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Warning: Some dark themes in later chapters (I'm sorry), and this also an alternate universe fic :)

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There is nobody here that can reach you,
There is nobody here that can find you.

Whispers of the Forgotten


If someone valued the clich├ęs of life, this could start with 'Once Upon a Time', but with 'Once Upon a Time' the horribly overused 'And they lived happily ever after' is expected. Real life isn't about happy endings. It's about getting through, day by day, with as many laughs and as little tears as possible.

Nearing the end of 10th grade, fifteen, almost sixteen year old Josh Nichols was beginning to learn that life isn't always filled with smiles. That's wishful thinking.

At fifteen, life was good for Josh. His Dad was happier than he had ever been. He had the step-sibling he had always wanted, even though she could be over-whelming with her pranks. And his step-mom, when taking her pills, was the kindest woman in the world.

He was in a relationship. She was bright. Gorgeous. She was a girl who he had plans on going to university with. The beauty which seemed to be the reason of Josh's existence was named Mindy. Josh often said that if you spelled 'Love', there was the same amount of letters as the word 'Josh'. If you spelled 'Love' with two E's, it was the same amout of letters as the word 'Mindy'. Obviously, they were meant to be.

Deep within the backburner of his mind, a place where Josh was a little scared to go, yet always seemed to end up within the last 5 minutes of Algebra, there was the picture of 3 children, a gorgeous house with a veranda, and a happy couple named Josh and Mindy Nichols-Crenshaw drinking coffee. The idea of that named being turned around to Josh and Mindy Crenshaw-Nichols had also occurred to him, but if that's what would make Mindy happy, he was up for anything. As long as they could be together and remain happy, thats all that mattered, right?

He thought he had everything. Good grades. Good friends. An amazing and interesting family. Other than his Step Mother's rare mental outbursts (which only happened when she refused to take her pills), life was good. Simple, if not boring, yet still good. And simple and good were things Josh idolized. Craved for.

But as said previously, not everyone has a 'Once Upon a Time' and a 'Happily Ever After'.

Being close to sixteen years old, Josh figured out that there was no better time to learn that particular lesson.

What happened at to Josh Nichols at fifteen years old, that changed his oh-so-positive outlook on life? To put it simply, he met someone.

A fifteen year old boy. He was silent. Refused to speak.

That was the best way to describe him.

This is the story of their friendship. And from that friendship, Josh learned about reality.

Real life can suck, it just depends on what you make of it to get you past the bad times and back into the good.

Shortest thing I've ever written!

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