Author Notes: Hello. I normally stay away from Tragedy fics after learning the hard way i.e. bawling my eyes out the whole night on a couple of absolutely heart wrenching ones. But until early this year, I never thought I'd write a Crossover fic either, so... *shrugs* I hope this is relatively painless, anyway!

Summary: For Severus Snape, after what happened at the end of Book 6 (and you know what that is).

Dedication: To a wonderful writer and friend, SS19, who breathes life into Albus and Severus in a way precious few can. Thank you! I'll try for humour next time :D

Rating: 'T'

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the brainchild of JK Rowlings.

- Start -

What is a mentor?
But a light in the dark
A quiet hand op'ning a door
A quiet word bringing a spark


What is a friendship?
But a desire to do what's right
To hell with secrets to keep
To hell with demons to fight


What is a promise?
But your given word of honour
Tho' the world will all chastise
Tho' you act to bring succour


What is a living hell?
But existing on borrowed time
Til the last toll of life's bell
Til the final rest sublime


What is eternal peace?
But all you could want, on a whim
When all of life's strife will cease
When all that is left... is him.

- End -