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The entire ghost zone felt off. The ghosts were on a panic attack, hiding away in their home, and some ghosts were completely unaware. The ghost zone looks…lifeless or rather, emptied out almost.

Skulker glanced around, struggled to find a simple ghost to hunt, and he grumbled.

"Where the hell are the hunted ghosts? I need my daily food!" He checked on his armor scanner to locate a nearby ghost.

There wasn't a nearby ghost within a mile radius and Skulker went east of the ghost. He waited for something to change on his signature tracking. It was all quiet…like no one really ever existed. Since when the ghost zone have been this peacefully quiet?

Skulker continued to fly east and wondered where he planned to end up. Rather, who would he catch this time? His cages were emptied due to terrorizing feel in their environment and it's not because of him this time. Dark Pariah wasn't awake since he was returned into his coffin permanently. The key could not be found this time, but no one really cared about the keys.

If anyone spent their time well enough in the ghost zone, they can figure out a pattern on finding many locations. There's a trick and takes natural routine to recognize everything. The door has its own individual color; if one ghost concentrated hard enough…they can tell what that door was meant for. It was that simple enough.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Skulker jerked his eyes at the scanner and drawn into reading its senses. He waited and recognized who it was.

"The ghost bo-…" Skulker couldn't really say it, "….whelp?" He looked around.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Skulker glanced back at his reading and learned there was another ghost nearby the Phantom. He waited once more and found out who it was this time.

"…Johnny Thirteen…where is his Shadow and his girlfriend?" Skulker seeks for the two ghosts nearby and flew closer.

He stayed hidden behind a small island. He figured he can try going after the whelp in a quieter hunting skill. He quietly spied on the two ghosts nearby, wondering why it was just the two of them, and the Phantom smacked and pinned Johnny against the ghostly island. He chuckled.

"My, my, you're feisty, Johnny. I like it." Phantom's eyes lit up with much thrilling adventure.

He growled, "Let me go and we won't have to fight."

Danny held the ghost's chin roughly, "I'm afraid that's what I find you attractive."

Johnny spitted at him, "Forget it, I belong to Kitty!"

Danny wiped off the ectospit on his face, not really pleased to see Johnny being quite immature in his eyes, and Skulker kept wondering why the Phantom whelp acting like this. He noticed some senses that wasn't pleasing.

Danny's hand slipped into Johnny's pants and gaining a good grip and control. Johnny hassled as much as he could, but completely pinned down made it impossible. It pleases Danny to know he's getting to where he wanted and that Johnny was too weak to fight against his own luck.

"Cut it out, Phantom! I'm not some toy to be playing around with!"

Johnny couldn't escape, but this begins to get interesting for Danny. He wanted to do many more action, wishing to chain him up more than ever, and do some sexual pain desire. Danny tightly held onto Johnny and his neon eyes meant the dark desire of his needs. There wasn't a chance to escape for Johnny, he just wanted more and more to fill up, and that there's nothing to do to avoid it.

Skulker couldn't believe the sight. The proof of why he couldn't call him ghost kid or child or anything of it. The sense of danger that Phantom was no longer innocent. He whispered to himself.

"Who the hell got Phantom into sex? Surely, my employer hasn't or he would have informed me to lay off by now." He noticed how controlling Danny has become.

Skulker triggered his invisibility and flew off to somewhere. He knew it wasn't safe to be around the whelp at all.

Let alone the fact Johnny couldn't escape. He felt controlled by the halfa and wished he was in hiding like the others. Danny dragged him to his place, the place that now belongs to him, and certainly a stay off territory. The unlucky ghost screamed for help, but the call was pointless. No one was daring to come rescue him. He has no idea what may be taken place or what the former hero plans on taking.

Danny knew his own place by heart. It was all natural due to energy form. He was considering the advantages of some 'fun'. He hasn't had any fun since the beginning of high school. It was expected to do this or that. No one has ever given him a break, especially high school dragging out on homework after homework. He couldn't keep up.

Now, he simply doesn't care. He's following his ghost's energy instinct without trying to resist it. The thrilling has encouraged the young man and given him something satisfying. He explored much with Johnny. The unlucky ghost struggled to fight his freedom or at least get Danny to back off. Instead, he made things worse and left some damaging scars for himself. The Phantom was pleased and eager to weaken his mate.

The thrusting was something Johnny couldn't really take much since he was much straighter. Now, he can't even back out to reveal he was raped by his mate. What choice did he really have? He never had anything easier…or lucky in his way. It grew worse to count anything on his afterlife.

The screaming filled music to the former hero's ears and settled into the right place. Something wasn't right to Danny, he needed more out of Johnny, and kept trying things. He became rougher on the ghost and showed no mercy. The unlucky ghost has wept and snotty. He bled, but Phantom was cautious to make sure he wasn't drowning in them.

Phantom leaned into Thirteen's ear and whispered harshly in the ear.

"You're mine, got that?" Phantom's voice became much aggressive about his claiming.

Johnny gulped and his face turned whiter. He knew too well that he can't disobey the mating call or the ghost zone order. Phantom ended up cuddled with the frighten mate he caught himself today. Thirteen barely moved, paralyzed to make a mistake he could regret, and certainly, Phantom wasn't someone to mess around.

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