Author's Note: Well I hope you enjoyed chapter one. NOW, let's get on for some more Craziness! Chaos! And Laughs! OH, one more thing, let's forget Meiko, Tai and Kari's cat from the show off this fic ok? Let's say they DID NOT have any pet(s), that's why I wrote this story b/c they wanted one...

Chapter 2

"Oooohhh," Mrs. Kamiya groaned holding her left temple.

"Look, she's coming around," Tai uttered as he kept fanning his mother with a magazine. Surely right after she fainted, the kids carried her onto the nearby couch, which took some time of great effort.

Mrs. Kamiya could see through the slits of her open eyelids, yet blurry of the images of the children. She continuously heard distinctive noises in the background.

"Mom?" Kari asked looking directly at her half-aware in state of condition. "Mom? Can you hear us?"

Her mother stirred a couple of times, her head reeling sideways several times. Matt got up and quickly journeyed his way to the kitchen to get Mrs. Kamiya a nice, cool, glass of refreshing liquid, water. Not a moment have gone by, Mrs. Kamiya became aware of what has happened and now clearly saw her children.

"Hey mom, welcome back to Earth," Tai said smiling at her. "We thought we lost you in Saturn or something." His mother just looked at him curiously.

She ran her hand through her hair smoothly and slowly tried to sit up.
"What on earth happened here?" she asked.

Matt came out of the kitchen holding a glass of water. "Here's your water Mrs. Kamiya," he said as he ambled back in the living room.

When suddenly....
"Ooohh.....aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!" the monkey, who was previously swinging from the overhead lamp, jumped onto Mrs. Kamiya's chest and thrusted its head towards her face, its sharp teeth inches away from her nose.

She screamed loudly as if the whole town could hear it. "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh," the monkey screeched!

"Tai!! Get it off me! Get it of me!" she yelled frantically, her hands trying to grasp something to hit it. The monkey dodged her punches and started jumping on her chest.

"Hey! Stop that!" Tai yelled. It turned to Tai and gave him a nasty, gnarly, horrible look showing its fierce, savage teeth hissing.

"I'll get a broom!" Kari yelled and quickly ran to the kitchen. In a blink of an eye she was back, the stick end of the broom pointing to the monkey, while her mother froze in panic. "NOW I got ya! Let's see how tough you are banana boy!"

"Kari do something!" her mother hissed between her gritted teeth. Kari started poking the monkey as it dodged the broom stick and hopped around Mrs. Kamiya. The furry animal tried capturing the end of the stick but with no luck instead......BAM!!! Knocked Mrs. Kamiya out cold with both ape hands. The punches hit her good and hard right on her face.

"MOM!!" Tai and Kari yelled together. Tai rushed quickly to see his mother's condition. "Whoa, this dude could sure pack a punch."

"Muhammad Ali! I'll say." Matt commented. "WOW, where did that monkey learn to box?"

"That's it monkey butt. It's you and me now. This is war," Kari hissed as she squinted with terror on her face and rage in her eyes. Heh, as if the monkey had time to quarrel. She thought it was gonna make a move, rather, it gave her a mocking laugh and scurried away towards her room.

"You come back here! I'm not finish with you yet!" she yelled and started chasing after it. The boys watched as Kari went after the furry animal and shut the door loudly. All they could hear was Kari's loud yelling and banging of things inside. God knows what's being broken or hurled into the air.

"What are we going to do?" Tai asked. Matt shrugged. Tai gave him a look. Matt smiled sarcastically.

"I'm awfully hungry Tai, especially after chasing that Siamese cat, the monkey, and taking care of that puppy's...ugh, stinky urine on the rug and the diary," Matt commented.
"I can't believe you're stomach's more important than cleaning the house and my mother," Tai responded slapping Matt upside the head who smacked him on the shoulder.

"Well GEE, SORRY if my stomach wants some attention! Besides, your mom is perfectly fine where she is now, she's sleeping and I don't think she would want anyone to bother her. Now that she's taking her beauty rest, heh heh."

"She was knocked cold by a monkey, you ape!"
"I'm not an ape! And I will not in my life ever believe that scientific evolution that we DID evolve from brainless, helpless apes. No way! I look too good to be an ape," Matt cried despising the thought of smart scientists proving that humans were once apes. (Why scientists thought this...who the heck know why.)

"Hahaha...ok then, chimp," Tai sneered.
"Are you mocking my good looks?" he asked wanting to hit him now.
"Sorry Matt, I don't swing YOUR way. I only like girls," Tai said sarcastically, sticking his tongue at this friend.
"I could cut that anytime broccoli goggle boy," Matt laughed giving a retarded look to his companion. we go now.
"How dare you insult my hair! You know how long it takes me to keep it the way it is? Being all good and just 'WOW'?" he asked patting his head. Matt shrugged and coughed sarcastically.
"Just 'WOW'..." Matt quoted ridiculing what he just said.
"Geez, no wonder we're always late saving the Digital World," Matt coughed.
"What was that Matt?" he questioned. "Dude, nothing. You are such an airhead," Matt retaliated.
A couple minutes later....ok let's say fifteen minutes later ok? Good, now we're all happy!

In came Mr. Kamiya carrying a heavy gigantic box that covered his face. He can practically see where he was setting his foot on the ground and let alone hop over the shoes of the kids and his wife.

"Hey kids! I'm home, and I have something for you!" he yelled cheerfully trying to peek over the box that prevented him from viewing his home.

"Hey ya dad!" Tai greeted from where he and Matt stood fighting.

Unaware of what was slowly walking on Mr. Kamiya's path was a creature, the size of a regular round boom box. Slowly, it took its time to enjoy its walking from the kitchen to the living room. Very slowly....and freely...and calmly...and non-chalantly...not a thing to worry about....very...very....very...SSSSSSSLLLLLLLOOOOOWWWWW...

Mr. Kamiya set foot on the ground, the little creature was safe, for now. "Kids, aren't you going to hurry on to see what I got?" he asked.

"So what did you get us?!" Tai gladly responded waving his hand in the air indicating so that his father can see that he was present.

He budged the box up his chest, so that it would not fall. A step he did take but, the moment he did, tragedy occurred. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

"I got you some-WHOAaaaaaa!!!........(THUD!....CRASH!)"....Such horrible event. Yes, for he had tripped over the tortoise, yes a tortoise, though the kids did say it was a turtle whose name was 'Turly' (c'mon, like Tai and Kari could tell whether it was a turtle or tortoise). Ending up landing flat on his face was not a very good feeling. His left cheek hit the ground, his face grimacing in pain, ouch. How cruel this world is.

"Ow," he emitted, "I think my nose is broken."
"Are you all right dad?" Tai questioned his father as he came to his rescue.
"Gee son, let's see now. I just stepped inside our humble home carrying a box without me seeing where I am going. I tripped over something hitting the ground flat on my face with the stuff inside the box all shattered and I feel pain on my face and nose and now you are asking me if I'm ok? No I don't think so son. And now here's a tortoise walking freely on its own past me, only minding its own business. Man, look at those tortoise legs go-," Mr. Kamiya stopped. He just realized what he had said on the last sentence.

His eyebrows drew closer. His face drew closer too as he saw this giant shell-walking creature. "What on earth is that doing here?" Tai and Matt helped Mr. Kamiya get up. He held his nose quickly, for the pain excruciated as Matt hit him on the elbow.

"Oh God!" Mr. Kamiya said, "I should have stayed at work. Ow! I think my nose is really broken now."
"Whoops, sorry sir, I was just trying to help you," Matt said with a nervous chuckle.
"You helped him broke his nose you dumb nut!" Tai screeched escorting his father on the couch beside his mother. His father sat down, his head tilted back staring at the ceiling hoping it will relive the pain. He turned his head to the right.

"What on earth happened to your mother? Look at her face!"
", she's having a beauty sleep, you know, it's really important for women," Tai answered.
"I don't recall your mother sleeping with red cheeks," he said.
"Uh well dad why don't I get you an ice pack for your nose ok?" Tai spoke and rushed to the kitchen.

Matt sat across from Mr. Kamiya smiling nervously of what Mr. Kamiya might say next. He wanted to quit now that chaos is spreading so quickly like a disease that it's not going to stop and there's no cure for it. No, he wanted to go on more so he can get money and buy what he has really been wanting. NO, he wanted out of the business now!

'Ouch, my brain hurts from all this thinking. Mr. Mighty Person in heaven, please make these voices in my head stop. They're chewing my brain and my brain is not a gum!' he thought.

Yes, he wants out of the business! He will not partake in this non-sense of animal sitting. If the animals get loose on the street it will not be his fault.

No, what are you talking about? He's in! He's in for the MONEY! YES, MONEY, MONEY MONEY! (Evil laugh) All that money will feel SO GOOD in your hands and pockets, if you have enough money you can buy whatever you want. Anything (whisper evilly).

NO! Money manipulates children! It's not right and it's very wrong!

Matt became tense as he sat up straight, his hands in a tight fist on his lap. He almost looked as if he's beginning to get paranoid. What was all these things going on in his head? His eyes shuffled left to right, right to left, vice versa. In or out? Out or in? Money or no money? Good or bad? Bad or good? What? What is he to do about this dilemma in his head?

Tai came back with an ice pack on his hand is dad greeting his son with a smile.

"AAAhhhhh!!! Shuttup! I don't want to hear anymore of it!" Matt yelled furiously standing up, his head in between of his hands that rested on the side of his head. Tai froze dead on his tracks. Mr. Kamiya looked as if he just saw his scariest math teacher from grade school.

"Matt, are you ok? Or do you need some mental help?" Tai quizzed him, his nose twitching, his eyes blinking several times. No one spoke as the blonde boy felt embarrassed of what just came out of his mouth. Heat engulfed his whole body. Lumps formed in his throat. Sweat started sprouting out of its pores on his forehead and neck. He was blushing. Without further ado he fell down on the couch sitting quietly.

"Sorry, I umm, uhh," he said scratching his head, "I think I shall go grab an ice cream from your fridge huh. Is that ok?" Tai nodded. Matt went on about his business in the kitchen.

"I wonder what happened to your friend Tai?" his dad asked rubbing his nose slightly.
"I'm not sure either dad," Tai approaching him with the ice pack. He watched his father covered his "broken" nose while still holding the ice pack. "I think he might be hungry, that's all."

His father just nodded and tilted his head back on the couch-back. The cold felt so good to relieve the pain, well sort of.

"Where's your sister Tai?" he asked. "She's in our room, doing something," Tai answered.


"Yeah, she should be done though."

With the blink of an eye, the door from their room swung open and out came Kari screaming and running so fast while the monkey, whom she used to chase in the beginning, now chased her with the broom stick. Hitting the ground, fortunately narrowly missing Kari from death (no not really heh ^_^;)

"Aaaahhh!!! Tai help meeeeeeeeeee!!!!" She screamed from the top of her lungs running and hiding behind the love seat.

"What the-" Tai and his father said.

"Eeeehhh....aahhh.......ooohhh aahhhh oooohh ahhh!!" The monkey shrilled with terror hitting the broom stick on the ground bouncing up and down.

Mr. Kamiya was surely taken aback by the new visitor in his house.

"TAICHI AND HIKARI KAMIYA!!!!!!!" his voice thundered. Everyone stopped. Even the monkey stopped and hid under the table.


"Um, well you see dad-" Tai was interrupted. "Dad! Tai wanted to have an 'animal-sitting' business so we can prove that we're responsible so then we can have our own pets! But now all the animals are out of control because Tai's a bonehead (who looked at her like "wut the heck-") and a dog peed on Mrs. Tukushi's diary for school tomorrow and now I don't have anything to give her. Then now I was changed by a monkey, and inside my room it started pulling my beautiful hair and eating all my homework and now I have to say "The monkey ate my homework" instead of "My dog ate my homework" but the problem is we don't have a dog and more likely will my teacher not believe me because it is ridiculous to say that I EVEN OWN A MONKEY!" Kari said in one breathe.

Mr. Kamiya blinked...once...or twice.....
"Well, uh...thanks for being honest to me," he said. Surprised that Kari became frustrated and told the story in one breathe.

The next day in school...

"OK now everyone, please take out your math homework and pass it to the person in front of you. I will quickly correct it and return it to you so you may find the wrong answers to correct. Does everyone understand me?" Mrs. Tukushi asked.

"Yes Ma'am," the class said. Everyone passed their math homework except for Kari, indeed knowing the accident that happened the night before.

After a minute or so collecting, the teacher browsed through the papers alphabetically and noticed that her work wasn't in. Surprised she was since Kari had never missed any home works she had given.

"Ms. Kari Kamiya," she said. "Yes ma'am?" she answered nervously standing up. She knew exactly what her teacher was going to ask.

"It is shocking for me to know that you did not turn your homework in Ms. Kamiya. May I ask where it is?"

"Um''s uh-uhh..well you see-"

"No I don't think I am following you young lady. Please stop stuttering and tell me if you did your work or not." She said taking her glasses off.

"Yes ma'am I did," Kari responded. Mrs. Tukushi walked over to her desk. Takeru Takaishi, Kari's friend who was also her school mate, watched as the teacher approached Kari. "Then if you did your work Ms. Kamiya please hand it to me."

"I can't." "Excuse me?" "I said I can't." "I am getting tired of your excuses Kari. This is unlikely behavior of you, especially coming from such a smart student."

"The monkey ate my homework," she said nervously turning red as an apple.

The teacher looked at her weird. "Is this some kind of joke?" she thundered.
"No! The monkey DID eat my homework! I'm telling you Mrs. Tukushi."
Her other classmates started laughing at her, the funny thought of a monkey really eating her homework. Now what families would keep a monkey in their own house? Well, a circus family would.

Quietly she sat down as everyone laughed hysterically, minus Takeru who felt sorry for his best friend. The teacher walked back to the front of the class with such poised keeping her head up. Quickly she turned around looking at the class.

"Silence! Now everyone will listen. I will not have this non-sense be in my room. And as for you Ms. Kamiya, half an hour after school tomorrow."

"Hey, don't worry Kari, I didn't laugh at you. I believe that the monkey ate your homework because my brother Matt told me," he said trying to give her a cool smile.
"Thanks T.K., you're the only nice person in this class to believe me. So do you want to come over after school?" she offered with a smile on her face. T.K. nodded.

After school...........Kari's front door as she entered.

"Seems kind of quiet in here," she said.
"Oh," T.K. said.
"Well c'mon in! You're not a stranger in my house, you're like family," she emitted looking back at him.
"Um....Kari? Is that thing also a family member?" TK asked pointing at the monkey that greeted them at the door step.

Their eyes bulged out as the monkey....was just NOT a monkey, it was a "civilized" monkey, or so it was.....maybe.

"What in the world!" Kari exclaimed.
Sure enough, the monkey was wearing lipstick, her camp whistle, her cute pink hat, some socks and shoes, her clip on loop earrings, and last but not least, her hot pink underwear!! It smiled and put its hands on its hips and twirled like a model then sat down showing its glossy-yet-yellow-with-a-piece-of-banana-peel on its front tooth.

TK held himself from laughing so hard! Kari was so embarrassed! SHE WAS SOOO RED!!! 'No, TK's not allowed to see my underwear!' she thought as she covered TK's eyes with both her hands!

"Aaarrghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!! WHY ARE YOU WEARING MY UNDERWEAR!?!?!" she screamed. "Tai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The little furry ape nonetheless just smiled at her, stood up, turned around and fashioned down the hall way as it disappeared in her room. Hey, animals are curious, so it's more likely they'd try on human things. Especially, Kari's hot pink underwear!

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