Hey guys and gals! This is the sequel that I promised a long long time ago for What Do You Get The Werewolf Who Has Everything? If you haven't read it don't worry, all you really need to know is Stiles got his nipple pierced, Derek bought a house and the pack all decided to go to college in Berkeley. Yeah, I know, but hey I've got an artistic license so *blows raspberry*.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this. Let me know what you think and as usual, any ideas give me a shout and I'll see what I can do.

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The house was quiet and still in the pre-dawn light, but it was messy and it was lived in. A pair of battered sneakers belonging to Stiles lay in a corner, half covered by a hoodie that looked like Jackson's. The coffee table was covered in text books and pens. Bits of paper were spread out everywhere with one of Lydia's pink notebooks lying open from her school work last night.

There were empty cups from last night's study session too, and the bin in the corner was in danger of overflowing from the amount of rubbish stuffed into it. The screen of a cell phone that was lying in the middle of the couch lit up announcing the arrival of a text. It belonged to Danny but it must have fallen out of his pocket at some point. Derek's leather jacket hung over one of the chairs at the table that was also covered in student debris. One of Scott's t-shirts hung over another chair, a sauce stain down the front. A half used bottle of perfume sat on the table too, it belonged to Allison.

The house may have been messy, but it was pack. And in a few hours chaos would erupt when the first of them got up to start getting ready for the day. Derek took one last sweep over the house before heading back upstairs with the glass of water that Stiles had demanded when he woke Derek up. Of course Stiles was snoring softly when he closed the door of the room and Derek was half temped to pour the water over his head but he didn't. He set it down on the bedside table and slipped back into bed. Stiles flung an arm over him immediately and muttered something about pink clouds not holding the elephants up before smacking his lips and falling back to silence. Derek lay back in the bed and closed his eyes. But he didn't sleep. He listened, enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the early morning dawn. It wouldn't last for long.


'Oh my god Jackson have you been using my hair straighteners again for your pubes!' Lydia snarled.

'Go to hell!' He shouted from his bedroom.

'You're straighteners were in here. Allison's are broken.' Scott said appearing in Lydia's bedroom door.

'Hey has anyone seen my Star War's shirt. I know I left it here to dry on Tuesday.' Stiles whined.

'Sad bitch.' Jackson said.

'Go to hell.' Stiles shouted.

'It's in my room.' Danny called.

'Why is Stiles' shirt in your bedroom?' Allison asked pulling her toothbrush out of her mouth.

'Because it was lying on the floor so I ironed it for him.' Danny said.

'Mummy!' Jackson shouted from his room. Lydia snickered.

Derek groaned and pulled the pillow over his head; they had only been living here a month and he was ready to commit murders. He had it all worked out, he knew exactly what he was going to do to each and every one of them...his bloody thoughts were interrupted by his name.

'Has anyone told Derek about the party yet?' Lydia shouted. Derek pulled the pillow off his face. What party?

'What party?' He shouted then shuddered. The realisation that he was turning into one of them hit him hard. He stood up and padded into Lydia's room. 'What party?' He asked again using an appropriate tone of voice. Quiet, not shouting. An inside tone.

'Just a party.' She smiled looking Derek up and down. He heard Stiles pause at the doorway then come inside.

'Why are you in here with that she devil wearing only you're under crackers?' Stiles asked looking from Lydia to Derek with fake concern. 'If she rapes you don't come running to me.' He said, hooking a finger in the elastic of Derek's boxers and tugging him out of the room. 'Derek, we have a big house and a big yard and there is no way we're not having the party of the century here!' Stiles pouted pushing Derek into their bedroom and closing the door.

'Don't you have class to get to?' Derek asked as Stiles fell to his knees pushing Derek back against the door. Stiles smirked up at him as he tugged the boxers down to reveal Derek's cock.

'Yes.' Stiles said leaning forward and licking the tip of Derek's dick. 'But I want breakfast first.' He breathed. Derek let his head thump back against the oak door.

'Looks like our Alpha's getting some action!' Lydia crowed. Everyone groaned and ignored her, rushing around to get ready to leave.

'We're leaving in fifteen minutes Stiles!' Danny warned jogging down the stairs.

'Fifteen minutes.' Stiles said licking from base to tip. 'More than enough time.' He said sucking the head into his mouth and hollowing his cheeks. He could feel Derek's fingers pressing into his skull to keep him in place. Releasing the suction he relaxed his throat and bobbed his head taking more and more until he had swallowed Derek's entire length. He pulled off with an obscene groan and watched the little line of spit that still connected Derek's cock to his lips. He smirked up at his fiancée before he dove back onto the cock sucking and humming around the hard length while he tongued the vein. He brought his hand up to play with Derek's balls, brushing them lightly with his nails until Derek grunted and groaned and released down Stiles hungry throat.

Stiles pulled off and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth. He looked up at Derek leaning against the door and smirked. 'Thank you for letting us have a party.' He said standing up and tangling his tongue with Derek's. Derek's hands reached down to grip Stiles ass and pull him close.

'Five minutes!' Danny called up the stairs. Stiles kissed Derek one last time before pulling back.

'Love you. See you later.' He said darting out the door and down the stairs. Derek flopped down on the bed and listened to Danny telling Stiles to hurry up while Lydia demanded to know what Stiles was doing to get Derek on board with the party.

'Already done cute thing.' Stiles croaked, slapping her ass.

'Stiles do you have a sore throat? Need a lozenge?' Scott asked.

'Oh my god you're dumb.' Jackson said as they tumbled out the door letting it slam with a thud. An engine roared to life and the car pulled away. Derek stayed where he was long after they left staring at the Zombie poster Stiles had stuck to the bedroom wall. It wasn't even 9am and already he was exhausted.


'Where have you been all day?' Stiles asked as Derek came through the door carrying a box. 'What's in the box?' Jackson was behind Derek carrying a box of his own.

'Seven!' Jackson shouted out with a stupid grin on his face.

'You look stupid.' Stiles said. Jackson stuck his tongue out as he set the box on the counter. Stiles looked in. 'Meat?' he asked.

'Finally found a decent butcher.' Derek grinned unpacking the boxes. Stiles watched slack jawed as they loaded the meat into the fridge and then freezer. 'This should do us for a week or two.' Derek said.

'Roughly.' Jackson agreed. 'Hey Stiles we're going to barbeque at the party.'

'Dude, its October so it's gonna be cold.'

'We'll do it in the garage.' Derek said.

'And burn it down?'

'No, we'll open the doors moron.' Jackson said rolling his eyes.

Stiles nodded his head. He was sure they had it under control in their manly ways.



So Derek's left the pack all alone…I wonder who's in charge?