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Chapter 4

"Ali. Over here!" Daniel called to her at lunch. She made her way over and sat down with Roland, Gabby and Daniel. "Whats she doing here?" Roland asked with open hostility.

"She knows Roland." Gabby said "She's in the fates, you of all people should know that."

"You know I don't do that anymore" Rland didn't smile. Ali looked to Daniel in confusion. "What was that about?" she asked, he laughed coldly and quickly "Roland was kind of Heavens seer. Or at least he was on good terms with the fates."


"Well, it's complicated." Daniel said. Roland glared at Ali whilst Gabby tried to make conversation. Ali looked away from roland. Great! Now Ali had moody over there to make her life difficult. She just wanted to be friends, it wasn't like she was intruding. But something was intruding her mind making her look around. Something had made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. Cam was staring at her, open mouthed. What was his problem? It wasn't like she was the one that had basically ended their relationship. Did he expect her to cry about it? Well she wouldn't. At least not in front of him! Cam's eyes moved to her right and Ali's followed. Luce and Arriane were chatting at a different table. Ocassionly Luce would look at Cam and then at Daniel. Ali sighed and turned back to her table. Why did Cam have to go and fucking mess everything up? Then Ali noticed that everyone else was staring at Cam and Luce. Roland looked bored, Gabby had her eyes narrowed and Daniel cleched his fists. Ali eyes locked with Daniel's. They were cold and grey. Could he see the sorrow in her eyes? She was about to open her mouth but at that point the bell rang.

-Ali and Luce were walking back to Ali's room when a voice spoke "Hey Luce." She turned, Cam's sexy smile was right in front of her. Ali turned and glared "What do you want Cam?!"

"Yoah, was I talking to you? No. If you wouldn't mind I would like to talk to Luce." He said without even looking at her. Ali stormed away in rage. Round the corner she literally collided into Daniel. Ali tripped but Daniel caught her. "Sorry." she mumbled and turned to go on to her room. Daniel caught her arm and said "What's wrong?"

"He just pisses me off so much. You know."

"Yeah, I've dealt with him over millennial. This is the only time when he's done what he's doing and I can't work out why."

"Is he jealous? What is his problem? Why does he want to make your life a living hell?"

"I keep forgetting you don't know. Cam and I used to brothers. Up in heaven, we were such good friends. Even when we both fell we wandered the earth, he was always there when Luce ..." he paused, swallowed and continued "Well you know, died. Then he met Lillith and they were so happy. We are thought they were made for each other so they got engaged. Well I'm not sure if you know but fallen angles can't enter church or any religious building It basically combusts and kills anybody inside it."

"What was the problem?"

"Well, Lillith wanted a wedding in the church. But Cam couldn't so he tried to have it on the beach outside from the church. That didn't go down too well with Lillith. Long story cut short she broke his heart and he joined the side of Lucifer, he was also annoyed that I get Luce forever."

"But it's not that simple, is it."

"No there are also other reasons why he joined the side of Lucifer."

"Who's Lucifer?" Ali asked. Daniel smiled "So much to tell you, but not right now. I'll see you in the morning."

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