"It's gonna scratch me."

"She won't."

"And bite at me."

"She'll only be playing."

"It's a killer, Abby, I'm telling you."

"It's a kitten, Tony," she said with a sigh, rolling her eyes and shoving him lightly. "It can hardly kill a mouse right now, let a lone a six foot two human being that's made of muscle." She smirked, going to poke his stomach lightly. "Or, well, there's muscle somewhere."

Tony pursed his lips a little, scootching out of her poking range, and glaring at the white ball of fluff that had occupied itself by attacking Abby's shoelaces. It was batting and chewing at them, occasionally getting overwhelmed by its new found enemy and going to jump back, crouching and ready for the attack. It would wait a few moments before darting again, causing Abby to giggle softly, reaching out to scratch her belly softly.

"How can you look at something so cute like that?" she said with a pout, picking the small kitten up and cuddling her to her face. "I'm glad I found her at the shelter. My landlord is totally cool with cats, too. She's so little."

"She's gonna get big, you know. Kittens turn into cats which are hunters and killers."

"... You were attacked by a kitten as a child, weren't you?" she said with a trace of amusement, not even bothering to hide the smirk on her face. Tony huffed softly, looking away, scratching his neck.

"It was a very traumatic experience and I don't want to talk about it."

Abby laughed softly, a small, "Awww, Tony," escaping her as she went to wrap her arms around him, kitten still in hand. He stiffened some as he noticed it far too close to his face for his liking, waiting to get mauled by the tiny creature. Instead, it leaned forward, sniffing him, trying to figure out what he was all about, and began to lick at his nose.

"... You're not gonna lull me into a false sense of security, you little sneak," he grumbled. Still, his glare was a little more half-hearted and when Abby pulled away from the hug, she could almost see a smile forming at the corner of his lips.