"Did We Really Know At All?"

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Chapter 3: The Fantasy Comes True


It was all there was. Midnight.

All except the sound of purring. Purring was the only sound that had calmed a man's nerves coming from a cat or a woman itself. Basically, it wasn't coming from any feline.

It just happened to come from a leather-wearing, man-eating nymphomaniac-like feline by the name of Heather, who had transformed into Selina Kyle, who was disguised as Catwoman. She'd had been playing around with a jewel of hers, which just happens to be a huge Hershey's Kiss disguised as one of the jewels Catwoman had stolen from an expensive Gotham City museum.

The way that she was just tossing and turning with all those purring noises that she was making in her imaginative sleep was proof enough, thinking of the only man that Heather or Catwoman had truly wanted in her sex-filled dreams. She truly wanted Justin all along.

The way she was thinking about him as the Dark Knight. That amazing abs sculpted into that kevlar suit, those amazing beautiful cheekbones, and such a hard leathery bulge. What could be inside that desirable bulge of his? Something so hard, something so long, and yet something so tasty...

She had thought about her Hawaiian lover as she was playing around with her jewel. She had such a sexual, yet sinful smile coming across her beautiful face.

"Mmmmmmmmm...it's just now you and me all along, and there's nothing that can separate us from what we have. I have a purrrrrrrrfect feeling we may get along so well..." Heather spoke to herself while also talking to her precious jewel. Her reflection in that ruby-infested gem had shone so brightly in her image. With a lick of her lips, she had felt so aroused with her work.

This had went on for a little while, until Batman's image had soon cut off hers. Heather or Catwoman would have been irritated at this, but the way that he shown up with that skin-tight leather outfit and the Batman emblem emblazoned right on his chest, Heather just had to display a sexy, seductive smirk right on her face.

"I knew you show up...one way or the other..." Heather/Catwoman reliped as she turned around to see Justin/Batman standing right behind her bedside.

"So you noticed...the game's all over, Catwoman. If you don't want any trouble, you'll hand the jewel over to me, and we'll all be happy..." Justin/Batman replied to her as he lent his hand out for Heather/Catwoman to give up the jewel.

"Ohhhhh, and why would I? We we're just beginning to know each other and it would just hurt me if me and my jewel were separated from each other. And who wants that?" she replied, just pretending not to give Justin/Batman the jewel. He didn't know which kind of jewel she was talking about, the one on Heather/Catwoman's right hand or himself.

"That jewel belongs to the Gotham City museum and I must have it back. But if you don't wanna give it to me, I'm gonna have to use force whatever it means necessary." Justin/Batman spoke right down on her bedside, without showing any emotion whatsoever. But Heather knew that he was playing along with the scene. Heather/Catwoman had gotten off her bed and approached the Dark Knight sexually. Even gently lashing her whip and wrapping it all around him like a Christmas present.

"Come on...why would you wanna act like that around me? I'm sweet, caring, compassionate...I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. Not to mention I don't bite." Heather/Catwoman replied to him as she traced a finger touching caressly over Justin's/Batman's chest. "...well, I bite a little bit. But I'm sure we can find some way to work things out. After all..."

Heather/Catwoman soon went right to his ear and whispered.

"...you're greater than purrrrrrrrfect...". She finished with a gentle bite of Justin's/Batman's earlobe.

He had retaliated by grabbing Heather's/Catwoman's wrists harshly. With such sexual anger in his face, he now scowled.

"You will not control me! I am not a slave!" Justin/Batman exclaimed to her. His sexual rage was now making Heather/Catwoman aroused beneath their sudden resentful embrace.

"You think you only know pain, Batman? I will teach you how ruthless and devious I can be if you do not serve me." Heather/Catwoman said back to him knowing that she wasn't a woman or a feline be crossed.

"It's you that's gonna serve me, Catwoman..." Justin/Batman said to her as she pushed Heather/Catwoman right on her bed and pinned her forearms, therefore not letting her escape one bit from Justin's/Batman's clutches. And then, to add as a pleasurable insult to injury, Justin's/Batman's perfect lips neared right to her ear seductively. "...it's you that's gonna serve me..."

With those words, both Justin/Batman and Heather/Catwoman had met in such enticing embrace. Not one sight of each other had left their faces. Blue meeting black and black meeting blue. Their anger couldn't be contained as both had displayed seductive smiles at each other. Heather/Catwoman had that desperate hurt look on her face, urging Justin/Batman to feel his warm enticing kiss on her. The way their body heat from the leather was the result of that. So devastatingly handsome was the Dark Knight, knowing that he had the most hottest, most swooning female that he had ever laid his justice-giving hands on.

The two had finally kissed so tenderly, and yet so passionately. It felt so hot, and it felt so heart-warming at Heather/Catwoman, she gently took her delicate leathery hands and touched his amazing cheekbones therefore deepening the kiss with her long tongue. But Justin/Batman fought back as his long tongue slowly moved around her entire mouth like a really slithery snake. The kiss had just tasted so savory and chocolate-like. And she was swooned by it's forbidden taste.

As they continued to kiss, Justin's/Batman's fingers had slowly unzipped Heather's/Catwoman's leather cat suit, revealing her glorious and full plated 35D breasts. The skin of her breasts was just so soft and just so grab-like. As he was unzipping her, so did she. Heather/Catwoman gently ripped down his lower Kevlar-covered body and Justin's/Batman's almighty 11-inch manhood was revealed to her. It was the size that Heather/Catwoman had dreamed about, and it was finally coming true.

"Mmmmmmmm..." she replied and purred as Heather/Catwoman licked her lips seductive-like and slowly charged her mouth gently inside his prime Hawaiian meat. She let out a muffled moan as she rocked her head back and forth, as his huge cock was just thrusting her mouth orally. Justin's/Batman's hips bumped and grinded on her face, with such a fantasticular motion.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, shhhhit...ohhhhhhhh..." Justin/Batman moaned as his face looked so weary because of the sensation that Heather/Catwoman was giving him. Her head now started bobbing up and down, in which at some other times, she stuffed that whole entire cock, choking on it for a little while. Justin's/Batman's entire manhood felt like the size of an entire Batmobile.

She even gave the tip of his penis a playful lick over and over again just like Heather/Catwoman was licking a Blow Pop altogether. Once you get a hold of the taste, there was no chance of hell ever having to stop. She wanted him to ejaculate prematurely, but Justin/Batman felt like it wasn't time to do that just yet.

They soon broke off of that blowjob as Heather/Catwoman laid down gently, forcing Justin/Batman to remove the rest of her leather-induced clothing all the way down to her feet. The Dark Knight couldn't believe at the sight of her sweet pussy. It was clean-shaven, and it was really tight and just so pink like bubblegum itself.

"Come on, Batman...make me a baaaaaad kitty..." Heather/Catwoman said, in a erotic fashion as Justin's/Batman's tongue approached her smooth puss and gave it one teasing lick. She soon felt it go inside her body.

"Mmmmmmm...meeeeeow..." she cooed sexually as the Dark's Knight's tongue motorboated gently through her pink walls. Oh my goodness...was the taste ever so sugary just like his hard leather cock. His tongue was performing around circles just like he would perform circles on his batmobile. It was certain that the Caped Crusader had one hell of an appetite.

"MmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmm..." Justin/Batman muffled as his long sharp tongue was shoved deep inside Heather's/Catwoman's tight cunt. Her precum had felt like the tender candy that he was just tasting. So sugary and so tasty, just like strawberry-flavored lollipops. Heather/Catwoman had tossed and turned carefully just trying to control the turbulation that Justin's/Batman's tongue was having on her. His tongue didn't wanna let go one bit from her. With a few licks and thrusts of his long tongue, Heather/Catwoman had was now gonna lose control orgasmically.

"Oh, god...I'm cumming! MAKE ME CUM! OHHHH...!" Heather/Catowman screamed sexually as her love fluids had shot Justin's/Batman's entire lips all over. The pressure she felt before she came all over Justin's/Batman's face forced her to grab the sheets uncontrollably. She just panted all over through the sexual pressure as the Dark Knight reappeared and kissed her gently, making Heather/Catwoman taste her own cum.

"Mmmmmm...you're definitely gonna deserve it..." he said right to her roughly, but sensually.

"Please...make me deserve it, Batman...I desperately need you..." Heather/Catwoman said right back to the Dark Knight as he put her into the missionary position. She definitely wanted Justin/Batman inside her like really bad. He was happy to reply as he gently sent his huge throbbing manhood and planted it gently into her pink womb warmly.

Justin's/Batman's hips gently rocked back with his dick thrusting in and out carefully in a smooth motion. Heather's/Catwoman's pretty head bent to the side with her eyes closed through this pleasure that she was enjoying. His entire dick was jammed and squeezed through careful lubrication made by her cum.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Baaaatman...morrrrrre..." Heather/Catwoman desperately said to the Caped Crusader as he continued to jam her in more. Justin/Batman soon displayed a rough smile to her face, as she had started to gleam sweat all over her skin. She kept feeling his manmeat banging in and out of her that her hands was feeling Justin's/Batman's leathery flesh. His grunts had now became more fierce and more aggressive as her pussy kept taking a sexual beating.

As he kept thrusting, Heather/Catwoman forced him to stop suddenly.

"Let me ride your batmobile..." she spoke to him urgently erotic-like as Justin/Batman carefully turned her over which now sent Heather/Catwoman on top of the Caped Crusader. He was rested in a relax position was his arms was rested on the back of his neck, while Heather's/Catwoman's tight ass was being jolted gently up and down by Justin's/Batman's mega-cock.

"Oooooooooh...awwhhhh..." she moaned gently, feeling her body make like a rocking chair over and over again. Justin/Batman was enjoying this one bit. Heather/Catwoman was purring her body out on him, as her ass was vibrating his cock smoothly like the violent oceans itself. The Dark Knight now started to gleam sweat as well, which was resulting in the upper part of the outfit he was wearing.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh...yeah. Ride my batmobile..." Justin/Batman grunted softly and harshly as he gritted his teeth so hardly. Heather/Catwoman rocked her tight ass even harder, feeling the speed go fast like a sportscar going 120 mph. She rocked her body back and forth so hard and so furiously that she was in urge of crashing and yet Justin/Batman held on to her hips for control.

"AAHHHHHH, YEAAAAAH!" Heather/Catwoman screamed sexily as his hard throbbing dick kept riding her ass some more. His strong manhood started to feel a little pink as it was almost about time to reach the purest levels of ejaculation. But Heather/Catwoman didn't want him to stop yet as they finally broke free of the cowgirl position.

She now looked down at the Dark Knight with such sexual joy in her face.

"Come on...come fuck my ass like the dirty little bat you are..." her voice spoke to his face once again as Heather/Catwoman purred lightly and bent over on doggie-style position, which forced Justin/Batman's revolting cock to approach her already-purring ass.

He gently inserted his hard leathery rod into her ass and just pumped in and out. Weird how Heather's/Catwoman's ass felt like a huge dick pump inside for Justin/Batman. His bulge just grew so hard with every thrust and every pound that his hot cock was already taking inside her sweet hotbox all over and over again.

"Fuck me...FUCK ME, BATMAN!" she yelled in horny fashion as Justin's/Batman's fucking speed just increased like that instantly. Heather/Catwoman felt his jamming cock heat up her ass like a lightbulb. Not to mention the fact that it was now turning red with every increasing thrust. The more his thrusts increased aggressively, the loudly Heather/Catwoman moaned like a ghost getting it from behind. Even so, that her ass moved a little back and forth the same way that Justin's/Batman's hard rod was doing just now.

"Oh damn it...damn it, I'm gonna cum! I'M GONNA CUM!" Justin/Batman yelled aggressively as his cock now started to vibrate uncontrollably. But somehow, Heather/Catwoman had other plans up her dirty little feline-induced sleeve.

"OHHHHHHH, CUM INSIDE ME! FUUUUUUUUCK!" Heather/Catwoman screamed desperately as she grabbed on to the sheets, awaiting a lot of milky ejaculation. And with the Dark Knight's brutal thrusts and a few dark, yet grimly groans...came long splirts

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...!" Justin/Batman moaned aggresively as long giant streams of his man-made cum had sprayed inside her ass intensely over and over again. He kept thrusting slowly just to spray some more cum inside this sexy naughty cat that was Heather/Catwoman herself.

"Mmmmmmm...please get some on me..." she spoke sensually as Justin/Batman thrusted out of her ass and put his right hand on his already cummable dick, therefore thrusting it. The Dark Knight started spraying large amounts of cum all over Heather/Catwoman's left and right eye, her sweet plump lips and not to mention her plump breasts. This dirty naughty feline was now covered in Justin's/Batman's hot cum just like a tasty cinnamon roll at breakfast time, as she licked and sucked the cumming remains out of The Caped Crusader's death-defying rod, therefore enjoying the brief oral outercourse.

As the almighty session had finally ended, Heather/Catwoman had finally rested on Justin's/Batman's arms in such a tender and naughty embrace. Heather never knew hot that was, and Justin never knew how hot that was either.

"I have to say, you're much more than a purrrrrfect lover than Alejandro. I've never had it so bad in quite a long time..." Heather spoke sweetly to his new sexy Hawaiian, leather-wearing hero.

"Really...? So that's means I'm greater than perfect than him?" Justin spoke gently as her, as their conversation stared to get a little quieter. With that comment, Heather just let out a satisfying sigh altogether.

"Definitely...you are something else, Justin...or should I say "Bruce"..." Heather smiled at him as she kept relaxing on his chest which emblazoned the Batman logo.

"I can concur with that, 'Selina'..." Justin spoke back to her as he relaxed in their comfy bed alongside his "Catwoman", or Heather. He ended up wrapping his left arm around her lower waist thinking of the most incredible sex they ever had.

All it took was two little accidents that made it all clear that Justin and Heather are united sexually as one. To put it all around like the pieces of a puzzle...

...it was arguably the best night of their life that they will never forget...

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