"Oh, you're just being sassy now," Tony said with a light glare, leaning in so that his forehead pressed against the small one in front of him. Big, blue eyes blinked up at him, an innocent smile growing on the young girls face, and she reached up to place her cheeks on both side's of his face.

"I love you, Daddy," she said with as much adorability as she could muster. "So, so much."

Snorting, Tony went to take her hands in his, pulling them down from his face and shaking his head. "Nuh-uh. I'm onto you, little miss Jennifer. I know your ways. Now sit down and eat your vegetables before McPapa comes home or you know you'll regret it. He'll do that thing where he puts his hands on his hips," Tony lifted his hands to his hips in an attempt to imitate Tim's usual huffy nature, "get that look on his face and you'll get the lecture. 'Jennifer Rose, what have I told you?'" His voice exaggerated the disgruntledness of his partner's usual irritation, making the young girl giggle as she popped a carrot into her mouth. It took him a moment before he realized she was still laughing, despite him having stopped, and she was looking behind him rather than at him.

His grin faded and he stood up a little straighter, letting his hands fall to his sides. He didn't have to both turning around to know exactly why his daughter was so amused. "Uh - hey, Timmy, you're home early." Putting an apologetic grin on his face, he spun about finally, trying out the same innocent batting of the eyes that Jenny had used on him only moments before.

"It's cuter on a five year old, Tony," he said with an eye roll, going to shove the grocery bag into his lover's arms, heading over to the table so he could give their child a kiss on the forehead.

"Daddy's in trouble, huh?" She had the same amusement in her voice that Tony got whenever Gibbs was ready to lecture one of their teammates. It was rather unnerving how much she was like him these days.

"Oh, he has no idea," McGee said with a smirk. He stroked her hair softly, flipping one of the braided pigtails when he got to the bottom. "Maybe he just likes sleeping on the couch, huh? He certainly does it often enough."

Tony groaned, heading over to the fridge to start to put away the new batch of food. He glared at Jenny, once again more playful than with actual malice. "You could've warned me," he grumbled to her. She smiled, looking up at him innocently again, shrugging.

"Gibbs says to always be aware of your surroundings," she said, her voice dropping an octave as she tried to imitate their boss. "You weren't very aware, Daddy."

Tony frowned, starting to regret having ever taken her to work. He pushed her plate closer to the small girl. "Eat your vegetables."