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"And do you, Ginevra Weasley, vow to be faithful to Sirius Black and love him for as long as you both shall live?" Asked the Minister calmly.

"I do." I replied confidently.

"Well then you shall now kiss your bride." And Sirius' lips whispered against mine as our few guests clapped and cheered. I looked on into the small crowd. Hermione was beaming beside Remus, her left hand sparkling with both an engagement ring and a wedding ring while it protected her four-month baby bump. Neville and Luna were grinning up at me, and Luna's infamous Radish earrings were swinging in a slightly creepy way. It was absolutely amazing to see her. Angelina Johnson, George, Bill, Fleur and Charlie had brilliant smiles on their faces, as did Amelia, though she was eyeing up Charlie as though he were a chocolate fountain. Kingsley was there, with Minerva McGonagall (we were very surprised when she had congratulated us). And at the very back, with an unreadable expression on his face...


"What?" Sirius asked, looking at me, still smiling. He looked beautiful in his grey dress robes, while I had gone for a similar style of dress that I had worn as a bridesmaid for Fleur, in a shimmering gold. My hair was pinned back in a pretty arrangement of elaborate curls, and the engagement ring that Sirius had given me reflected little rainbows around the hall in the bright sunshine.

"He's at the back. Should we?" I asked. Sirius nodded his head, and so we walked together, arm in arm down to where Harry stood. "Hi."

"Hi." Harry replied. He rubbed the back of his neck in his signature awkward pose. "I know I've not spoken to you for a year, but I wanted to say congratulations. You two are perfect for each other... anyone can see it. I just hope that you're both happy."

"We are," said Sirius. "Are you?"

"I'm alright. I went on a date last week. You remember Susan Bones, don't you?" Harry asked. I nodded. "Yeah, well, it was nice, and I'm meeting her again in a few days."

"I'm glad for you, Harry. Listen, I'm so sorry about everything, and I wish it could have been done differently. I hope it all works out with Susan, she's a nice woman, as far as I can remember, but then I've not spoken to her for years. Not that she would have wanted to seek me out and speak to me. The whole world is on your side with this. It's a shame you couldn't see Andromeda and Ted, they couldn't make it today. And Dad's too scared to sneak behind Mum's back to come to be here. I did see Mum in Diagon Alley last week and she turned and went the other way. How is she? And Ron, and Percy? I know you still see them." I said lightly. It did hurt that after everything that had gone on before the War, Percy found it easy to side with Mum on my relationship with Sirius. And because Mum was still not talking to me... well, nor was Percy. Ron was just Ron. He sent me an owl once a month to see how I was, but when I'd reply, I would hear nothing from him until the next month. I knew that if Harry came around and ironed everything out with me and my new husband, Ron would be back by my side in a heartbeat.

"They're fine, Gin. They'll come round eventually. I... Can we all meet for lunch in a few weeks? Let me know when you're both free. I want to patch things up, now. I mean, Sirius, you're my godfather. And Ginny, I've known you for what, fourteen years now? After everything we've all been through, it seems really stupid to not talk. I know it's my fault, because I haven't spoken to you and given you a chance, but life's too short, and I miss you both. We were never meant to be together, Gin, I know that. So there's really no reason why we shouldn't put it all behind us. I mean, if you're willing."

"Don't be stupid, Harry, of course we are," I answered, hugging him. Sirius did the same. "We're going away for two weeks tomorrow, but lets say we meet on July 7th? We'll be back then. How about we meet at the Three Broomsticks? I've not been to Hogsmeade for ages."

"Great. I need to get back to work, but you two have a nice honeymoon. Congratulations again." Harry said, and he Apparated out of the small hall we had booked. Hermione appeared at my elbow, and her curly hair cascaded down the back of her blue halter-neck dress.

"Was that Harry?" She asked. I nodded, and she raised an eyebrow. "Merlin's beard. What did he want? He's not spoken to any of us for a year, since he found out that we knew about your sordid relationship."

"He wants to make amends. He's putting it in the past; we're bloody lucky he wants to. It gives me hope. And my relationships have never been sordid." I said, smiling.

"Hope? What for?"

"For my mother. If Harry can come round, maybe she will too. Harry's practically her son, after all. It might all be okay again." I said, and Sirius hugged me to him. I looked up at him. "I love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart. Let's enjoy the day, now." Sirius said, and without any prior warning, flicked his wand and spun me around the dance floor as the sounds of a beautiful piano solo filled the room. A violin chimed in as Hermione and Remus joined us on the floor, twirling more elegantly than I was. "Remus always was the better dancer."

"It's like you knew what I was thinking," I laughed as Neville, Luna, Kingsley and Minerva spun their way onto the dance floor. We were joined by George and Katie next, while Fleur and Bill spun around us. On our next cycle around the floor, I called out to Charlie. "Come and dance with us! Amelia doesn't bite. Unless of course you want her to!"

Sirius and Remus groaned at the same time, and I laughed. "I reckon I have a bad influence on you." Sirius said.

I grinned wickedly at him. "Ah, but bad in a good way, right? Besides, who says I don't like your influence?"

"You wouldn't have kept me around so long if you didn't." Sirius said, winking at me, before dipping me to kiss me on the lips. A wolf whistle rang out, and I had a feeling it came from Amelia. The music died down and Sirius turned to our friends with a smug smile on his face. He dragged me along to the buffet-style table that we had and we charmed our cake in the traditional way before cutting pieces for our guests. I ate my piece and then downed a goblet of champagne before I dragged Charlie to the dance floor.

"You should give Amelia a chance," I told him, grinning.

"She's a pretty girl, but she's young."

"No younger than me," I countered.

"And you're my kid sister. You're the youngest of the Weasley clan." Charlie said, twirling me. "She's a little wild, as well."

"No wilder than a dragon."

"That's true," said Charlie thoughtfully. "But I'm away a lot."

"Mel can handle it." I said, and Charlie smiled down at me, nodding. Just then, Sirius reclaimed me, and I watched as my second eldest brother wandered over to my friend and whispered something in her ear. From the naughty, somewhat triumphant look on Amelia's face, she liked what she was hearing, and after knocking back a shot of Firewhisky, attached her lips to his. Sirius chuckled in my ear as I saw the bemused, but happy look on Charlie's swiftly reddening face. Charlie liked attention, and he was going to get it in spades from Mel.

"Can I have my wife's attention?" Sirius asked me huskily. I looked into his eyes and grinned before standing on my tiptoes to kiss him.

"You've got it, husband of mine," I replied before giving him a wink.

"Carry on winking, and these poor people will be on the receiving end of a mass memory charm."

"Easy, tiger. We'll go home soon. This is our party, we can't just leave."

"Yes we can," Sirius said. He cleared his throat to address our friends. "I am going to take my wife home, now. Carry on and enjoy the remainder of our little party. Thank you all for coming, and we hope to see you very soon."

"Absolutely no doubt you will, Sirius. You're in the Ministry every other day," said Kingsley, and Remus and Hermione laughed.

"It's a hint that you should hire him, I think." Remus remarked.

"It's not a hint as outright begging," I chipped in, and Sirius gently bit my earlobe before his rumbling laugh sounded in my ear. "Seeing as he absolutely cannot wait to get me home, I'll see you all in a fortnight!"

Sirius smiled, and then we were in my flat, where he picked me up bridal-style and carried me into the bedroom. He placed me on the bed gently and crawled over me. Just as he was about to kiss me, I put my hand over his mouth and he looked at me with worried eyes.

"There's no threshold." I told him.

"We're not Muggles, that's why," said Sirius.

"True, but all those Muggle films Hermione got me into always has a threshold that a husband carries his wife over."

"I love you, Gin, but sometimes you make no sense." Sirius said. "Not only that, but you're killing the mood."

"Oops," I breathed, and I pulled his head down so that I could kiss him properly, pouring everything I had into it. A low moan ripped from my husband's throat, and the mood was officially back, I thought, as I began to ache with a need for him. I needed to be joined to him in the most magical, physical way. I leaned up to attach myself more firmly to him, and his arms snaked around my back to hold me where I was. After a minute, he pushed me onto my back, still kissing me, and let his hands drift to the sides of my satin dress. Sirius then pulled back slightly to trace a line of burning kisses on my jawline and down my throat. He hummed when he smelled my vanilla perfume, and continued on down to the apex of my breasts before his hands slid behind my back again to lift me forward and slowly undo each button on my dress, while I set to work on his robes. I yanked his robes down his arms just as Sirius had released the very last button to let the satin fall in a gold puddle in between us, and I smiled. I looked up at him to see that he looked like a hungry... well, dog. His hands drifted up and down the sides of my body slowly before he finally reached around my back and released the clasp of my black lace strapless bra, letting it drift as lazily as a feather in the breeze to join my dress. I knelt up, with my eyes still locked onto his as I removed my dress and tossed it on the floor and grabbed my wand to Vanish his trousers and shirt.

"I could have done that to yours, but it was more fun to take them off without magic." Sirius remarked quietly, silver mixing with chocolate. "You are exquisite."

"You're not so bad yourself," I said, winking at him. I divested him of his underwear and removed mine as slowly as he had removed my dress, feeling smug when his breath hitched in his throat. I had chosen the set especially, because they supposedly had a charm on them to make the wearer feel more sexy and confident. I wasn't entirely certain that I needed a confidence boost, because I had never been all that shy, even when I did the 'tell-all' interview with the Daily Prophet. When I did that, it wasn't for fame, it was to tell the whole truth about Sirius, so the world knew that it wasn't a big joke, that it was all honest and that we were real. There had been mixed reactions to that, I was still seen as an outcast by some, but for the most part people had forgiven and forgotten, and though I couldn't go anywhere without having some sort of abuse hurled at me, I had my husband by my side through it all. Sirius and I were living a comfortable life because I was rising through the ranks at St Mungo's, steadily earning more money and being promoted. There were a lot of Healers, trainee and qualified, who weren't happy that I was so successful, but then they never dared to say it to my face. Despite the hate I had gotten from the world, I was still a War Heroine, and I was still powerful in my own right. However, I knew that whatever I faced at work, I could come home to Sirius and forget my troubles.

"Stop thinking," Sirius complained, "I don't want to have to fight for your attention. I'm here, in all my naked glory, waiting for you to decide that you want to have amazing, mind-blowing sex with me!"

I laughed at my husband, who with a pout on his perfect lips and his arms crossed over his chest looked like a little boy having a tantrum. I took his face in my hands and kissed him softly, and then cried out when he had pushed me onto my back so his fingers could find me. "I'm ready for that mind-blowing sex now!"

He pushed into me, and I was lost to the stars above.

"Ginevra, honey, this is the third day in a row that you've been sick like this. Shouldn't you go an see a Healer?" Sirius asked me as I threw up violently into the toilet fourteen months after our wedding. I stopped retching in time to look up at him witheringly.

"I am a fucking Healer." I said, and threw up again.

"Gin, I mean it, you need-"

"I know what it is. I don't need to see a Healer. I need to see Hermione." I said, taking shallow breaths as I tried desperately to settle my stomach. I looked up at my husband again. "I need Hermione, and I need a very specific potion that I only trust her to brew."

"I can brew it, I'm alright at Potions." Sirius objected, and I sighed.

"You've never made this potion before. It's about as hard to make as Wolfsbane, and I know that she's made this potion several times for a lot of different people. She's even made it for herself. I only trust her to make this properly. Besides, I need to double check with her that I'm right."

"Are you okay, love? Tell me the truth, is it bad?" Sirius asked me, taking my hands in his. His grey eyes were earnest, and he looked terrified. So he should be, I thought, I am, so why shouldn't he feel it too? I discarded the thought quickly.

"It depends how you look at it, but I need Hermione as soon as you can get her, alright?" I said, and Sirius nodded before running as fast as he could into the living room, presumably to Floo Hermione. Sure enough, a minute later, two pairs of running feet could be heard through my flat and the door to the bathroom was wrenched open. Hermione dropped to her knees next to me, and she gasped when she looked at me.

"Why in Merlin's name didn't you get me here sooner? Three days! There could be significant damage to your magic and-"

"I know, Hermione! I don't need a lecture, I need the potion. Just a minute though, Sirius, darling can you go to the market and get me some tomatoes? I think tomato soup would be a good start to help settle my stomach. Get the nice big ones that you got last time." I said, and Sirius nodded, kissed me on the head and left. A few seconds later, I heard the crack of Apparition. "Hermione, do the Charm."

Hermione pointed her wand at me and muttered an incantation. A glowing pink orb hovered menacingly above our heads and I scowled at it. "Well this is good news, isn't it?"

"No. I'm twenty-four years old. This is the end of my fucking life!" I exclaimed.

"Either way, he doesn't know, does he? You need to tell him, Ginny. It's not fair that he doesn't know, because this affects him just as much as you. You need to tell Sirius." Hermione said wisely, though I stuck my tongue out at her. I didn't want wise. I wanted to stop being sick. She handed me a phial of bright blue liquid and I looked at it for a moment before taking out the stopper and knocking back the liquid. It was scalding hot and it tasted absolutely vile, but it did the trick. No longer was I feeling sick, but I felt less weak as well. I grabbed my wand from the floor next to me and pointed it at my toothbrush. It was transfigured into a green skirt that looked exactly as I imagined it, and I grinned. My magic was fully restored – there wasn't any damage done. I transfigured it back into my toothbrush and put it in the glass on the sink.

"Tell me what?" asked my darling husband, poking his head around the door. I scowled at him and looked at Hermione pointedly, to which she got up from by my side, gave me a stern look and walked out the room, pushing Sirius in. "Ginny, what is it, what's going on?"

"Well... we're... I... well, I'm pregnant. We're going to be parents. It's a girl, Sir-" I said, but I was interrupted in the middle of saying his name by his lips on mine. He kissed me long and sweet, his lips only barely touching mine. After a while, I pulled back. "I've been throwing up repeatedly for about five hours, and you're kissing me? You must love me."

"Aren't you happy? This is amazing! I'm going to be a dad, Gin. We're going to have a proper family. Me, you, our little girl. It's going to be wonderful," said Sirius, his eyes shining. He was beaming, and his magically corrected and cleaned teeth stood out against his perfect pink lips. I wish I could have shared his excitement and happiness, but I was strangely disappointed. I didn't want a child. I was as happy as I could possibly be, what with the fact that there was still the odd person here and there who refused to let me Heal them, and that my mum had only just started being remotely civil towards me and Percy still refused to see or speak to me.

The fact that Harry and I were fairly close friends again had pulled most of the Wizarding World back around, for if Harry had forgiven me, I couldn't be that bad. Then again, he completely backed me up on everything I did. He'd reluctantly given a few interviews explaining everything, and after that, some of the Healers that had... disapproved of my working at St Mungo's had apologised profusely for not being professional towards me and started working more closely with me again. But still, it wasn't a world I wanted to bring a child into. I wasn't ready to have a child.

"You're not happy, are you?" Sirius asked, interrupting my thoughts. "Listen, I love you, and I'm ecstatic, but this is up to you. If you want to have this child, I will stand by you forever. If you don't want to, I'll still stand by you forever. I love you more than anything, and I may not be happy if you choose not to go through this, but I'm still going to stand by you."

I considered his words and looked down to my stomach. Without meaning to, my hand was covering the small bump, and Sirius warm, rough hand covered mine. "I don't want this Sirius, but I can't just... I think my body, my magic is trying to tell me that I'm ready."

Sirius looked at me piercingly. His thumb rubbed my hand comfortingly. "I think you're right. You're ready for this, I know you are."

I kissed him on the lips gently. "I love you."

"I love you too. You're going to be a brilliant mum, Ginny."

"You think so?" I asked him, standing up to brush my teeth. My husband turned me around to face him.

"You will. Trust me."

"I do. I'm not going to be as good a mum as you will be as a dad." I told Sirius, and he beamed at me.

"I'm going to be the best dad I possibly can. I... can Harry be the godfather?"

"Yes. As long as Hermione's the godmother, I have no objections."

"Naturally. And Remus gets to be godmother as well."

"Godfather, you mean," I said, smiling.

"Oh no. Remus John Lupin is going to be my little Elira's godmother." Sirius said seriously.

"Elira? You're naming her already?"

"Gotta get in there early, love."

"Absolutely unbelievable," I said, stepping into Sirius' warm embrace. When he held me, it all felt better – like I could handle anything the world decided to throw at me.

"I love you so much." Sirius said.

"I know," I replied with a grin.

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