Okay, I decided to write a story that popped up in my head about two or three weeks ago at least. I asked xEchoheartx on deviantArt for permission and allowed me! :D So, I hope you guys like this! :D

Warning: May contain sexual, rape, and etc...

Amity Park has grown from time to time with having ghosts in their time. They fear very little with attacking ghosts in their area. They always counted on one hero for the past five years, but rarely the ghosts have interests for the hero or their obsession. Whatever caused them to come out of the ghost zone, the boy would be there to save the day.

The hero didn't have it any easier, but he was powerful enough to stop them. He fought several ghosts that came to his town, they severely attacked on strong, and nothing has been easy for him. They robbed his human times; he couldn't really do much in a normal term, and struggled to make things balanced out. Ghosts didn't really care for his human life or the things he do, but he did. He tried to get them off at time to time like his jobs.

His parents can only afford very little for college, but Danny refused them to pay at all. He wanted Jazz to get the best education she wanted. Of course, she got a wonderful scholarship due to an excellent score on the CAT. She almost received a full scholarship, but still she needed to pay out the rest as in about a few thousand dollars left. Both of their parents had to put in their money for their daughter for the past couple years to make sure it was all paid up. Danny didn't have it any easier than they do. He had to get a job, but the risks he was involved.

He was fired for 'ditching', 'bailing', 'damaging products or other things', and more. It was rare to even hold down a job due to his ghost half. Sam was in college, so she had no time to help him out, and that they weren't even interested being closed to each other. They tried to date each other, but nothing seems satisfying between the two. It was too expected for the both of them and remained as just friends. Danny didn't mind, he didn't show much interests in girls like he used to, and somehow let it all disappear.

Tucker couldn't stay either. He went off to the college that favors his interests. They have given him the top scholarship due to his experience of handling technologies. Plus, that he knew most powerful ones that common people wouldn't really know off hand or didn't know such things exist like a hologram cellular. Tucker tried to be there as much as he could, but nothing worked out well for either of them.

Danny left Tucker and Sam alone, gave them space, and their own life. He had to focus on his own and moved on to basic routine. Wake up, eat, fight ghosts, save people, seek for jobs, and more to whatever he has to do. It was just last year he graduated from high school, none of the colleges accepted him but one. He denied that college because of someone. He has no used for the insane man to create the insanity of his own life. He needed a good space away from home, but nothing seemed to change. His grades weren't so wonderful; he barely passed all of his classes, and graduated.

Currently, the young boy was catching some ghosts into his thermos and flew back home. He built up some muscular and bulky. His ghost form rarely change, nothing but scattered up from the last fight, and he shrugged it off since it was going to disappear later.

"That's the lasts of you guys for today. Don't come back again." He sighed and sent them off into the ghost zone.

It has been a routine to make sure they were returned into the ghost zone, it hasn't been any easier, and he transformed to Fenton. He noticed the ghost zone lifelessly floating around and stared at them endlessly. The dark and gloomy ghost zone hasn't changed since he saw them. When was the last time he visited the ghost zone?

He has felt something was calling him, he attempted to follow whatever it was calling him, and he would often snap out of it. Not this time, he couldn't fight the urge of the calling and somehow drawn himself into the ghost. His inner ghost half formed once he walked in and his eyes followed what he saw in front of him. He wanted to question why he was doing this, but it was too late. He was in the Ghost zone and he wasn't backing out. He floated and kept flying around like a lost child.

The young hero continued to fly around, unsure where he was exactly going, and that it wasn't going to reverse it all. The energy was calling him and he followed it like a puppy getting a treat. He wanted to know what has been bothering him for so long. His body ached for something to long for, desired for, and couldn't resist this time.

He often wondered why he craved to this stronger feeling and accidently bumped into someone. He flew back quickly, his heart panicked so much, and his eyes widely open to who it was. He didn't feel like fighting this time. No, not this time.

The ghost looked down at the hero, surprised to see him in his area, and noticed the boy's reaction suddenly. The man has long raven hair, palest skin, and the emerald eyes in the ghost. He had a long trench coat of dark purple that trail down to his knees. A silver scarf wrapped around the man's neck and the pair of glasses resembles his coat.

"What is wrong with you, young Phantom?" The man spoke to the ghost child.

Danny shook his head, "N-nothing. I just didn't think we'd bump into each other like this." He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.

The ghost blinked, "You acted like you have committed a crime."

His head continued to shake, "I just learned to not make the same mistake like the last time we met."

The ghost thought back what the young Phantom has mentioned and he chuckled.

"I only hold those grudges on that holiday, young Phantom. I moved on last year seeing I changed you much."

Danny blinked and froze, "What?"

It was like he didn't understand his language, but the ghost did not take anything seriously. He did not even attack and Danny had a strange urge to do something. What did he want to do? He glanced over to the ghost's island and see how huge the place was.

"This is your home, right Ghost Writer?" Danny gestured to the large library like.

Ghost Writer grinned, "Of course it is, child."

Danny wanted to growl for being called a child. It still bothered him, everyone around him has always called him that, and he was an adult now. Why didn't they treat him one yet? When will they see him as a man? He bit on his tongue to hold it back like a mature adult he was.

"Care to show a tour? I have never seen your place before." Danny smiled along kindly.

The Ghost Writer did not expect the young hero to be interested in his place, seeing that five years has drastically changed between the two, and the ghost gestured Phantom the way in. They floated their way in and the place was gigantic. There was an endless bookshelf of many books that may have gone down for over centuries. There were many sizes and shapes of the book.

Danny gasped to see so many and Ghost Writer did not say much other than what each section represent and how they were organized. It was bigger than he has ever seen in the real world's library, but this compared to nothing. Danny's fingers wanted to touch them, but his fingers remained at his side. Ghost Writer hardly noticed his itchy fingers eager to feel the great literature work.

"How did you build your place, Ghost Writer?" Danny met up the ghost's emerald eyes.

He blinked and chuckled at such question. His arms folded behind himself and glanced up at the tall ceiling.

"I started to write book on a small piece of land I found. I spent my time alone, writing, reviewing my work, and somehow, created a first book shelf. I continued to grow more novels, by the time I created over a thousand…I had a small library forming up by my power. It came naturally to me, its effortless energy, and knows what I seek for. I spent my time writing nonetheless and grew larger. It took me a couple of centuries to make it how I wanted it. After a couple of thousands of year, it grew into a real library and grew powerful much to myself." Ghost Writer was proud to speak of his own history.

Danny took interested in a building a home here, he thought he did not have to worry much about anything else, and could always find a way to balance his life here.

"That's cool. I think your work is pretty…intelligent." He smiled, "Do you think I could have a place of my own here someday?"

Ghost writer chuckled, "If you have a passion and obsessed to keep it, then you will someday, young Phantom."

Danny nodded, felt there was a way, and continued to see the rest of the Writer's palace. It was huge, but easy to follow due to the organize system of books. They stopped at one place and it was large room. Danny noticed it was a small bedroom like and he shifted his head strange enough.

"You sleep here?" He scratched his head.

Ghost writer snickered, "No, ghost child. This room is not a place to sleep. Do you not know why all ghosts have a room?"

Danny blinked, unsure what he meant by, and thought about it. Why did all the ghosts need a bedroom if they do not sleep?

"I don't get it. Is it to keep your humanity alive or something?" He scratched his head yet again.

Ghost writer shook his head, "Perhaps demonstrating would be best."

Danny did not understand, but the writer closed the door and locked it up with Danny inside. The writer whipped off his scarf and the grinned almost scared Danny off. He became quite uncomfortable and excited about it. Why did he feel this way? Ghost writer gestured the boy to the bed and Danny floated over.

The writer dropped his scarf, slipped out of his coat, and went intangible to let go off the rest of the clothes that were on him. Danny gasped and shields his eyes away.

"Uh, um…listen, why are you getting naked in front of me?" He gulped down as his heart raced too much.

Danny's body shook nervously, but the writer hardly answered a single word. He couldn't understand what was happening or why the ghost undressed himself in front of the young hero. He felt so cold, nothing was keeping him warm anymore, and ripped off. He was pushed down on the bed, his cheeks were boiling up more than he could believe, and refused to see anything with the ghost.

The ghost's fingers touched the hero's back side down to his thigh. Danny gasped to such softness and felt like he was smacked with a baseball bat at his face. He shook his head, doubting to believe it was all real, and his legs twitched by those touches. A humorous chuckled came out of the ghost for the boy's reaction.

"My, my, still a virgin?" The writer spoke, "Let's remove that, child and turn you into a better man."

His hand snatched away from his eyes and gasped at the ghost's words. He shook his head, not wanting to believe anything at all, and saw those delirious eyes from the writer. He continued to touch the hero's body, explored them everywhere, and the young boy shivered and whimpered.

He felt like there wasn't a chance to escape, the door was locked, and the Ghost Writer tempting to succeed his little plan to explain the meaning of the bedroom. It wasn't a place to sleep, it was a place to mate.

Danny gulped, trying to figure out how to pursue the writer something better, and nothing seem to clicked.

"Pl-please, I-I'm saving that for someone special."

Ghost writer smirked at the boy and tsked at him several times.

"Did you hear? The latest news about love was never going to be possible for you, ghost child." The ghost had to be teasing him.

Danny shook his head. He refused to even believe such rumor.

"No! There's someone that will love me! I will fall in love with someone!" He wanted to move, but he felt frozen on the bed.

The writer tsked at him again, "You have not learned, did you? Paulina did not love you, Sam never took you more than that your relationship, Valerie hates your ghost half, and honestly, it is obvious. You're not meant to be loved, you're meant to have meaningless sex."

His lips touched the soft skin and the boy moaned, struggled to keep it away from resisting, and he couldn't.

"N-no! There is a girl for me! There has to be!"

The ghost chuckled, continued to kiss the boy's body, and gained up to the upper chest. His fingers danced around the smooth surface and smirked at the naive boy.

"I will end your virgin tonight. You will thank me one day." He smirked at the young one, "I'll start easy and then get rough, find that spot that will make you want it more, and more. No one will call you a boy. They will see you are finally a man," He crawled up to his neck and his hot breath next to the boy's ear, "You want that, right child?" He licked under his ear and down to his bare neck.

Danny shivered, petrified to go through this at all, and how paralyzed he was on the ghost's bed.

"P-pl-please! Don't rape me!" He finally started to move again.

The writer pushed him back on the bed and his tail formed to wrap around the ankles. Danny couldn't get out of the grips of the writer and gulped down.

"Do not worry. You will learn to like having sex and won't be rape. It's fun…after the fact you won't be needing your human in about less a century."

Danny wanted to shield out, but his powers weren't saving him this time. Ghost writer continued to treasure that smooth skin, kissed them, licked them, and felt them with own two hands. There wasn't any resistance constantly twitches and reacted, and how sensitive the boy was. He was slow enough to keep it simple, Danny repeated to himself that he wasn't going down without a fight, and the writer was looking forward.

He whispered, "Be ready, I am going to prepare you."

Danny didn't understand, he regretted listening to follow into the ghost zone, he regretted asking to get a tour, and he regretted not paying attention. He wasn't sure what else to do, but the ghost held him down tightly. He wiggled his way, but the ghost's tail rarely let him go.

He whimpered with every touch, his body fumed up warmer than ever, and unsure what to do with every action happening. No one could hear him, no one could save him, and he wanted to escape. His voice felt stuck with those strongly violent powers. He could escape with one blast, but it would mean the place would go down. He was sure enough that ghost would hate him for good.

"Pl-please! Don't!" Danny begged out of panic.

The ghost ignored the boy's will and slipped a small finger into the plug. Danny gasped, shut his eyes out, and pretending it was all a dream. The writer started to slide his finger up in the boy, back and forth, and several moaning escaped the boy's lips. His hands gripped the blanket, trying to be brave as much as possible, and whimpered that his life was over.

Another finger was added and Danny squealed too little pain he felt. Something felt good, his body twitched and moved to comfort. Ghost writer smirked at the current virgin boy, he added another finger each time until it was five fingers full. Danny screamed for his life, begging to end it before it was too late, and the ghost refused to end what he has started.

The tears slipped, he wanted it to be over, get back to where he was originally doing, and couldn't fight this time. Ghost writer decided to take the next step.

"You're already wet, let's get onto more."

Danny shook his head, disbelieving it all, and he wasn't too sure what was really happening. Something felt large, sharp pain slipped through his scissor walls, and coming in deeply and slowly. The boy moaned and whimpered endlessly. Opps, his virgin vanished.

The ghost began to thrust at a good pace, Danny kept telling himself this was a rape in his mind, and felt the good hit. His eyes snapped opened and wondered.

"Wh-wh-what was that?" He shuttered.

Ghost writer looked at the boy, "You like that? It's called your spot." He kindly smiled.

For some reasons, Danny felt somewhat satisfied to his needs. He wanted to feel more of it, but a little shy about being selfish. He gulped, confused how to handle things like this, and the ghost waited to hear.

"Do you wish for me to amuse you more? No one will have to know. You're finally a man now, young Phantom."

Danny didn't move much, ghost writer was inside of him now, and that made him crave for more. Could he really go for it? He can sense other ghosts, but none were nearby. It was only between the both of them. No one stopped them, it was just them, and he felt being used. Danny grabbed a pillow and covered his face in shame.

Ghost writer's fingers soothed the hero's chest, feeling them, and felt like something so unique. His tongue played the hero's nipple and hardening him more. Danny shoved the pillow more against his face, blocked out all the sounds that came out of him, and so much frustration between his ache and desire.

"I-I'm straight, Writer. I-I ca-can't like this." He mumbled.

The ghost nodded, but leaving the young man's entrance. Danny gasped and felt cold. He hated that. It was like being abandon and his arms leaped around the ghost's neck. He breathed harshly, the writer knew well enough to trigger his appetite, and grinned at him.

"What's wrong? You claimed to be straight, did you not?" His tail wrapped around the man's waist.

As puzzled the young hero was, it was luring him to fulfill the longing in him for such a period of time, and stared right at the rapist.

"Rest, Phantom. You need it and I'll keep you safe." He insisted.

Danny felt tired; no one has ever given him that before, and fell asleep. His ring slipped through to be human once more and Ghost Writer adored the young man's body. He has seen it all, but hasn't played one part. His eyes shielded out of everything, unaware what may happened, and fell asleep. Ghost Writer found today interesting and a day of interests.

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