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as she looked outside, expecting to see the view of beautiful sunny Miami, Ali sighed and remembered. The accident happened on the 20th January 2011…resigned, she was resigned to the fact that it happened. I mean she hadn't meant to kill her best friend, NO she hadn't killed Lucy it was just the fact that the court wasn't so sure of that. They had pestered her until they had to resign to the fact that Ali was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But during that time they had nearly made Ali believe herself that she was to blame; even so they had said that it might be better to go to reform school until they were actually sure.

She was one of the 80 students that went to Sword and Cross reform school. They were all a peculiar bunch of people. Knowing each other's business but still keeping in their groups unless of course you were like her and Cam. Cam and her were one of the few couples at Sword and Cross. Well Ali wasn't sure if they were still a couple because they had had a row just before he had got kicked out. Of course he was enrolling back into this school again but they still hadn't made up. Of course she shouldn't been worrying about that, well they had loads of fall outs and right she needed to be concentrating on her school work. However it was still really to the front of her mind, even before she thought about Lucy she would think about her problem with Cam. Beforehand that had never happened it was her biggest guilt trip, Lucy, they had been through so much but no now it CAM!. She shook her hand and turned back to her room to get dressed.

The school dress code was not Ali's favourite style to dress. Black was not her colour but she complimented it by wearing different colour pashminas which brought out nicely her blonde hair. The range of activities at sword and cross were at a minimum but Ali had still managed to keep up her violin, she hid it away in her wardrobe while practising it every day she remembered how Cam would use to come in and listen to her occasionally making funny faces at her when something went wrong. Her hair which was now up in a bun looked as if it was sun kissed and hurrying downstairs she glanced towards the wardrobe waiting to play her instrument.

As she sat down in Miss Sofia's class she glanced across and noticed a new girl with short black hair and pale skin. She looked across to Ali and gave a shy wave, waving back Ali decided to introduce herself and smiled, "Hey, what's your name? Mine's Ali and I live in Miami."

"Really, mine's Luce how come your in this place rather than at home with your parents?"

"Actually it's kind of private but seeing as you'll find out someday I'm not going to tell you right now"- Just then Arianne sat down just behind. I grinned at her realising that she had a new haircut. Ruffling her hair she said "I see you've gotten to know my new pal Luce, do you like", pointing to her new hairstyle, "Luce did it herself."
"Yeah it's really good and it suits you. I like new starts especially with hairstyles it's like a new you. Others aren't going to like it but don't worry about them cause they can't really talk. Knowing their lifestyles." Winking at Arianne. Luce tried to look like she got it but neither of her friends were fooled. Instead of pretending otherwise they just laughed at her making Luce go a bright pink.

"So are there any boys that you've seen that fit the bill." Arianne asked grinning evilly. Ali rolled her eyes at Arianne's remark. It was so like Arianne to make that sort of remark. Luce blushed "Well there is this one..."