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Chapter 12

Ryoma tied his shoes tightly and stepped onto the court, where his father was waiting.

"Ready to get your butt kicked again, brat?" his father asked, looking a little stressed and tired.

Ryoma sighed. He felt bad about this morning, the way he left his father and brother to deal with the reporters.

"Sorry about this morning...I know the last thing you need right now is stress." he whispered.

Nanjirou shrugged. "Don't worry about it, I know what it's like, believe me." he said and swung his racket around, warming up.

Ryoma nodded and began to warm up and stretch as well. He made sure to work his leg out a little more than the rest of his body, he didn't want to hurt it anymore after what had happened that afternoon.

Nanjirou smiled and looked at his son. "Your mother is probably swelling with happiness up there." he said looking up at the sky. "She really liked seeing you play the game you love." he said and looked back down and to Ryoma.

Ryoma shifted and nodded. "Yeah." he mumbled, not really sure what to say. "She's about to see me wipe the ground with you." he said with a cheeky grin.

Nanjirou tsked and looked at his son. "Really now? I hope you are ready to prove those words." he said and got ready.

Ryoma smiled. "Oh, I am." he said, and then the match began.

Ryoma huffed after the game was over. He had improved slightly, he still couldn't make his father move away from that one spot on his side of the court, but then again it took him months to be able to do that when he was younger. He smirked at his father and then fell back on the court and stared up at the night sky.

"Old man, I will win someday, just you wait." he sighed.

Nanjirou too looked up at the night sky from his side of the court. He rested his racket on one of his shoulders. "Like I'd ever let that happen again." he smirked.

Ryoma smiled even bigger. "Do you think I can really make it back to the top?" he whispered.

Nanjirou walked over to Ryoma and gave him a light wack in the head with his racket. "Of course, brat! You're my son afterall." he said smiling down at him. He lent a hand down to his son to help him up.

Ryoma smiled and rubbed his head and then took his father's hand and pulled himself up. He stretched and yawned. "I need to be heading home soon." he said. "I have a training day with Fuji." he said.

Nanjiro nodded. "Be careful, there have been some reporters hanging around about this time every afternoon at the gate." he said.

Ryoma nodded and reached into his bag and pulled out a hat and put it on. He sighed and waved by to his father and then left. He walked outside the gate, and just like his father had said, there were some reporters wating across the street. When they saw him come out, they were surrounding him by the second.

"Sir, do you have any connection to the family that lives inside? Are you a friend of Ryoma-san?" they questioned. They watched Ryoma carefully.

"No, I am just delivering the package." he said and then turned and started in the direction his apartment. He heard complaints and dissappointed mutters behind him. He sighed and relaxed a little, he had successfully escaped.

Ryoma turned the corner and walked up to the apartment gate then walked inside. He rummaged through his pockets for his house keys, but he had no luck in finding them. He felt his heart skip a beat as he ran to his door and twisted the knob, in hopes that it will open.

"Shit, I left my keys in the house." he hissed. He glanced at his watch and grummbled. He walked down to the first floor to the owner of the apartments. He knocked on the door and listened to see if anyone would answer. He waited for what seemed like thirty minutes and then gave up. He turned and walked back down the stairs of his apartment and left.

He thought of his next mood as he wandered aimlessly into town. Despite the time, their were lots of people out in town. He went to a restaurant to orded him some food. He hadn't eaten anything all day, and after the long match with his father, he felt even more hungry.

After he had gotten his food, he went and sat down and began to eat. It was good, unhealthy, but good. But he figured that humans could cheat in their diet from time to time. He heard a crowd come in and he looked up, his old friends Momoshiro, Kaidoh, and Inui.

He slouched in his seat a little to hide. It wasn't that he didn't want to talk to them, he just didn't want to have to answer any questions right now. He tried to quickly finish up his food, but despite his best efforts not to be seen, he was caught.

"Oi, Echizen!" Momoshiro called out and walked over to him. He placed a hand on Ryoma's shoulder and smiled. "Are you trying to hide from us?" he asked.

Ryoma shrugged and sighed. "No." he mumbled and sighed. He slowed down in eating, knowing that he had no chance of being able to escape them now.

Momoshiro and the others sat down at his table with their food and began eating. "What have you been up to all this time?" he asked.

Ryoma shifted in his seat. "Nothing. Just here and there." he answered and continued eating.

Momoshiro frowned slightly. "You haven't even tried to play again?" he whispered.

Ryoma stopped eating and looked up. "If you guys are sitting here just to ask me questions about my absence, then please leave." he said.

Momoshiro sighed and shook his head. "Fine, I'll leave you to your privacy." he said. "But please remember, we are your friends, even if you don't think so." he said.

Ryoma finished eating and then talked with the others for a moment, not really saying much, but had casual conversation with them.

After everyone else had finished eating they parted ways. Ryoma had started to walk to the park. He sat down on the bench and looked up to the moon. He was getting sleepy, really sleepy. He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands and pondered his next step.

Meanwhile, Fuji was heading towards the store near his house. He flipped through the music on his Ipod and hummed a little to the beat. He walked into the store and pulled one ear phone out of his ear so he could hear the prices the cashier told him. He payed for his things and then left. It was a little chilly tonight, it was almost fall time and the wind was blowing, making it a lot colder outside.

He tightened his scarf around his neck and then looked up at the moon. He smiled and sighed. He was then startled by a cough he heard coming from the park he was standing beside. He looked over to the bench. There was a young man sitting there and admiring the moon like he was doing just moments before.

He then recognized who it was and a smile stretched across his face. He walked over to the bench and looked up at the moon and chuckled. "It's very pretty during this time of year, right at the peak of fall." he said.

Ryoma jumped slightly and looked over at him and then smiled a little himself. "Yeah." he whispered and then went and looked back up at the moon.

Fuji sat down beside him and they both watched the moon in silence for a few moments. "What are you doing out here in the cold at this time of night?" he asked.

Ryoma sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I locked my house keys in my apartment. I tried going down to the owner's apartment, but nobody answered." he said.

Fuji chuckled lightly. "What were you planning to do, stay out here all night?" he asked.

Ryoma sighed and nodded. "I guess so." he whispered and looked up at Fuji.

Fuji smiled back at him with a handsome smile. "I have an extra bed at my house. Come on." he said softly.

Ryoma looked up at him and then looked down and smiled. "Thanks, really."he whispered.

Fuji nodded. "Don't mention it, we're friends, right?" he said. He started walking in the direction of his house. They walked in silence almost the whole way, but it was a good silence.

When they arrived, Fuji took out his keys and then unlocked and opened the door. He walked inside and turned on some lights. He smiled and sat down his bags.

"Have you eaten anything yet?" Fuji asked and started to take things out of the bags he had. "If not, I can make you something." he said.

Ryoma nodded. "I ate before I sat down in the park. I actually ran into Momoshiro-senpai, Kaidoh-senpai, and Inui-senpai." he said.

Fuji smiled. "Did they eat with you?" he asked. He turned and was putting things up in the cabinet. He left out two chocolate cups of ice-cream though. He got out two spoons and walked over to the couch and sat down beside Ryoma and handed him one of each.

"Yeah, they were quite talkative." he said and opened up his ice-cream. "Thanks." he said, indicating the ice-cream.

Fuji felt some jealousy rise in the pit of his stomach. He shifted and opened up his ice-cream as well. "I see." he said. "Did you enjoy yourself?" he asked.

Ryoma nodded. "I guess so. We didn't have really much to talk about." he said. "But the managed to talk on my behalf to." he said.

Fuji's grip on his ice-cream tightened and his eyes opened. "I see." he said. He took a bite of his ice-cream and then reached for the remote. He turned on the t.v. and there on the screen was a couple passionately kissing. He quickly flipped the channel and glanced over at Ryoma who suddenly seemed really interested in his cup of ice-cream.

"If you want you could use the shower." he said. "Not saying you smell bad, just saying that you could use it if you want to relax." he said.

Ryoma nodded. "That would be great actually." he said and stood up.

Fuji stood up. "Great, I will lend you some of my clothes, although they might be a little long on you, seeing as you are a little shorter than I am." he said.

Ryoma nodded. "Thanks." he said, truly greatful for a friend like Fuji. He was the only one out of all the others that makes him feel like himself.

Fuji nodded and went into his bedroom and gathered some night clothes for Ryoma. He was rumaging through his dresser when he stumbled across a bottle. He saw an image flash in his head of two male bodies connected. He felt his heart pang a little at the memory. Fuji to had scars of his own, but his weren't visible. He sighed and closed the dresser door and took a deep breath and after gathering his senses again, he turned and left the room.

Ryoma was standing in the livingroom looking around when Fuji returned. Fuji handed the clothes to Ryoma and smiled. "The bathroom is down the hall, second door to the right." he said smiling.

Ryoma nodded and smiled. "Thanks." he said and walked to the bathroom and hopped into the shower.

Fuij sighed after Ryoma was out of sight. He sat down on the couch and turned the t.v. off. He hadn't opened that particular drawer in awhile, he wondered how and why he had forgotten what was in there, maybe it was his heart trying to forget the hurt he had felt.


"Don't worry...I'll make you forget him." a husky voice whispered into Fuji's ear.

Fuji trembled lightly and looked up at the man on top of him. He clenched the sheets as the man moved deeper within his body.

"Ah!" he moaned out. He trembled even more as the man continued to thrust inward. He panted lightly and gasped. "Ah, Atobe!" he panted.

Atobe smiled and bet over and began to whisper sweet words in his ears. "So good." he whispered and kissed Fuji's ear.

Fuji shivered and bit his lip. He didn't love Atobe...but after he heard of Ryoma's dissapearence and wasn't able to see him on t.v. anymore...he gave up. He needed to be held, since he couldn't hold the one he loved, the one he had loved since months after they had met.

'Ryoma!' Fuji screamed inside of his head as he and Atobe released.

Atobe smirked. "Thanks, I enjoyed it. Call me when you need comforting again." he whispered and gathered his things and left.

Fuji cried himself to sleep that night, he had betrayed his love for Ryoma, but then again, Ryoma never loved him at all so he wasn't really betraying him at all, it was just him feeling that he did. He would never forget this.

End Flashback~

Fuji sighed and shook his head and turned the t.v. back on. He looked up when he heard Ryoma coming down the hallway.

"Thanks for letting me use the shower." he said. He smiled over at Fuji.

Fuji stared at Ryoma for a moment. He looked over his features, his slightly smaller frame, his hips had a little more edge to them than any other man, his lips were full and a light shade of pink, his hair looked good clinging to his neck and his face, and his eyes that was like liquid honey seemed to catch anything in its path.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." he said. He smiled at Ryoma and then looked at the clock. "Should we go to bed now?" he asked. "Since you are already here, we can start our training tomorrow." he said.

Ryoma nodded. "Sure, where do I sleep?" he asked.

Fuji smiled and then slid the table out of the way of the couch. He took the cushions off and then pulled out a couch bed. He put some sheets on it and a blanket and then he put some pillows on it. "Is this alright?" he asked.

Ryoma nodded. "Yes." he said, clearing his throat a little bit afterwards.

Fuji nodded. "Well, Im not setting the alarm, so if you want to get up at a special time, there is another clock right there on the table." he said.

Ryoma nodded again. "Thank you." he said.

Fuji and Ryoma just stood there for a few moments before Fuji shifted and turned and walked to his room, shutting the door. He went over to the side of the bed and turned on the lamp and sat down on the edge of the bed. He put his head in his hands and sighed. His heart was hammering in his chest. The one he loved was sleeping under the same roof that he was.

He laid back in his bed and covered up. How could he sleep? He sighed and tried to calm himself. He turned over and closed his eyes.

After a few hours of tossing and turning, Fuji got up. He quietly opened his door and tiptoed into the kitchen. He got a glass down from the cupboard and fixed him a glass of water. He turned and leaned against the counter and glanced into the livingroom and slowly lowered his glass down on the counter.

He walked over to Ryoma and sat down on the bed beside him and watched him sleep. He smiled softly and reached over and caressed his cheek softly. "I love you." he whispered. He bent over slowly, soundlessly so he wouldn't wake Ryoma. He caressed Ryoma's lip with his thumb before gently leaned down and kissed his lips. He felt a rush go through his body. It was everything he dreamed it was. He pulled back reluctatnly and sighed.

He then went over to the other side of the bed and laid down beside Ryoma. Now Ryoma's back was to him. He slid in slowly and carefully. He wrapped his arm gently around Ryoma's waist and sighed softly. He felt bad for sneaking around Ryoma while he slept, but he couldn't hold it back anymore, he needed his touch. "I love you...I love you." he whispered.

He fell asleep there behind Ryoma. He smiled in his sleep, he was truely happy at this moment.

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