Ziva tried to contain her giggles. It wasn't very often that the woman let out anything that was even remotely considered giggle-like, but as she was currently downing the last bits of a glass of wine (one amongst many that she had lost count of), there was no other word that could describe the noise that came out of her mouth.

Tony, Abby, and McGee had all gone out drinking in honor of finishing a particularly hellish week working for a particularly cranky director on a particularly difficult case. The drinking hadn't stopped just because they'd left the bar, either, and all had somehow ended up in Ziva's apartment, sitting on the floor, empty bottle between them all, and laughter filling the room.

"I can not believe you talked me into this. I have not played this game since I was a teenager!" She shook her head, clearly stalling as she had been chosen as the first to take the bottle for a spin.

"Don't get cold feet on us, Ziva," Tony said with a grin, pointing to the bottle. "Take your turn so we can get this done. I want some kissing action!" He didn't seem to care who it was with at this point or whether or not it was him being kissed or just watching the kisses. The four friends were far too drunk to care about much of anything really, which was exactly how they'd all wanted it.

Stifling the remainder of her laughter, she tried to keep a straight face as she leaned forward, hand reaching for the bottle. "Stop looking down my shirt, McGee," she said simply without looking up, causing the agent to quickly avert his gaze to the ceiling instead. With a flick of her wrist, the bottle began to spin and she went to sit down in her seat again. The four watched it intently, waiting for it to slow.

And the neck pointed directly at Abby.

"Yes!" Tony and Tim shouted it in unison, each punching the air in victory. It was easy to see how alike the two really were when their inhibitions were down. Ziva tried not to chuckle, shaking her head as she looked over to Abby. She was blushing lightly, but looked just as amused, lifting a finger and giving her friend a come hither gesture.

Shaking her head, Ziva crawled over to the dark haired woman, leaning forward with hardly any hesitation as she pressed her lips against hers. Whether it was the alcohol, the desire to give their two male friends a show, or just because Abby's lips were incredibly tasty with whatever lip gloss she was wearing, Ziva found that she was eager to keep the kiss going, her hand sliding up to hold onto the other girls neck, fingers lacing into her hair.

McGee and Tony were hardly going to voice any objections, watching with their mouths slightly open, grins plastered on their faces. It wasn't very often you got to see the two girls you had the hots for make out after all, was it?

When they finally pulled apart, Ziva had a sheepish grin on her face, her own blush tinting her cheeks. Another giggle managed to escape her as she sat back down in her seat, one she dismissed with a quick clearing of her throat as she smoothed out her hair.

"Okay. Tony. It is your turn."