"Did We Really Know At All?"

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Chapter 1: Justin's Side of the Fantasy

There seemed to be a nervous state of confusion that surrounded Justin. After he saw Heather into that compromising position, he really didn't know what to think of her. Was he just frightened or just amazed? Or just a little bit of the both?

This all happened while he saw Harold and Geoff play a round of "Marvel vs. Capcom 3". Harold was playing as Morrigan and Geoff was playing as the demon hunter Dante from "Devil May Cry". The fight went back to back, but Geoff proved to be the better man every bout. Just then, Harold grew in frustration at another loss from the party boy himself.

"WHOOOOO HOOOOO! And that makes it 4 wins in a row!" Geoff said in victory as Harold complained that his character got trapped in a corner. Geoff didn't care one bit as it was all part of the game.

"Bullcrap! All of it was just an act of divine interruptness!" Harold complained yet again.

"Dude upstairs had nothing to do with it. Now it's Justin turn..." Geoff responded as he gave the controller to Justin. But Justin didn't respond to Geoff's words. He felt like he was sorta daydreaming again.

"Justin...Geoff said it's your turn..." Harold said, trying his best to snap him out of it. Quite frankly, Justin did come to his senses, leaving the daydreamed image off of his mind...well, for a second at least.

"Huh, what?"

"Dude, are you alright? It kinda looks like you're drifting at least. You thinking about Morrigan, huh?" Geoff teased him a little. Why on earth would Justin want to do with a green-haired virtual succubus in the first place? Of course, he wasn't dreaming about that. He shook his head at Geoff's answer.

"What about Chun-Li? She's got nice gams, huh?" Harold replied as well. Of course, Justin would be interested in a virtual butt-kicking Chinese girl quite like Chun-Li, but that wasn't the point. Justin was daydreaming about something else, but he just can't muster the strength to tell it to Geoff and Harold.

"It's not her. It's..." Justin said as he looked around at the whole resort and back to Geoff and Harold. "...You promise that it's just between us right?"

"Sure...whatever you say. Just tell us." said Geoff, who stayed true to Justin's word.

"All right..."



"I just saw Heather masturbating." Justin responded out of nowhere. His answer just left Geoff and Harold speechless as fuck. Was that the real reason that Justin was daydreaming? About her?

"You saw Heather masturbating? That...is...awesome! Woohoo!" Geoff cheered for him, and so did Harold. But it also left Justin sorta confused. he wouldn't know what to make for this situation.

"Yeah, but I just don't know...I mean, she's with Alejandro. I just couldn't do that to my very soul. But I guess on the other side of the coin, he just makes me sick. I just couldn't stand him!" Justin exclaimed in rage, now thinking of Alejandro, and how he just wanted to thrash him for having Heather attracted to that Latin liar of a man.

"The rest of us couldn't. Justin, maybe perhaps this is a sign. As of I learned, Heather and Alejandro are no more! There's hope for you all the way buddy, GOSH!" Harold exclaimed as the news cheered Justin up a bit.

"Wow...I didn't really know that until now...thanks." Justin spoke like he was relieved. "But, I guess there's also something I like to share with you as well..."

"What? You gonna find some kind of tactic to get her interested in you?" Geoff said, being a little tense.

"Yeah, but that's not the point. You see...Heather caught me in the act too."

Geoff and Harold we're both surprised of the following news. They decided to hold up a chair and sit down.

"Tell us all about it. What was the dream all about?" Harold questioned him.

"Okay...well it all started when I was somehow trapped in a white universe. And there was steam everywhere. I could somehow feel the heat getting closer to me as I walk. And it just turned out to be a shower of some sort. And Heather just happened to come out of nowhere looking so wet and steamy with a towel wrapped all around her." Justin explained quite well.

"Tell us more!" Harold exclaimed again.

"All right, she starts seducing me like she some sort of hot lonely housewife or some sort, by unwrapping her towel and showing that amazing smooth naked body of hers. I mean she had those D-cup breasts, that fine tight pussy, that curvaceous ass of hers, and those legs...holy shit they were long as a gazelle..." Justin spoke like he was starting to become breathless.

"Go on..." Geoff continued as he popped open a can of Pepsi.

"And then before you know it...me and Heather start kissing each other. Oh, man...those lips we're just so plump and delicious like an apple. Once I just sunk my teeth, I just couldn't stop. And then, she starts blowing me out of proportion, in which it just felt sooooo good. It was like a wet blowjob through hot water. And then, she just urged me to take her from behind like she just wanted it so badly and desperately. She just happened to whisper to me saying, 'I need you, Justin...'. So I do what I tell her. My hard cock just steamed right inside her. She was basically purring like Catwoman was getting turned on by a Batman with a long cock. And then again, maybe I was dreaming about me dressed up as Batman and Heather dressed up as Catwoman as well. It's like two wet dreams I wouldn't even bother getting out of my head." Justin explained again.

"Okay, I'm lost...was it either the shower or the Batman-fucking-Catwoman dream?" Geoff said, quite in confusion.

"Okay, I admit it. It's the Batman dream. Every woman in the whole wide world knows I would look so hot as Batman. So that's settled...I'm hot for Heather and basically, she thinks she's hot for me as well..." Justin spoke as he grew satisfied of the fantasy.

"Yeah, but here's what I basically do. Dress up as Batman, but make sure Heather is asleep. Make sure you seduce her with a kiss. When she sees you dressed as the Dark Knight, she's gonna want you facedown." Geoff explained the futuristic situation.

"That's it...I would feel a whole lot better if Heather was dressed as Catwoman. Believe it or not, I'm such a nerd for Batman comics." Justin told the truth to both Geoff and Harold. "But I would be like him in some other way. It's pretty much the good looks."

"Like I said, wherever she's Catwoman or not, just go in for the kill. Enough said, buddy." Geoff replied with a demolished smile.

"Thanks, man...now I feel better. The Dark Knight shall rise again..." Justin spoke in a determined mood as he left. He was destined to get Heather through his wet dream that would soon turn to reality. After all, destiny was about to play Justin's cards right.

"You think his plan of his will work?" Harold responded right to Geoff.

"No fucking clue, man...let's play some more and see where that question leads us! If he scores, he succeeds. If he blows it...then...I don't know! " Geoff responded as he grabbed his controller urging to play more.

"Eat my fire!" Harold said, mocking Geoff.

"Bite my shorts!" Geoff said, mocking Harold as they started a new game of Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Both Geoff and Harold knew on the outside, that Justin was more than desperate to get his fantasy girl for himself once and for all.

I don't know...I felt like this was my weakest chapter. I was just confused on what to write, but I did it.

So Justin dreams that he's Batman...proof enough.

But what will Heather's side of her fantasy be like in the next chapter?

I would admit that the Batman dream as envisioned would look sexy because the way of the leather that both Batman and Catwoman feel around their body. What a way to enhance the pleasure!

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