are you okay Touma? You looked like you were having a bad dream."

After taking a few seconds to wake up he said, "Was I?," but he then assured Mikoto, "Sorry for worrying you, but I am alright now."

Mikoto was not entirely convinced, "Are you sure?"

Touma decided it would be for the best if they changed the subject, "Yeah. It couldn't have been too important because I can't remember a thing about the dream. Let's forget about it and have fun. The beach isn't going to come to us, so let's get moving."

Mikoto nodded in agreement, "All right."


It was a beautiful day. The sun was out there was not a cloud in the sky and the air was sweet and warm. Touma and Mikoto spent the entire day playing on the beach. Touma was wearing a blue bathing suit while Mikoto was wearing a pink one-piece suit. Their first project of the day was to build a sand castle.

The sand castle was sturdy. They managed to make four strong walls to encompass the main structure. The main castle was about three feet tall, and it was balanced almost perfectly. You would think it would never fall unless someone kicked it down. For good measure, Touma and Mikoto dug a moat around the walls in case of any waves. The entire project from the first grain of sand to the last bit they dug out of the moat took them about two hours, but they didn't care. They were too busy having fun to worry about anything else.

Touma said, "Well I think it's done."

Misuru approached the two of them and said, "That looks wonderful Touma-san and Mikoto-chan." Misuru then used her camera to take a picture of Touma and Mikoto's masterpiece. "That will make a lovely memory."

Mikoto then said, "I sure hope this thing holds up."

Touma then said with uncharacteristic confidence, "There is nothing that can take our castle down." However, as luck would have it a big wave was forming.

Mikoto then said to Touma, "Touma look out behind you."

Touma saw a huge wave approaching. Both Touma and Mikoto got out of the way in time, but their castle was completely obliterated. Touma dejectedly said, "Me and my big mouth."

Mikoto then gave Touma a pat on the back and said, "There, there. At least we managed to complete it and my mama managed to take a picture to prove it."

This seemed to cheer Touma up a little, "Yeah that's right. You want to dig a big hole?"

Mikoto enthusiastically said, "Yeah."


After playing on the beach for a number of hours, Touma and Mikoto sat down on the sand to watch the beautiful Okinawan sunset. It almost seemed like they were looking at a piece of artwork that was on display in a museum. It was still pretty hot outside, but the breeze was enough to comfort them, and the sound of the waves was soothing to their ears.

After sitting quietly for a while Touma said, "It is truly a wonderful sight."

Yes it is, and the breeze feels so nice."

"This is so different from home."

"It sure is. Well isn't that the point of going to different places. If everything was the same, then there would be no new experiences and everything would be stale."

"That's true. I wish moments like this could last forever, but then life wouldn't be fun at all either if everything remained the same."

Mikoto nodded in agreement, "Hmm."

Touma then stood up and looked up at the sky and said, "I owe it all to you Mikoto."

Mikoto was confused by what Touma was getting at and said, "Huh?"

Touma turned to Mikoto and told her, "It's thanks to you that I am able to enjoy experiences like this. Before I met you, I would have been too sad and miserable to appreciate this sun set regardless of what my parents' did. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents, but I needed someone closer to my age to be my friend. That is why I am always going to be grateful to you Biribiri. Despite how bad my luck is, I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world to have a friend like you."

This stunned Mikoto, "Touma. I don't know what to say."

"You don't need to say anything. Let's just continue to watch the sunset." After he said that, he sat down next to her again.

Touma acted and spoke more maturely than a normal eight year-old. It was possibly due to being friendless for most of his life. However, his childhood innocence was still intact at this time, and it was all thanks to Mikoto.

After watching the sunset a little longer, Mikoto decided to ask Touma a question that had been on her mind for a while, "Hey Touma do you want to obtain an ability?"

Touma wasn't sure what she was asking, "What do you mean?"

Mikoto explained herself, "You know an Esper ability. Like the one I have." She held up her hands and electricity started to form.

While Touma did find Mikoto's abilities amazing, they were not his desire. "Not really."

Mikoto was surprised. She thought anyone would want to have an ability if they had a chance. "Why not? It's a dream come true."

Touma answered Mikoto, "Maybe for most, but it isn't my dream."

This made Mikoto curious, "Then what is your dream then."

Touma sighed and said, "To make friends and live in a place where I will be treated like a normal person rather than a superstitious disease."

Mikoto thought to herself, "Well that makes sense," but it also gave Mikoto an idea, "Then you should still come to Academy City anyway."

Touma was confused by this, "Why?"

Mikoto enthusiastically gave Touma her reason, "Academy City is a place where they make the supernatural possible. They believe in science and not superstition. It will give you the chance to make friends, and I will be there for you too."

This made Touma feel hopeful about his future, "You promise?"

Mikoto nodded, "Of course I do. Let's make a pinky promise."

"Okay." The promise was made that would lead to Touma's adventures in Academy City.


In the distance their parents were watching.

"Well look at what we have here. I see some familiar faces." The Kamijous and Misakas turned around and noticed some familiar faces approaching them. However, they couldn't place where they had met. "Hello Kamijous and Misakas' remember us. We are the Sasakis. We met about ten years ago at Oowari Beach."

After racking their brains for a few moments, the realization finally dawned on them. Touya then said, "Ah yes. I remember now. You were that enthusiastic couple that went around greeting newcomers at the beach."

Sasaki Hideo said, "That's right."

Tabikake then said, "How did you remember us?"

Hideo pointed to his head before responding, "I pride myself on my good memory. As long as people don't change their appearance too much, I can identify them without a problem. In your wives' cases, they don't appear to have aged a day since we last met."

Misuru said, "You are too kind."

Shiina also responded, "I see. That is quite an impressive talent you have."

Tomiko then remarked about her husband's ability, "It does have its uses. I suppose you are here on another group vacation."

"Yes. We are here with our own children." Touya motioned to Touma and Mikoto sitting on the beach."

"That's wonderful that you have kids. Allow us to introduce our son Norio." Hideo then motioned the little sleeping baby that was in the carriage. He was probably about one, and he had a little patch of brown hair."

Touya also remembered that Tomiko had been pregnant the last time they met. He couldn't remember the name, but he distinctly remembered them saying, the baby was going to be a girl. He did not know if this was rude or not, but he decided to ask anyway. "I remember you saying you had a daughter on the way. Where is she?"

A look of sadness fell upon both of their faces, and he shamefully said, "We lost her?"

This caught everyone by surprise, but only Mizuru responded, "What happened?"

With a grim look on his face, Hideo said, "It is extremely painful for us to talk about. Many things happened that led to certain incidents and many unforgivable mistakes were made. If I could go back in time and warn myself, I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that is not reality. All I can do is atone for what happened."

Tomiko then added, "We are hoping that our son will be our second chance to do things right. We will never let what happened to our daughter happen to our son too."

Shiina said, "I am very sorry for your loss."

With a tear in her eye, Tomiko then said, "I'm sorry too."

The topic of the conversation was eventually able to change to something more pleasant, and the families were able to end their day on positive note.


As Tabikake predicted, Touma ended up being the one that begged his father to send him to Academy City. Touya was curious to know what brought about his son's interest in Academy City. While it was clear that Mikoto probably said something to him, he wanted to know a more specific reason. "What brought about this interest in Academy City all of a sudden Touma? Do you wish to gain powers like Mikoto-chan?"

Touma immediately said, "Not at all. Mikoto told me that Academy City could be my chance to live in a place where I am not treated so horribly, and I can finally make some friends. I can't make any here, so going to Academy City seems like my only option."

"Hmm. I see." Touya was both happy and sad that his son had come to the same conclusion that both he and Shinna had already come to. He then signed the paperwork to get Touma enrolled in Academy City, so he could start attending school in April.


The news that Touma would be leaving for Academy City had spread throughout the town. A majority of the townspeople seemed overjoyed at the news. They were happy to finally be rid of the "plague" for good. While it did hurt Touma that so many people were happy about his departure he chose to ignore it and carry on. He believed he would be going to a much better place that would give him opportunities for his future. A place he would never have to worry about being ostracized, and he could make friends. While he certainly did not expect to become the luckiest person in town, he believed that his luck would at least start turning around.

Prior to her own departure for Academy City, Mikoto had one last conversation with Touma in the outside world. "Hey Touma do you think you will miss your neighborhood?"

"If you mean for anything besides, my home and my parents, there really isn't anything I will miss." He then paused for a moment to think before saying something else, "However, there is one exception."

Mikoto asked curiously, "What is that?"

Touma said, "I will miss the park where you and I first met. Meeting you has really helped turn my life around, and I will hold that place close to me." Hearing Touma say that made Mikoto feel happy. Knowing that someone cared that much about her made her look forward to their future.


The time of Touma's departure came extremely fast. However, before it was time to go their separate ways, Touya had one last thing he needed to give his son. "Touma there is something I would like you to have."

Touma curiously asked, "What is it?"

Touya pulled out a book from his bag. "This is a journal I want you to keep."

Touma was grateful to receive a present, but he wasn't sure what to do with it. He was unfamiliar with the concept of what a journal was. "Thank you, but what do I do with it."

Touya laughed a little at his son's cluelessness, "You write things down it. They can be about the things you did, the people you have met, or how you are feeling. Memories are an important part of ourselves because they help shape who we are. However, we can't always maintain a perfect memory. To compensate for that, people sometimes write in their journals. I want you to make many great memories that you would want to write about Touma. That way if there is ever a point in your life you are feeling down, that journal will be able to help you."

Touma then hugged his father and said, "Thank you father. I will always take care of it, and I will never lose it."

Touya then patted his son on the back, "Be sure to keep that promise. I am counting on you."

Shortly afterward, Touma parted ways from his parents and would begin his days living in Academy City. Unfortunately, that would be one of the last times Touya would ever see the face of Touma's innocence.


A man is going through records in an office in Academy City. If you saw him from behind, you would assume he was a scientist with his long white lab coat. However, if you saw him from the front, you would think otherwise. His appearance resembled a typical Japanese delinquent more than a scientist with his short blond hair and the tattoo on the left side of his face. The man's name was Kihara Amata the son of Kihara Gensei and a relative to Therestina Kihara Lifeline. After inspecting the records, he came across something that caught his interest and made a phone call.

"Kihara here. Kamijou Touma has enrolled in Academy City as you predicted Aleister."

Aleister, also known as the General Director of Academy City, responded, "It was inevitable that the boy would come to the city. Has your father completed the task I assigned him?"

"Yes. The old man has already arranged it, so he will be living in one Child Error facilities that is under our control due to a 'computer error.'"

Although hardly surprised, he seemed amused that things were progressing, "Then it shall all come to fruition."

"Isn't there something you haven't counted on?"

"Not likely."

Amata was still skeptical, "You sure? Based on what I saw, it seemed more like you were lucky in getting this Kamijou brat to come to this city."

"From my calculations, it seemed inevitable that the boy would either find himself in Academy City or he would die. I decided to take measures to ensure the former came true."

"Pffh. I know quite a few of the measures that were taken since I happily helped perform several of them myself, but none of them seemed like guarantees to me."

With his usual calculating tone, Aleister explained, "As you know, I cannot completely control the will of others. However, that does not stop me from finding loopholes in their free will. It is a simple matter for me to manipulate and coerce people to move in the directions I wish for them to. Exploiting some of their so-called virtues is an easy task as well."

This intrigued Amata, "Which virtue did you exploit?"

"The one people refer to as 'friendship.'"

Amata realized what Aleister was talking about, and he grinned at what Aliestar had accomplished, "Are you saying the brat becoming friends with that Esper Misaka Mikoto was part of your plan? How did you know you could use her?"

"Similar to human's freewill, I cannot simply imbue them with power, but I am capable of finding their potential and helping them awaken it. I knew what her usefulness would be from the moment I found out she had the capability of becoming a Level 5 Esper. By having her enrolled in Academy City, not only would I gain one additional piece for my plans, but she would help me obtain another."

The way Aleister was capable of such manipulations was almost scary to Amata, "How did you know her family wouldn't object to her becoming an Esper?"

"No father, especially her father, is capable of letting opportunities for their child's future, such as the one I presented, from slipping through their fingers."

Amata chuckled a little, "Very well then. I should have expected no less than from you Aleister."

"Your task in this project is done for now."

Feeling uncertain if his father could handle this, Amata asked, "Are you sure you want to leave the brat in that old man's care?"

Aleister causally said, "Your 'methods' for training the boy are unnecessary. Unlike your current subject, this boy knows he has others worrying about him."

"Well that problem can be easily remedied Aleister. After all, it wouldn't be the first time we used such a solution."

Aleister quickly turned that solution down, "It would be a miscalculation to use that method."

Amata was visibly annoyed by that comment, "Tch. Really?"

Aleister then said in his usual matter-of-fact tone, "I have calculated that removing the boy's parents from the equation will not yield any results at this point. In fact, it would be to our benefit if they remain alive. Gensei knows what needs to be done."

If Amata had not made it clear to Aleister that he was annoyed that his father was favored over himself for this experiment, his tone made it abundantly clear now, "After coming this far in your new experiment, it seems you wish to remove me from it quickly."

"You have tasks of your own you need to complete, and they can only be completed by you." Amata didn't say anything because he knew he couldn't really argue with the General Director at that point. "Speaking of which, it has come to my understanding that you have been making progress with your current subject.

"He is still a chump, but he finally got his hands dirty. It won't be too long before he realizes how much he will enjoy killing. After I am done with him, he will consider taking human life to be the same as squashing cockroaches just as it should be."

Aleister made himself clear, "Be sure to control him. However, I trust you have taken the necessary measures."

Amata brushed off Aleister's concern, "Yeah yeah. Everything is under control. I have also obtained samples of his DNA as well for plan Zero-Beta."

"I entrust that you will take good care of that until the other machines are ready. I would suggest you take additional samples from time to time before you are through with him. I expect favorable results in the near future. Do not disappoint me."

With that Amata's conversation with Aleister drew to a close. After hanging up his phone, Amata began laughing, "It truly is amazing Aleister. Here you are. A man of science that is capable of making such exact calculations and measurements, but here you are practically at the level of a god. What else are you capable of? I am very interested in knowing." Amata took one final look at Touma's profile before grinning. "Well then brat or rather 'Imagine Breaker.' I hope you are ready because your life is about to become a living hell."



Instead of Mikoto and Touma appearing in their usual places, they are replaced by Hamazura and Accelerator.

Accelerator: Why the hell am I here?

Hamazura: Because this is the only way the author can give us any screen time outside of a passing mention or an unspoken cameo like you had during Chapter 2.

Accelerator: That damn author! I am going to kill him!

Hamazura: (Getting extremely nervous) Please don't that. The author only wishes to follow Stormwolfex-san's wishes. It's not his fault.

Accelerator: (Still pissed off) Tch! Fine.

Hamazura: You do realize you're his third favorite character, right? He really would like to think of something for you, but he just can't right now.

Accelerator: Third favorite?

Hamazura: That's right. Touma and Mikoto are his top two.

Accelerator: Who comes after me?

Hamazura: That would be the character Itswua, and please don't ask for anymore. We have a job to do here.

Accelerator: Fine. What are we suppose to do?

Hamazura: In this omake we are going to tell the audience what some of the other characters have been doing ever since the author put them on hiatus after the fifth chapter.

A television screen appears in the background, and it displays what some of the other characters are doing in their free time.

Hamazura: It appears that Wataru and Konori have been busy training, and Komaba has been preparing new anti-Esper measures. None of that is too surprising.

Accelerator: From the looks of things it appears the Kihara family has been busy too. Therestina and Kensei have been playing chess as well as setting up new experiments that will likely endanger their test subjects' lives. This is business as usual for the Kihara family.

Hamazura: How can you say all that with a straight face?!

Accelerator: The Kihara with the tattooed face put me through hell when he was training me to control my powers which is part of the reason I am the way I became when I first appeared in the canon series. Half of a story arc is partially dedicated to me trying to rip him the shreds for a variety of reasons.

Hamazura: Then why aren't you acting all crazy regarding these Kihara's like you did with the tattooed face one.

Accelerator: It hasn't really been established how I would treat other members of the Kihara family, but depending on their actions I would probably try treating them to painful death as well.

Hamazura: (writes something down) Note to self, do not get on Accelerator's bad side.

Accelerator: (He reads a note on the script) According to this, one of the characters we just talked about will be making a small appearance during the following chapter.

Hamazura: Does it say who it's going to be?

Accelerator: It doesn't. It wants us to guess.

Hamazura: The author wants the readers to play the guessing game? In that case, the choices are Konori, Wataru, Komaba, Therestina, or Gensei. Who do you think will making an appearance in the next chapter? Find out next week.

Omake End


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