Regard the previous drabble for disclaimers and warnings. THIS CHAPTER IS SUPER FLUFFY, HEADS UP.

Atomic Number of Seven: Nitro-fucking-what?

Hidan parked in Kakuzu's driveway, insisting on re-hydrating before continuing on with his perilous journey home. And Kakuzu, being the caring boyfriend who would do anything to get Hidan to shut the fuck up, allowed him indoor.

"Are you finished?" Kakuzu asked when he heard clinking glass, taking it as Hidan putting away his mess. He knew the younger adored his mother and actually put an effort (as minimal as that effort may seem) to keep on her good side.

"Tell your ma I like her new frame." Hidan admired a cute water color painting of a manatee newly hung near the kitchen sink. He did put away his glass but he wanted to stay a little longer. Extra time to snog and all that fun stuff.

"Sure," Kakuzu walked into the kitchen to stand beside him, "You should stay for dinner…" he said absent mindedly, before groaning. Shit like that always slipped through his lips before he thought about it.

Fortunately, Hidan laughed it off, "Jashin, your invitations are fucking irresistible. My favorite part is always the regret." He turned away from him and headed towards the closed front door, "Besides, I can't. I got shit to do."

The taller of the two frowned despite the relief he felt. Don't get him wrong, he's just spent several, very aggravating hours with Hidan already. He followed, "Declining? That's… different." He phrased it carefully so not to discourage this strange event.

"Yeah, you know I'd rather be here since I love your mom's food. Like I love it more than…" Hidan paused in contemplation. For a second, Kakuzu actually believed he would say something worthwhile, "More than dicks."

Kakuzu tried to hold in a laugh but ended up snorting loudly. He tried to look nonchalant about it but Hidan was smiling ear to ear. He squealed and cooed, acting like a complete moron. He came closer to him but the embarrassed teen grabbed the other's wrist before it could pinch his cheek.

"Holy shit, that was so cute!" he continued to coo even as Kakuzu glared pure rays of death at him, "You think I'm actually funny! And whaddaya know! All it took was a penis joke."

"Shut up!"

"Not until you admit you think I'm fucking hilarious!" he yelled and freed himself from the grip. He circled around Kakuzu like the little white shark he was before hugging him from behind. Kakuzu half-heartedly tried to pull his boyfriend's arms off of his stomach but he knew from experience, it would be an unnecessarily taxing sport.

"I think you're mental. And don't you have "shit" to do?" he growled.

"Not when Zu-zu's trying to hide his true feelings from me." Hidan sighed, rubbing his face up and down the shirt covering Kakuzu's back. It was soft, unlike the beholder's personality. "It's okay, I understand. The world's a cold place, but I, Hidan, son of Kumaron and Jensa, born of middle class, with a love of fire, warm nights on the beach, preferably fucking—"

"Holy shit, stop. This isn't Match dot com." Kakuzu rumbled as he turned himself around within the confines of the pale arms.

"dedicated disciple of Jashin-sama, will not betray you."

"I'm surprised you didn't say anything about pain or blood."

"Would that get you to check out my profile?"

He rolled his oddly colored eyes, "If nothing else…"

"You're such a sadistic ass." he snickered before draping himself over Kakuzu's thick shoulders. He pushed himself against Kakuzu so their chests were completely lined up. The other didn't push him away (as if he would even want to) and leaned downwards for Hidan's sake.

"Yeah…" He pecked Hidan's lips after a moment. "I thought you had to go soon?"

"I do but I'm waiting for something, bitch."

They stood there, Kakuzu confused and Hidan smiling expectantly. Until Hidan realized Kakuzu honestly didn't know why they were just staring at each other. He scowled and crossed his pale arms behind the stitched back, bringing them closer together. "C'mon man, you serious?"



"Nitrogen. It's the seventh element."

Hidan groaned and tugged lightly at his long sideburns, "You're seriously one of the top five most un-fucking-believable people in this damned world." Seriously? They were literally pressed up against each other and that's what he thinks of?

"I have no clue what you want from me."

"A kiss, you dick-for-brain!"

"I already did."

"A goodbye kiss, like with tongue and shit. Is that so much to fucking ask for?"

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