The huge cave was quiet as the young woman descended the staircase that lead into its depths. She wore pale baggy trousers and a small purple breastplate, and her black hair was tied in a way that resembled a pair of horns.
When she reached the bottom of the staircase, she looked around the cave. It was hard to see much in the dark, the only source of light being from the burning torches along the staircase, but one thing was immediately clear.

This cave was massive.

The staircase led down to a small balcony-like slab of rock overlooking a a pit too deep to see the bottom. The cave walls were out of sight too, and the ceiling could only just be seen.
But for all its size, another feature immediately overtook its size on the woman's priority list; its overwhelming emptiness.

Or so she thought.

"You are sending message to meet here?" echoed a voice. She looked up to see a small green-skinned creature sitting on a higher ledge. He wore a red and gold cloak and large round glasses, but what caught her eye most was his huge grin as wide as his face.

"No, I highly doubt she's the one who sent the message", said another voice. A blond man wearing a gold mask that covered his upper face emerged from behind a rocky outcrop, followed by a blonde woman in a long purple dress and a purple hat with extensions of some kind that stretched all the way to her feet. It took the black-haired girl a few moments to realise that the blonde woman wasn't human - she appeared
to be some kind of doll or puppet.
"No, I believe all three of us were chosen for our skills by another party".

"You're absolutely correct", said another voice. Once again, a being emerged from the darkness. This one was a small blue and white creature. The three invited here didn't fail to notice he was walking along a bridge of some kind where there had once been empty space.
"Who are all you people?" demanded the black-haired girl.
"Straight to the point, I like that", said the blue and white creature. "I can tell that you're just what we were looking for. Very well, I am Metus, a humble Agori formerly of the Ice Tribe".
"None of those words mean anything to me", she replied, before kicking through a thick stalagmite. "Try again"
"I've been commissioned to gather some associates to gather the Instruments of Time", said Metus. "Mr. Fawful, Miss Han, Mr. Clover, you are the ones I chose. Think about it. With the Instruments of Time at our command, we could control time itself, kill off all those we seek revenge against".
"I'm interested", said "Mr. Clover". "One question. Commissioned by whom?"
A pair of glowing eyes opened in the darkness as a colossal creature reared its head. The creature was so huge it almost reached the ceiling of the cave, and from the looks of things it must have been standing on the floor below.
At the same time, an enormous dragon landed on the ledge beside the four smaller beings. The front of his body glowed like volcanic rock through cracks in his stony hide.
"Allow me to introduce my masters", said Metus. "Lord Deathwing and Lady Biollante"


Seven figures stood on a cliff overlooking a valley in the pitch-black night. In this valley stood only one building; a large factory. No-one could tell just by looking that it was a weapons factory.
"Is this Cobra's weapons factory?" asked one of the group, a blond teenage boy wearing a black mask and a red outfit. His name was Dashiel Parr, better known as Dash. The others had heard he came from a family of superheroes, and it was easy to guess what his power was.
"It's actually Baron Dante's", said another teenage boy. This was Klaus Baudelaire, the group's academic. He was dressed much more plainly, had dark hair and wore glasses. "But since they're allied now, I guess it doesn't make much odds".
"Hey, what's that over there?" asked a girl with catlike ears in a hooded coat that hid her face, leaving only her eyes and her mouth visible. Her name was Taokaka, and she was a member of the Kaka Tribe, a race of catlike humanoids.
She pointed to what appeared to be a portal of some kind dropping four humans (or humanoids), a unicorn and a dragon further down the slope. The alarms at the factory were raised.

"Well, that saves us having to arrange a distraction", said the leader in an accent most people would identify (incorrectly) as French. His name was Tintin, and he was a reporter. A small white dog followed after him as he and his group descended the hill. "I only hope those people can make it out of here in one piece!"

Micro-Ice looked up from where the portal had dropped them. A lot had happened in the last hour or so. First they had been attacked by that strange brown creature and met that crazy regenerating guy, Deadpool. Then he'd been being hunted down by a strange killer clown, escaping only when Kernor had offered to stay behind to hold the clown back (normally he'd object, but since she regenerated he knew she'd be fine). Then the Cybermen had attacked them and they had to fight off about a dozen of them. Then Kernor had come back along with a sheriff and a spaceman and led them to the rift, then the whole place had been coming down and they had been forced to escape through a portal...
And now they were surrounded by strange creatures. Some of them were dressed as pirates, babies or Conquistadors, others had horns and wielded pitchforks. They had managed to surround the six newcomers from the portal fairly quickly.
Micro-ice whipped up a whirlwind around himself and the others just as the pitchfork-wielding creatures started bombarded them with fireballs and lightning.

"They seem to be fine", said another member of Tintin's group, a voluptuous humanoid skunk known as Zig-Zag.
"Even so, we should probably wrap this up quickly", said an older man at the back of the group wearing red-tinted glasses, known only as The Preacher.
"Right", said Tintin. "Namah, can you get up to that window with your Ether Tendrils?"
A purple-skinned humanoid creature in a black coat, raised one hand and long thin tentacles shot from her fingertips up to the window ledge. She grabbed Klaus's hand and retracted the tendrils, pulling the two to the second-storey window.
Just as they had gotten out of sight, a group of armed guards in masks surrounded the others.
Before the guards could speak or attack, Dash knocked their weapons out of their hands Many of them tried to attack him in hand to hand combat, but he dodged their attacks easily and knocked two of them to the ground before one of them pinned him to the ground and the others managed to get round him. Taokaka blocked their attacks with her large gloved hands before revealing retractable claws and taking a swipe at
the guard holding Dash up. The guard let go of Dash with one hand to dodge the attack, allowing the speedster just enough time to break free. The guards never stood a chance after that, as Dash was able move fast enough to hit them from every angle at once. Within seconds they were all knocked unconscious.

Tintin looked across at the others; the unicorn and the dragon and their teammates. After they had regained their composure, they seemed easily able to fight off the costumed creatures he knew to be Dantinis, minions of Baron Dante.
"They seem to be pretty good fighters", said Taokaka, also watching as Kernor defeated the last of the Dantini guards. "Maybe they could help us fight against Cobra and the others?"
"Maybe", said Tintin, as Klaus and Namah returned.
"We got the Baron's new prototype weapons", said Namah. "And we also took an irreplaceable piece of their generator. They won't be making any weapons for a while"
"But while we were in there we found out about something else", said Klaus.
"What?" asked Zig-zag.
"First we need to get out of here", said Klaus.
Tintin nodded and lead the group back out of the valley, followed by the group who had fought the Dantinis
"Who are you people?" asked Shinji after the two groups made it to the grassy plains above the valley.
"We're..." began Tintin, but before he could say anything, a golden light appeared in the sky. Both groups looked up to the sky to see a golden object falling to Earth.
"The second Instrument of Time", said Klaus.

Samus, Snake, Spawn and Johnny Blaze (no longer in his Ghost Rider form) watched the golden object fall to the Earth from the plains where the Ghost Rider had caught up to the ice cream van.

"Any idea what that is?" asked Snake, eyes fixed on where the golden glow had landed, a few miles away.
"No, but..." began Samus, but she stopped when she saw what was happening.

Buildings were sprining up around it. They were unclear from this distance, even with the technology in Samus' visor, but they could tell they were all different colours and sizes.

"Let's go", said Spawn.


Elsewhere, another group saw the fall of the golden meteor and the unusual impact it was having on the surrounding environment as a large red and blue truck pulled upwith a view of the plains where the impact occurred.
A motorbike pulled up alongside the truck and the rider, a young man with incredibly spiky blond hair wearing a one-sleeved black outfit, dismounted the bike as three beings got out of the cab of the truck.

The first was a man in a white and red hooded outfit. He smiled as he looked out at the sprawl of buildings of every design imaginable as it continued to grow, though not as fast as it once had.
"There's no mistaking it", he said with a faint Italian accent. "A true Instrument of Time at last".
"Finally", said the second figure as he got out of the truck. He was a red and grey mechanical-looking being with small jets on his shoulders and legs. A red mask covered his face, leaving only a pair of glowing red eyes visible. On his back were a pair of broad silver swords, an unusual firearm and a medium-sized round shield with three blades.
"Optimus, you should really take a look at this".
"I can see in vehicle mode too, Tahu Nuva", said a voice which seemed to come from the truck itself. "But I may need a better look".
As the last figure, a being much like Tahu only white in colour with black armour and carrying a large cannon-like firearm and a triple- bladed lance on his back, got out of the truck, it transformed, unfolding into a huge blue and red robot.
"We have our destination", said Optimus Prime. "Let's roll ou..."
His words stopped when a shadow covered all five of them.
"What in the name of the Great Spirit is that thing?" asked the black and white being, before all five of them were engulfed in a beam of yellow energy.