So I spent my whole day off in bed writing fanfic (I did shower and get dressed but it seems I write better when I'm in bed). It was no waste. If the weather were better I would be doing stuff but alas, the weather stops me from doing stuff so I do this instead.


'Stiles was quite the little Alpha while you were away.' Lydia said handing Derek a cup of coffee.

'Is that so?' Derek said taking a sip and sighing. That coffee machine he paid through the nose last week was well worth it.

'Yes. Do you want me to cook you something for breakfast?' She asked leaning against the bench.

'You cook?' Derek asked raising his eyebrows.

'Don't be an idiot.' She snapped pulling bacon from the fridge. 'Yes so Stiles was awesome. He made me want to lie down and be his bitch.' She said.

Derek snorted. 'And what did he do to deserve such rapt attention from you.'

'He was all manly when Shauna demanded to know where you were and if she could be part of the pack.' Lydia rolled her eyes.

'Why did Stiles deal with her?' Derek asked poking through the fruit bowl and selecting an orange.

'We voted him in.' She said as she prepared his meal.

'Good choice. So what happened?' Derek took a sip of his coffee again. That was damn good coffee. He patted himself on the head for the hundredth time.

'He told her to take a room and that was as much as she was getting until you came back.' She said.

'What else?' Derek asked and he rolled his shoulders. They popped deliciously and he groaned. Lydia scowled at the noises he was making.

'She told him all about breeding practices of pack. Like how you should be fucking all the females of the pack if your mates male.' Derek watched Lydia throw bacon rashers in the pan. He licked his lips thinking about eating them. If any of his male pack members were around they would tease him for being dog like.

'That hasn't happened in two hundred years.' Derek said. 'If we want cubs now we do it the normal way, surrogacy or adoption.'

'That's good because Stiles would be a whiny bitch if he were pregnant.' Lydia said turning the bacon.

'Much like yourself.' Derek smirked, ducking his head to avoid the tongs she threw at him. They landed at a pair of feet.

'Shauna.' Derek said turning on the stool.

'You look tired.' She said by way of greeting. Lydia rolled her eyes.

'I am tired.' He admitted. 'I drove for hours to get home last night then I only got a few minutes sleep.'

'You should have lain in.'

'Nah can't sleep without Stiles rolling around kicking the shins off me.' He said winking at Lydia. She laughed and popped a couple of slices of bread into the toaster.

'Is he your second?' She asked.

'He's my mate.' Derek said hoping that would be enough. In reality he had yet to choose a second but when the time comes it probably would be Stiles. Or Lydia.

'Can we speak in private?' She asked eying Lydia.

'No can do, Lydia's making me breakfast. If it's about pack business I'd be happy for her to listen in.' Derek said.

'Ok. I want to be part of this pack. I need that security.' Shauna said.

'I don't know about that. Lydia says you were trying to upset Stiles last night. For someone who wants to be part of a pack you're not making a very good job of it.' He said taking another sip of his coffee. This stuff was orgasmic.

'I'll make amends.' Shauna said.

'You do know I have no interest in you anymore. Not sexually. I got what I needed from you. I won't be fucking you as part of my pack dominance if that's what you think. I don't need to do that with my pack.' Derek said. 'Is that the way things are with your pack at home?'

'Yes.' She admitted.

'That's rare. You must have a weak Alpha.' Derek said. 'Very well you can try to impress us but the final decision won't lie with me.' He said. Shauna scoffed. 'It's going to be up to Lydia.' Derek said, grinning when Lydia set his food down.

'Me!' Lydia asked. Derek could see the slight pull of her lips.

'You.' Derek confirmed biting into the sandwich. 'This is awesome.' He said with his mouth full.

'Ugh. You're just like Stiles.' She said turning and walking away. 'Come on Shauna, we have plenty to talk about.'

Derek grinned, that was one problem off his hands.


'I have an idea.' A voice said. Derek spied two shoes walking towards him. It was Jackson.

'Go ahead.' Derek's voice floated up from under the car. Jackson frowned.

'Can you come out here and talk to me.'

'I am talking to you.' Derek said. When he was back in Beacon Hills at the demolition of his old house he and the Sheriff had checked out a few old cars that had been lying around the police yard for years. Derek had asked if he could buy one and do it up. And here it was, two weeks later, in his garage.

'I'm talking to your feet man.' Jackson said. Derek sighed and pulled himself out until he was looking up at Jackson. His once white vest was blotchy from engine oil. His blue jeans were stained too. Jackson curled his nose in distaste at the dirt.

'What!' Derek snapped.

'I want a hot tub.' Jackson said. 'We could get it installed on the back porch. Imagine the parties.'

'No.' Derek said going to roll back under.

'Think of the sex.' Jackson tried again.

'You do know that if you install a hot tub and I fuck Stiles in it and Lydia catches on we're in the hot tub fucking you'll never get her back because she'll be perving on us forever.'

'I don't want Lydia back.' Jackson said. Derek frowned, it wasn't a lie.

'Huh. There's a shock.'

'Look we work hard all of us and it would be a great Christmas present to ourselves. I'll organise everything all you have to do is…'

'Pay?' Derek asked.

'No I'll pay.' Jackson said. 'I get a pretty good allowance.'

Derek sighed and pushed himself back to face Jackson. 'Look into it. Get a quote, but don't do anything without me around ok.' He said. The idea of slipping into the tub after a moonlight run to sooth his aching body sounded like bliss. Jackson turned and was almost at the door before Derek's voice stopped him. 'And if there are bills to be made out make sure it's to me.' He called. Jackson grinned and rubbed his hands together walking to his car. He got in, started the engine and was half a mile away from the house before the passenger spoke.

'See, I told you there's plenty of other ways to get what you want without using me for sex.' Stiles said.

'I thought you liked the sex.'

'Dude I love the sex but he's going to start thinking I'm using him if I keep on doing what I'm doing.' Jackson just snorted.


The pack had asked Derek to come along to their latest party and pouted when he declined. He was more interested in his pack free evening. He had a plan, he was going to take a shower then watch what he wanted on the widescreen television that he bought in for the house he owned while drinking a beer and probably getting a pizza. Of course life never did turn out the way Derek Hale expected so why would a Saturday night be any different. Allison and Scott came home about eleven. Scott was off his head drunk and Allison was pissed. Derek listened to them argue in the hallway before Allison poked her head around the door with a big smile.

'I hate to bother you but would you mind helping me?' She said. Derek nodded and got up, slinging the boy over his shoulder and taking the stairs two at a time.

'What's he been drinking?' Derek wondered dropping him onto the bed.

'I don't honestly know. He was having a drinking competition with some guys and next thing I know he's tripping over me and telling me he wants to have my babies.' She said grinding her teeth.

Derek laughed and helped Allison tug Scott's shoes and coat off. 'Go away.' Scott moaned when he spotted Derek.

'Full of love for your Alpha aren't you.' Derek said but he didn't sound offended. 'What are you going to do?' Derek asked Allison as she kicked her shoes off.

'I'm going to have a bath then join you on the sofa and watch whatever you're watching while I keep up to date with what's going on at the party.' She waved her iPhone around her head.

'I'm watching Dirty Harry.' Derek warned her.

'I don't care I'll watch whatever you're watching.' She said again. Derek grunted and left the room. Allison was on the couch beside him about thirty minutes later curled up wearing one of Scott's hoodies. Derek had just dozed off in the corner when his phone chirped in his pocket. Groaning he pulled it out. Allison looked guilty on her corner of the couch and he noticed she had changed the channel to MTV.

'Hello.' He said into the phone.

'Alpha. We need your help.' Lydia said down the phone. Derek frowned; he could hear a commotion in the background. It sounded like they were outside.

'What happened?' He asked getting to his feet and looking around for his sneakers.

'Someone's drugged Stiles.' She said sheepishly.

'What!' Derek roared down the phone.

'Don't worry. He's ok, he's with us. It's just that he's a big handful and he keeps taking his shirt off. Jackson is actually holding it on him right now.'

'Who drugged him?' Derek asked grabbing his keys and coat.

'I have my suspicions.'

'I'll be right there.'

'Do you want me to come?' Allison asked.

'No stay here.' Derek said.


'Derek! That's my big cuddly wolf bear right there! Wanna see my chest!' Stiles cried when Derek walked across the lawn. Stiles tried to pull his t-shirt up while Jackson kept tugging it down.

'Course I want to see your chest baby but keep it as a surprise for later.' Derek winked. Stiles paused to think about it for a minute before making a gun shape with his thumb and forefinger and shooting Derek. He blew the smoke from his fingertip when he was finished.

'Good idea.' Stiles said. 'You're so soft.' He said turning to Jackson. 'Such pretty hair.' He reached up to touch his hair. Jackson shoved him and Derek growled a warning.

'Come on let's get you home.' Derek said.

'Home. That's where I live.' Stiles said turning to Lydia. 'With Derek and Scott and you and me and other people. Hey he lives there too!' He said jutting his thumb in Danny's direction.

'What happened? Who did this?' Derek demanded pulling Stiles against his side. Stiles swayed for a second before sticking his hand in Derek's back pocket and pulling out his wallet.

'Warm.' He grinned fingering the soft leather and rubbing it against his cheek. He opened it out. 'Oh a twenty. I know his pin.' Stiles tugged a credit card out and stared at it. 'Derek J Hale.' He said in an attempted imitation of Derek's voice. He struggled to get the card back in the slot.

'Derek, let me handle it.' Lydia said. 'I have an idea what might have happened but I want to investigate. You have enough on your hands with Stiles the way he is and designing a new house and that stupid car of yours. Let me at least look into it before you get too involved.'

Derek nodded. 'Ok. But don't fuck it up. Or you'll be this monkeys slave for a week.' Derek threatened. Stiles sagged against him for a second before Derek hauled him back onto his feet.

'This is my fiancée.' Stiles said shoving Derek's drivers licence into Lydia's face. She frowned and pulled her head back.

'I know all about you two being engaged honey.' Lydia told him patting his hand.

'Who says?' Stiles demanded narrowing his eyes and looking around them.

'I do, come on.' Derek said snatching his wallet away from Lydia and stuffing it into his pocket. He took the licence and credit card Stiles couldn't replace and shoved them into his pocket. Stiles held up the twenty and stuck his tongue out at Derek. Derek rolled his eyes but Stiles had been distracted by something else.

'Can I touch your boob again?' Stiles asked Lydia. 'Derek, Lydia let me touch her boob.'

'Oh really?' Derek said raising an eyebrow.

'He stopped trying to pull his shirt off and sat still.' Lydia said in defence.

'Derek, he was behaving when she was letting him grope her.' Danny defended. Jackson was nodding. Suddenly Stiles hand came up and grabbed one of Derek's pecs.

'Your boobs are harder than Lydia's.' He said frowning at Derek's t-shirt. Lydia blushed harder but Jackson and Danny burst out laughing.

'Ok, come on lets go. Party's over for you baby.'

'It's only just getting started. Can we have sex in your car?'

'Not tonight.'

'Why not?'

'Because I said so.'


'Stiles sit still.' Derek said struggling with the seatbelt. He finally got it clicked into place and hopped into the driver's seat. Stiles talked nonsense and stared at the lights as they drove past. They were home in five minutes. Derek helped Stiles out of the car and inside the front door.

'What happened?' Allison asked staring at Stiles.

'Lydia thinks someone might have drugged him or something.' Derek kicked the door shut and hauled Stiles against him.

'It's in the water.' Stiles whispered to her. 'Hey you've got boobs too.'

'Come on Romeo, upstairs.' Derek said.

'Do you want a hand?' Allison asked watching Stiles wobble on the spot.

'Why's the room spinning?' Stiles muttered glaring at a wall.

'No he's half Scott's weight and I've got three times your strength.' Derek said flinging Stiles over his shoulder. Stiles looked at Allison from his position then down at Derek's bum.

'My boyfriend's got a better bum than yours has.' He smirked at Allison. 'Look see.' He said grabbing Derek's butt with both hands.

'I'll take your word on that. And he's your fiancé.' Allison said. 'Night Stiles.'

'Night Allison.' Stiles said giving her a little wave as he was carried upstairs.

Derek placed him on the bed and started stripping his clothes from him. Stiles lay there watching Derek and occasionally lifting a limb to help him. He heard the bedroom door open and Allison stepped inside with a big bottle of water and a glass. Derek smiled his thanks and Stiles gave a half wave as she slipped back out.

'Do you remember what happened?' Derek asked as he pulled the comforter around Stiles. He was furious with whoever did this but he was glad the pack was around to protect his mate.

'I was drinking something awesome and this girl took her top off and she had two nipple rings, Derek, two! And then I wanted to show her mine and Danny thought it was a bad idea.' Stiles babbled.

'What were you drinking?' Derek asked running his fingers over Stiles's short hair.

'Oh just beer. I didn't want to get too drunk because I wanted to tap your ass tonight but then someone told me to try a sip of something and I don't know what happened.'

'Who wanted you to try a sip baby?' Derek asked.

'Get into bed with me.' Stiles whined.

'Ok.' Derek said standing up and pulling his clothes off. He poured a glass of water. 'Here drink all of this.' He said. Stiles made a whiney noise. 'It'll help with your hangover in the morning.' He promised. Stiles did as he was told gulping the water down his throat. Derek refilled the glass and Stiles whined again but drank half of it before wiping his mouth and lying back down. Derek set the glass on the beside locker and slipped under the covers. He wrapped his arm around Stiles shoulders and pulled him against his side. Stiles pillowed his head on Derek's shoulder.

'It was this hot brunette.' Stiles said. 'She gave me the drink. Someone told her to tell me I'd love it but I couldn't hear her right.'

'That was dumb.' Derek said.

'Yeah but what can you do. I'm eighteen and when I get offered alcohol I'm going to take it. It's just like sex. Hey we're not having sex.'

'Not tonight baby, you're a bit too drunk.' Derek said pressing his lips to Stiles's forehead.

'We had sex when you were drunk.' Stiles pointed out. His voice was starting to slur.

'Yes but I wasn't as drunk as you are now and you weren't taking advantage of me.' Derek said. A car passed on the street outside. A dog barked. Allison stubbed her toe on the kitchen door frame.

'I always take advantage of you.' Stiles said yawning.

'Go to sleep.' Derek said clicking the light off. He felt Stiles relax and fall into a sleep.

As Derek lay on his back he listened for the rest of his pack coming home. Eventually a car pulled up and he heard Lydia argue with Shauna and Danny and Jackson were giggling about something. Stiles moved and twisted, turning his back to Derek. Derek moved so he was spooning behind him and slung an arm over his waist. He had a feeling he wouldn't sleep much tonight, his brain had kicked into overdrive.