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1 Much Ado About Animal-Sitting

By: ShineyEye 02

"But mom, I really want to have a cat!" Kari exclaimed to her mom while her mother was doing the dishes. Her mother shook her head disapproving about the statement. Tai was standing beside them.

"And I want to have a dog too! It wouldn't be fair if Kari's the only one with a pet!" Tai protested putting his hands on his hips. His mother shook her head once again.

"Now, now. Kari, Tai, I told you many times, no pets will be allowed in my house. You know that it's hard work taking care of a pet. Who would clean the cat's litter box? Who would walk the dog? You know that sooner or later I'll end up doing those kinds of things. SO I am telling you for the last time, NO, period," Mrs. Kamiya said as she put the last dish on the dish holder. She then wiped her hands and ambled out the kitchen to the living room with Tai and Kari following her. As she sat down on the couch, her two children also sat down next to her in each side.

Tai gave her a puppy look and so did Kari. "Please, please, pleaseeeeeeeeee mommy with a cherry on top and kisses and hugs?" Kari pleaded. Her mother sighed.

"Mom! If you won't agree then I'll just go ask dad. Maybe he'll agree with Kari and me instead," Tai commented and wondered off to his father's room. Tai barged in seeing his dad calculating some taxes on his bed. Tai jumped up on the top of the papers startling his dad.

"Son of a gun! Tai, you little cunning man," he said chuckling. "Hi dad."

"So son, what are you up to? And while you're at it, or shall I say on top of it, could you please get off these papers?"

"Nothing much dad. Just a simple question I'd like to ask you and it's really very important or else I'd go coo-coo if you said no," Tai spoke quickly then smiled.

His father looked at him. "Ok what is it?"


"Whoa son, slow down there and hold your horses!" his dad chuckled beckoning him to come closer.

"That's a problem, we don't have a horse. But what I said was if Kari and me can have our own pets."

Just then, in came Mrs. Kamiya with Kari on her arms. She looked at the duo and sighed.

"I believe he's been consulting you hasn't he?" she asked.

"Well you're right on the spot there honey. Actually he just told me before you and Kari came in."

"Please dad?" Kari asked rising from her mom's shoulder.

Mr. Kamiya looked at Tai, then at Kari, then to his wife. "Well…" he said then was cut off.

"Oh all right!" Mrs. Kamiya said giving up on the situation. "I will agree for you two to have some pets…" The children cheered gleefully and Kari came down from her mom's arms. "BUT, you must show me that you two CAN be responsible before I can give my final approval understood? If I don't see that then you two can just kiss your cutie booties away."

Once again the children danced happily. "Thanks Mom! You're the best!" Tai exclaimed happily as he hugged and gave his mom a sweet kiss on the cheek. "What Tai said," Kari echoed.

"Ok then, you two start off to bed," their dad said. "It's off to school for you young ones tomorrow."

"No dad, it's work for us tomorrow. Whoo-hoo! Finally Tai, we can get into business!" Kari screamed kissing her parents good night.

"What is your sister talking about Taichi?" his dad asked. "Oh nothing. You and mom will see soon enough. G'night now!" he said as he and Kari hopped out of their parent's room.


Tai and Kari hurriedly dashed off from their classroom and met up in front of the school.

"You ready Kari?" Tai asked. "Yup big brother!" Kari hollered.

"Yo! Wait a minute there," a voiced said from behind. The duo turned around to see a smiling Matt.

"Hey there Matt," Kari responded waving to him. "Hi ya cutie," Matt shot back. "So why are you two in such a hurry?"

"Nothin' much Matt, Kari and I have business to take care at home," Tai responded grabbing Kari. "But Tai-" Kari said. "No buts, we gotta go now!" Tai exclaimed as he started running taking his sister's arm.

"Wait a sec u two! I wanna know what's up!"Matt hollered as he started running after them.

The three of 'em started running off to the Kamiya's house as fast as their legs could carry them. Tai was so determined to quickly get home he didn't even notice Sora saying "hi" on the way.

"Hey Sora, bye Sora!" Matt, instead of Tai, hollered at her as Sora gave a confused look to why they were running so fast and waved. Kari was panting that she wanted to stop and rest. "No time to rest squirt, gotta go home fast and now!" Tai demanded.

"(pants, pants) Geez! I should have never followed you two…… this… is … so… tiring….ack! I think I'm having cramps!" Matt yelled loudly.

"Well no one invited you to come," Tai commented. Meanwhile Mimi was coming their way with two grocery bags on each hand just minding her own business. The next thing she knew, three people came dashing passed her.

"Hey! Watch where you're going you jerks!" She hollered looking back at the three what seem to be runaways. She recognized the back of their heads. "Tai! Matt! You jerks!!!" but she left out Kari's name in the name of girls.

After what seem to be endless miles of running and hustlin' the three kids finally made it to the Kamiya residence. Stopping in front of the door, they were all hunched down trying to catch their breath. Just then, Mrs. Kamiya stepped out the door supposedly heading to the convenient store. She stared at the kids with big wonder.

"What are you three doing? Are you all right? It seems like you've been running away from a stampeding cattle!"

"Mrs. Kamiya, I have no idea why we were running so fast, I just followed them," Matt uttered under his breath. Tai shrugged and all three of them came inside the house to rest; Mrs. Kamiya chuckled and told the kids she'll be out grocery shopping and left other things to do posted on the refrigerator door. The kids slumped on the couch with great sigh of relief they weren't sprinting anymore.

"All right Tai, what's the big rush here? Can someone say 411? Someone fill me in," The young boy with blond hair said interrupting the silence of the house. Tai nodded, got up on his feet and went to his room. A few seconds later he returned with stacks of paper, or should I say flyer. Tai dropped that gigantic stack on the center table ending with a great big thud.

"There's your 411 Matty-boy," Tai teases. Matt hissed. He took a paper and read it:

'Going on a vacation? Need someone to take care of your pet? No need to worry! Tai and Kari are the expert! Call the Kamiya's residence now! We guarantee that you're pet will have the greatest time ever in their span of life! Call: 253-8800 now!!!!!!!…….Charging will start at $15 dollars a day. So call now, it's not a toll free number.'

Matt looked a bit dumbfounded. "Ooook. You're starting a pet business? Does your parents know?"

"Nuh-uh, it's a surprise for them proving Kari and I CAN and WILL be responsible for these pets so they can give us our own pets," Tai responded.

"Hmm…I don't trust you with those pets. The very day they step into this house, sheesh, I don't even wanna know where in hell they'd end up," Matt teased cackling. "Oh, just make sure they don't end up in the Digital World ok? I'm sure Gennai wouldn't want us looking for lost pets instead of defeating gigantic freakos. Unless of course that pet of yours you're taking care of have some kind of digivolution." The kids chuckled.

"I guess I better get going now. Hey Matt, do you mind if you stay here with Kari for a several minutes or so? I want someone to be at home while I go around the neighborhood putting up these flyers, you know, just in case someone calls for their pet to be take cared off," Tai asked ever so nicely…for once. Matt nodded and Kari just waved good-bye to her big brother. So, Tai exited out the front door carrying stacks of paper.

45 minutes later….

"Gosh! Someone has to call, I'm not gonna wait here doing nothing," Tai complained.

"Geez you bonehead, you just got home after putting up those flyers. You're hair is so thick no wonder no air gets through to your brain," Matt replied sarcastically.

Finally the phone rang. Kari answered it. "Yes Mrs. Kush, we can take care of your turtle, sure! How many days? Oh ok, 3 is it? Yeah that's fine, just drop 'Turly' here and pick him up whenever you're home. Bye bye now." Kari hung up and gave an a-ok sign to Tai.

"Our first customer Tai."

"Whoo-hoo! Oh yeah…who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who-….ow!" Matt smacked him.

"Quit it. You got work to do you know." "You're not my manager dweeb!"

"That's it! You need someone to keep track of money and I'm just the right person to do it. Say Tai, how 'bout if I jump in in this business of yours, how 'bout we say we split the payment 3 way? Huh, whaddaya say buddy old pal?" Tai rolled his eyes. "Fine, fine."

………………3 hrs later.

"Tai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kari screamed ever so loudly. "What Kari?"

"I can't find my gift for my teacher tomorrow! I know it was here on my desk drawer but now it's gone. Aw man, don't tell me one of the animals has it."

"Um hey you guys," Matt said as he poked his head on Kari's door. "This fuzzy diary wouldn't happen to be any of your stuff would it?" Matt spoke lifting a wet fuzzy diary slowly.

"Hey! You found it!" Kari exclaimed happily as she got up from her chair.

"Yeah I found it kiddo. I found it wet."

"Wet?" She asked curiously. "Yup, that's what I said to ya. Wet. Underneath "Pinky's" paw. Damn that little puppy. He can urinate more than my brother and I combine,sheesh!"

Kari's face grimaced. She couldn't believe what Matt has just said. Tai started laughing so hard. "Oh! That is so funny! Hahahaha!!! Oof!" Kari smacked Tai so hard with a pillow he that he stopped…for 3 seconds. Kari barged out of the room only to see CHAOS all over the place.

"Oh…my…gosh…Tai! You better come out here now! I think our business is a bit out of control."

"Hehehe-what the heck!" Tai exclaimed as he saw these crazy animals all over the living room and such. "Gahh!!! That's mom's China! Get out there you pussy cat!"

Tai, Kari, and Matt started chasing several animals in the house and tried to put them back in their own cages. Tai was after a Siamese cat who almost broke his mother's China; the cat was too quick for him. It went under the table, into the kitchen, into his parent's room, into the computer room and back in the living room.

"I'm gonna get you now. Here kitty, kitty, kitty," Tai hissed between his teeth. The cat was above the television set where his mother's China rested. Tai leaped for the cat but instead…..CRASH!

"Son of a duck! I am dead meat!" Yup, he just broke his mother's delicate and expensive China and the cat just pounced away.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are little puppy, I'm not going to hurt you," Kari sang sweetly as she held a tiny leash on her hand. Kari caught a glimpse of the little puppys' tail underneath her bed. "Gotcha!" she cried out! But instead…"hissed!!!"

"Aaahh!!! What's a rattler doing here?" she yelled backing up quickly.

"That's Mrs. Ivy's rattler Kari, don't worry I'll take care of that! That is, after I'm done chasing this monkey!" Matt hollered running passed her door.

"What's a monkey doing in the house?" she pondered to herself.

"I got him!" Tai yelled. "NO idiot! I got him!" Matt hollered. "Augh! No I got him!" Tai shot back. The monkey screeched as it showed its teeth and quickly jumped on the next couch knocking over a table lamp.

"Get back here you ape!" Tai cried. "That's a monkey dork," Matt commented laughing. "Yeah? I don't see any difference. It eats bananas doesn't it?"

"Well I'll say you're a monkey's uncle Tai." Matt laughed. Kari came out awestruck.

"Mommy's lamp!…..that's antique u know! And oh my dear Lord, just look at this house. Tai, why did I ever stay with your stupid plan? Mom sure is gonna crack the whip on us BIG time."

"Look's like your sister's about to ditch you on the job business huh Tai. So let's just say we split the payment 50/50? How 'bout that? Sounds fair don't it? C'mon, be a good pal and we'll be happy," Matt teased still chasing the monkey.

"You suck up. How 'bout if I shove that rattler down your throat and goes in your stomach. Heck, you'll be shakin' all day singing Ricky Martin's song: "Shake your bon, bon, shake your bon, bon, shake your bon, bon." Ha! That'd be real funny, I'd like to see you're shaking whatever you don't have."

Matt snickered. "At least I have talent, you don't."

"Hello boys, and girl, I'm home!" Mrs. Kamiya hollered as she entered the door with bags full grocery bags on each hand. "Are you guys having fu-" she was cut off for she was just so shocked on what she saw. Her whole house seem to have gotten hit by an enormous hurricane. What a horrible sight. Her antique lamp broken, a couple picture frames from the walls broken too, her China in several pieces, the couch pillows ripped and torn, animals all over the place, and the floor wet with odor. How disgusting!

Mrs. Kamiya dropped her grocery bag. The eggs cracked.

"Hehehe…mom, I think you just dropped the eggs," Tai said nervously. The three kids stood side by side for consolation from each other. To their apprehension, their mother was just speechless.

"Sooo….uhhh mom, is dinner ready?" Tai asked once again. The monkey swung on the over head lamp back and forth screeching so loud.

"AAAAhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!" his mother screamed so loudly it almost broke the window. "My beautiful house! You…you….(thud)" she never finished her sentences for Tai and Kari's mother fainted. A parakeet land on her forehead as it rested on it. "Tweet, tweet."

"Guess she decided to take a rest on the "hello's" and "welcome's" to my house sweet animals," Matt said chuckling a bit.

"Oooooooooooh boy, we're grounded."

"Hissssssssssss……" the snake slithered its way out of Kari's room.

End of Chapter 1

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