Hi everyone, if you were expecting a new chapter I am so sorry. I promised myself I'd never do this, but I felt that I should apologize and explain for the 8 months without a new chapter-

I feel really bad for just letting this fic hang where it is. For everyone who read Chapter 7, I am so incredibly sorry for what you read. You probably don't even remember by now, but I feel absolutely appalled and disgusted at what I wrote. A few days after ( I think?) I forced myself to get on the site and delete the chapter, and then shortly after I deleted chapter 6, leaving it where it is now. When I wrote those Chapters I was in a completely different mindframe/mental state. It was not very pleasant. But things have gotten much better now, and I once I'm done some of my newer stories, I will be returning to this one. I can't just let a fic be left udone, especially when I really like the idea/plot. I am unsure of when I'll pick the story up, but it will be in the new year. Truthfully, I couldn't even bring myself to look at this story for most of this year, and any reviews I recieved I deleted because I was just really ashamed of myself. It was a wierd sensation, but I think I've gotten past my own disgust for the last chapters now. I have much better ideas of what can happen, less gruesome/physical and violent. Ones that I will be able to look at later and be happy with, and not want to delete and then pretend it never happened for more than half a year :p Also, I'm hoping my writing skill has improved, so that would be nice for this story as well, since it relies more on setting, characters, background information than it does on dialogue/ filler stuff.

Long story short, when I'm done writing my newer fics (which will be soon!), I'll be returning to this one. I dont know when that will be, but this will be finished! IT WILL HAPPEN! HAHA! :p I might take it down, completely redo it (since I do kind of insinutate that Owen is behind the kidnapping- and for those of you who did read the other chapters, he's the one who did kidnap Drake, etc. etc... and as I said, I have better ideas now, so I may have to take way his character completely, we'll see?), and then re-upload it with the same name. Or I might just reupload chapters instead of taking it down? Either way, once again, I am so sorry for the wait for those of you who have actually liked it, but I figured an honest explanation and apology was in order. But, mark my words, if you did happen to like this story, it will have an end. That, I can promise you! :) Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a Happy New Year! :) See you soon?