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Time had been damaged.
No-one knew what caused it, or when or where what caused it happened, only that time no longer flowed properly.
Every being in the universe, maybe even in a wider multiverse, had had their individual timeline seperated from everyone else's and flung into a maelstrom of times and places. Meeting people who were dead or not yet born in their time and finding themselves in places and times long gone or yet to come.

A man looked out over a deserted city that looked as if it had been over a century since anyone had lived there. He wore a long black cape and a helmet that covered over his face.
He became aware of someone behind him, and turned to see a man with long silver hair in a black coat and metal pauldrons. The sheath for a sword was at his waist; a long, thin katana about seven feet long.
But the most unusual thing about this man was that he appeared to have a single black feathered wing on his back.
The helmetted man took a small cylindrical object from his belt and a glowing red blade emerged from it.
"That's an interesting sword you're carrying", said the one-winged man.
"It is no concern of yours", he said in a deep, somewhat mechanical voice. "Unless you stand in my way".
The winged man drew his sword in an instant and moved towards him at blinding speeds, but the man in black raised a hand and his opponent was flung back by an invisible force. But before he hit the building behind him, he disappeared.
The man in black raised his glowing red sword just in time to block a slashing attack from the winged man, who was now right beside him.

"Who are you? Name yourself!" demanded the helmetted man.
"Sephiroth", said the one-winged angel. "And you?"
"You may address me as Lord Vader".
"I don't bow to anyone", said Sephiroth, slashing the ground and cutting a clean line through the building, causing the corner of the building, along with Vader, to fall to the street below.

Vader leapt off the falling piece of skyscraper to land on the building opposite Sephiroth, before concentrating on the rubble from the destroyed corner and levitating it into the air, effectively throwing it at Sephiroth. Sephiroth slashed through the rubble with ease before flying towards Vader once more. When he came close, he began slashing at Vader, attacking so fast, so many times that it would have been impossible for a normal human to block all of them. Vader was no ordinary human, but even he had trouble blocking all the slashing blows.
In the end he was just a nanosecond too slow to block one of the attacks and his hand was severed. Sparking wires were visible at the stump were his hand was once connected, while his hand and the glowing red sword it carried fell down to the deserted streets below.
"I admit, you're very skilled for a machine", said Sephiroth. "But..."
He didn't get to finish his sentence, as Vader raised his remaining hand and suddenly Sephiroth was lifted into the air by the neck, as if an invisible hand were choking him.
"I am no mere machine", said Vader. "You underestimate my power".
Then Sephiroth vanished again.
He appeared behind Vader, and without his weapon, Vader had no chance of blocking an attack, so Vader leapt back just moments before another strike hit him.
Down below, Vader caught sight of another pair of warriors fighting; a pale-skinned man with red markings and some kind of chain blades was fighting a man wearing little armour except for a helmet carrying a large hammer. He could tell that both of them were incredibly strong, as the shockwaves created when their weapons clashed created great cracks that spread across the road.
He leapt down to a lower building, and then down to the ground. The two fighters looked towards him as he raised his hand and his weapon flew into his hand just in time to block another attack from Sephiroth.

Then a fifth being faded into view, and the four warriors were suddenly unable to move.

The creature before them was at least ten feet high, and covered in black and dark metal coloured armour. It carried a two-bladed staff.
"Warriors of darkness", it said. "Why do you fight against one another when together, we could rule all of time?"
"What makes you think I'd need your help?" said Sephiroth, as the immobility was released from them. "I admit, you must be skilled if you could hold me and these three for even the time you did, but..."
"Only with the power of five gods can the Instruments of Time be wielded to their full extent", said the dark being. "I believe the four of you may be strong enough to wield these powers".
"Then I'll travel with you to gather the Instruments", said Sephiroth.
"But make no mistake, once we have them, I'll destroy you, and they will be mine".
"Your terms are reasonable, if you think for a moment that you could defeat me", said the dark behemoth.
"I'll accept under the same terms", said the helmetted warrior.
Vader considered for a moment. "Could one use these instruments to return the dead to life?" he asked.
"With these artifacts under their control, one could change the past and prevent them from dying in the first place", said the dark creature.
"Then I accept", said Vader.
"I shall also accept", said the pale man. "If you but tell me your name".
"Very well", said the dark being. "My name is Teridax".

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