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Ryoma X Fuji paring later on

Plot: His Endurance- Ryoma Echizen is injured in a match in America, he hurts his knee and is unable to continue to play tennis. He completely vanishes from his friends' lives. Later on, everyone is in college and a new guy re appears, he is studying to become a coach. It just so happens this guy looks like Ryoma, but a taller and more handsome version, it is Ryoma! But he denies all who says he is Ryoma, he now goes by Ryou. A high school reunion comes up and he decides to attend because his mother forces him to, saying it could help get his career back. He goes to it and see's his old friends a team, but nobody realizes it is him because he has changed so much. They remember a small kid who wore a white cap, but this is the new Ryoma, who has given up on his dream, once his friends later on discover his old identity, they try to help him. Can the old team get Ryoma to realize his dream once more?

Chapter 1

Five more minutes, just five more minutes, thats all he needed to win. His leg was hurting so bad, but he knew he could make it, he had to make it! This would determine he was the best in the world! FIVE MORE MINUTES! He swung his racket in determination, he pushed forward to his long awaited goal. He returned the ball splendidly, but was slowly faltering. Four minutes to go...three...two! He then felt a white hot pain in his leg and fell forward and laid there writhing in pain and holding his leg, thank god it wasn't a live game. He hissed in pain as he was rushed off the court and to the hospital where his doctor broke the news to him...no more tennis...those words rung in his head like the bell of the last school day of the year did. The last.

That was the last time Ryoma Echizen was seen. After that day, he dissapeared from the world as if he didn't exist...where could he be. He left all his friends behind. They knew nothing of what happened...where are you Ryoma!

~Four years later~

Ryoma sighed as he walked down the streets of New York. He didn't stop at any of them, he felt it wasn't neccisary to do any useless actions. He used to be a cheeky small fry, but now he felt as if his spirit had been broken.

He stopped playing tennis four years ago...since the accident, since the day they told him he would never play again. Ever since that day it seemed as if a switch had turned off inside Ryoma's soul. Without tennis he felt useless, but he figured it was time to do something else in his life. He couldn't just mope around, so he decided to completely erase tennis from his heart and mind. Never again would he bring such thoughts back only to make him depressed.

Ryoma returned to his apartment and packed his bags and sighed and reached inside the drawer beside his bed and pulled out a passport. He opened it up to view a younger verison of himself. It had japanese characters written on it indicating he was from Japan.

He closed it up and shoved it into his coat pocket. He turned and threw his bag over his shoulder and then opened the door and turned one last time and looked at his apartment before turning off the light and closed the door for the last time.

Ryoma walked down to the lobby and walked over to the desk.

The guy behind the counter looked at him wide-eyed. "You are-" he began, but was soon cut off by Ryoma.

"I am Ryou Fujiwara." he said and tossed the key on the desk and then turned and walked out.

The guy at the counter watched him leave with a sad expression on his face. "A lost star." he mumbled and hung the key up and got back to work.

Ryoma walked down the street and wore sunglasses and a hat to hide his identitiy. He has been hiding under disguises since the accident those four years ago. He couldn't bear the humilation. It was the first time he actually was okay with the option of running away.

"Coward." he spat to himself bitterly and walked inside the airport. He walked over to the counter and looked at the woman at the counter and sighed. "A ticket to Tokyo, Japan." he said.

She looked at him like he was suspicous because of his glasses and hat.

"What, have you never seen someone where a hat and sunglasses before, I don't have all day ma'am." he said and pulled out some money and bought his ticket.

She blushed at her pause and then put the money in the box behind the desk and gave him his ticket.

Ryoma sighed and waved as he went over and sat down in the waiting area. He closed his eyes and thought about what exactly he was going to do when he returned to Japan...the only thing...well person in his mind at the moment was...Fuji Shunsuke.

He listened as he heard the intercom announce his flight had arrived. He groaned as he stood up and then headed to the boarding line. He stood in line and went through the metal detecters and he showed them his passport and headed inside.

He sat down in his seat next to an young woman with blonde hair, american he assumed. She was a very beautiful woman. Little did Ryoma know that this woman would soon interfere with his life.

Ryoma sat down and took off his hat and glasses and watched the television that was on the plane. The plane took of a half an hour later and the sky grew dark as the plane headed towards Japan.

The woman beside him finally woke up and blinked and looked at him with sleepy eyes. She then cleared her eyes and looked at him more clearly and her face lit up and she inwardly laughed and then cleared her throat.

Ryoma heard her attempt to grasp his attention, but he ignored it, which made her a little upset. She cleared her throat again and decided to speak up.

"Hello, my name is Laura." she said in a very feminine voice.

Ryoma turned to her. "Hi." he mumbled and then turned back to the t.v.

Laura blinked and cleared her throat once more and scooted closer to Ryoma. "What is your name, I haven't seen you around in New York before, but it seems like we've met." he said.

Ryoma glanced at her and then back at the t.v, "Ryou." he said, quick and to the point.

Laura sat back and blinked. "Um, great. So Ryou, are you japanese?" she asked.

Ryoma looked at her. 'This woman is irritating.' he thought. He sighed and then turned to her.

"Yes I am, are you american?" he asked with light sarcasm in his voice.

Laura sat back and sighed. "I can see your not much of a talker, you know it is healthy to talk to a woman every once in awhile, Ryoma Echizen." she said.

Ryoma jerked his head and looked at her. "How did yo-" he began but was cut off.

"I know these things. I was once a tennis player for the girl's team, plus I watched your matches." she said. "What happened to you? You just dissapeared all of a sudden four years ago." she asked.

Ryoma turned away from her once again. "Nothing, I just got tired of playing." he mumbled.

Laura sighed. "Your lying. I can tell it by looking into your eyes and watching the way you move around. You love tennis, I saw it when you played. You can't full my woman instincts. I know you adore tennis. I know you will go back one day." she said and looked out the window.

Ryoma glanced at her and then sighed. "No, I will not. I'm tired of tennis." he said again, this time with more aggitation.

Laura crossed her silky legs and crossed her arms. "No you aren't...anyway, what are you planning on doing besides playing tennis?" she asked. "Not trying to pry, just interested." she said smiling at him with her dark red lips.

Ryoma slumped in his seat. "Why do you ask so many questions?" he asked.

"It's simple...to get answers." she said.

Ryoma looked at her. He admired her determination, so he figured he'd give her what she wanted.

"I am going back to Japan to attend University." he mumbled.

Laura turned slightly so that she could face him more properly. She leaned forward with interest.

"Really? What are you planning on studying?" she asked.

Ryoma watched t.v as he answered her ongoing questions. "I am going to be a Physical Education teacher, a coach." he said.

Laura smiled and looked at him. "Let me guess, you are going to coach tennis?"she asked.

Ryoma shook his head. "No...I told you I am done with that whole entire sport, everything about it, I am going to teach indoor sports." he said. "Like Basketball, ping-pong, volleyball, and some outdoor sports like soccer and badmitton, and that is all." he said.

Laura sighed and sat back in her seat and looked out her window. "You know...there are a lot of fans that miss your presence on the court...myself included." she said and took out a pencil and paper and began to write down the discussion that she had with Ryoma. She was a journalist, sent to find Ryoma Echizen and bring him back to the world of tennis. She was really shocked at how her luck played.

Ryoma laid back his seat a little and placed a black cap over his face and rested his head on his arms. He managed to doze off now that Laura had stopped talking and was busy writing who-knows-what, he could really care less.

Laura looked up from her work a few moments later to Ryoma's soft snoring. She bit her lip and looked down at the bag beside Ryoma. 'This is my chance...maybe there is something in there that will explain why he quit tennis! This could be my final chance to prove to my boss that I can bring in the big scoops!' she thought.

Laura quietly sat her pencil and paper down and scooted over to Ryoma as quietly as she could. She made sure her knees didn't hit the seat and that she didn't breathe to heavily on him. She carefully slid his bag over to her and she unzipped it quietly and looked through it's contents.

She looked through it and found a photograph of him standing with 8 other boys. They were all smiling, but a short boy in the front was giving a cheeky grin. She smiled and put the picture aside and dug deeper where she found an old tennis ball with a little drawing of a chibi version of his face that Sakuno had drawn for him. She found his old tennis uniform from middle school.

"He still has some fight in him...I know he does." she whispered.

She dug deeper and found an envelope. It looked like it was from a doctor's office. She carefully opened it up and pulled out the papers and looked through them. She held in a gasp as she read it carefully twice, and then again...and then once more. She put the papers back in the envelope and put his bag back like it was and then sat back in her seat unable to speak.

'He was injured...and is unable to play tennis.' she thought.

Laura picked up her pencil and paper and began to write some more. She glanced at Ryoma and then closed up her journal and sat back and looked out the window. She would wait before she turned it in...she need proof. Her project would soon be complete.

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